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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So cute last time… What happened now?

About 3 weeks ago, my family members were all pouring ourselves over old photo albums, as we wanted to make a scrapbook for Ah Ma.

My 2 sisters and I wondered how come we were so cute last time and were teasing each other, “What happened now?” Born with egoistic blood running through our veins, we answered, “We just got prettier.”

Haha… Those old photos brought back so many memories… I think I’ll be including some funny ones of my parents when they were young some other time.

Now ME ME ME!!!

1st month Posted by Picasa

Whenever anybody said "Fold your arms and cross your legs." I would do this. Posted by Picasa

My parents thought I was very cute but my sisters thought I was plain acting cute.

Oops I did it again! Posted by Picasa

Micky Mouse tops are so IN now... I was already so IN when 2. Posted by Picasa

These are my scanned individuals. I still have so many cute ones in the album which my jealous sister did not scan… haha… And I was so upset coz both my sisters had a black and white passport sized photo of themselves at 2-3 years old while mine was stolen together with my wallet back in NUS. All who saw that photo agreed that I was REALLY very cute. Imagine chubby cheeks with BIG innocent round eyes. And they were REALLY BIG in that photo. I really wonder what happened to my eyes now. Oh and of course all who saw the photo also added, “What happened now?”

I’ve got 1/3 of my voice back liao. The day before yesterday, I lost part of it but I liked that kinda sexy voice and continued to teach for 3 more lessons withy that kind of voice. Then, yesterday I lost my voice completely. Yes.. the feeling was terrible. It was as if some sorceress had stolen my voice. When I tried to speak, no voice came out at all. I talked in whispers the whole of yesterday. So while I was busy wallowing myself in self-pity, my colleagues were clapping for joy coz the world is a more peaceful place without my voice. I communicated with my students and their parents via a small whiteboard and fortunately I had a new teacher to help me too. Some of the parents kept laughing at me each time I flashed the whiteboard. I guess the sight was quite a pathetically funny one. The children were also more obedient than usual. It's very amazing how children as young as 2 years old could sense that something was unusual with the teacher and so decided to be good little kids.

One of my 2 year old student was so cute. He was so excited to show me his toys and he kept talking to me while showing his toys. I told him I’ve lost my voice and could not speak much. He did not understand of course so he followed me speak in whispers and he thought it was very fun. His mummy had to explain to him that teacher is sick and cannot talk so much. Then he answered in his whispery voice. “Huh? Why like that?”

At night I went to teach C, my cute primary 3 boy. Being older, he of course knew that I was “whispering” because I had no voice but he chose to speak in whispers too.

“Teacher speak in whispers coz I have no voice. But you don’t have to whisper too, ok?”

He smiled his cheeky smile and whispered, “OK.”

What a whispery day it was.


  1. Hi Jo,
    I hope you are feeling better now.

    You could try drinking a cup of warm honey with lemon every morning and before you go to bed.

    Hmm but then again, if you haven't got over your sexy voice... Just ignore my suggestion, will ya? =P

    Ohh, i'm so envious. Kids are kinda cute and are always so innocent. Take care Jo! ^_^

  2. Oh!!! You are really quite cute. I love the fold arms cross legs one and the piano one!

    What happened now?


  3. Rune,
    Me drink hei mei (black dates drink) which is good for sore throat... then I ate chocolates and chicken... and ice-cream...

    Me drink star fruit juice... then I eat fried rice...

    Next my mum wants me to drink leng yang drink...

    I dunno what I'll eat next... it's like goodness, badness, goodness, badness.

    I got most of my voice back today... but if I talk too much it strains my throat.

    Oh don't you go follow the rest of them. =P

  4. Jo,
    Hmm, in that case... Some people call it 'zhi tao mei que' (asking for trouble) =P

    starz, Jo is still quite cute now. Just that the cuteness is distinctively different. ^_^

  5. I also like the 2nd photo alot. Really cute. What happened now? Got chioer lor.. haha.

    Hi rune! U ar here too.

  6. Hi pinktulip,
    May i know who you are? From FP? ^_^

    Yup, i do drop by Jo's blog too. ^_^

  7. Take care of yourself, Jolene!!!
    Must be TOO HEATY le!!!

    *Wahaha*!!! The primary 3 kid, C
    make me *LOL*!!!
    So notti of him!!!

    Get well soon, Jolene!!! :D

    -MiniVV aka Vivien

  8. Hi all,

    Have been busy to come online the past few days but I make it a point to try to reply to comments from frenz... And here you go... a reply.

    Sorry for the insincerity but I'm rather stressed by work now.

  9. Hi Jo,
    *Hugs* Hope you are feeling better, i understand how bad it gets especially when no one really seem to understand.

    Coming to think of it, now you'll have a more appropriate reason whenever someone asks you, "So cute last time... What happened now?"

    Push all the blame to work stress. Hehe, it works well especially with people who shares the same sentiments. ^_^


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