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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

“Singaporeans are blind… Just like Weilian!”

hollered my 2nd sis when Weilian was crowned the champion of Project Superstar last Thursday .

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Oh my goodness gracious me! Shit from a thousand holy cows! That utterance is pure malediction. It is blasphemous!

Yet, throwing all politically correct crap out of the window, what she said certainly holds some truth.

By now, everybody is quite pooped up by the whole issue on Kelly versus Weilian and how each deserved to win. Four days has since passed and I’m still writing about this. (That is because I do not have time to write before today =P)

Kelly Posted by Picasa

Damn I so wanna cut her kind of bangs now.

Weilian Posted by Picasa

This is a Superstar competition, not some annual karaoke contest. Kelly certainly has the whole package. She has a good voice, stage presence, looks, good PR skills (Just listen to the way she speaks… I suspect she is already a superstar incognito) and most importantly, she sings much better than Weilian.

Although I’ve only caught 4 episodes of the whole competition throughout the 3 months, I’ve heard many others who sang better but were booted out. This is after all a popularity contest. I was told by many of my friends that Junyang and Xinhui (the last of the male and female to be booted out) are better singers than both Kelly and Weilian. Shrugs…

Till the final showdown, I’ve not heard Weilian sung. Nevertheless it was quite obvious that in terms of singing credibility, Weilian pales in comparison to Kelly. He went off key so many times and his voice isn’t exactly that fantastic.

I would say that his singing is damn good if I were to hear him busking in the street or belting out his number at a KTV lounge. I would even say his singing is excellent after giving him credit for being blind and awarding brownie points for his sentimentality. But in this way, I’m not judging him on fair ground anymore.

As mentioned above, you need the full package to be a superstar. But Weilian? His Music videos would certainly be yawningly boring as he isn’t able to show much facial expressions, much less dance and groove around. All his songs would be mellow, somber, sentimental and rich with emotion… PERIOD. No variations, no variety.

It is true that Weilian has certainly touched the hearts of many. His choices of sentimental songs sung with great emotions had certainly brought tears to many and his perseverance struck a chord in all.

It is evident that his visual impairment is clearly not a physical DISABILTY.

His will, courage and undying spirit are truly laudable. But is he ready to be a SUPERSTAR?

Time will tell.


  1. is this some kind of local version of american idols? kelly looks hot. maybe you can cut that hairstyle too. very oriental.

  2. Hi tony,
    Singapore has its own Singapore Idols. This is the Mandarin version called Project Superstar.

  3. I kind of agree with you actually.

    The only song which i think Weilian sang well was 'I believe' in the earlier stages of the competition.

    I guess Singaporean voted for him because he sort of gives us hope not forgetting the sympathy votes as well.

    Perhaps Singaporeans are just too accustomed to donations programmes. =P

  4. It's sad how you thrashed Weilian like some worthless being,, it hurts the way you bitch bout the "deserving" not getting the deserved.. let's just say,, keep the comments to yourself... applause for your insensitivity and to the reader's tolerance..


    I think you are seriously blind or you have seriously misintepreted jo's words or else than you are plain stupid!

    I read and read this entry over again just to make sure, and i don't think she was even thrashing Weilian at all. She did not even sound like she was bitching about the deserving not getting deserved! What is your problem exactly? I don't even feel her insesitivity. FYI, the sentence which may sound the most insensitive was said by her sister and she herself was shocked her sister said that.

    This is her blog, she can say whatever she want. I like her straight forwardness and views on things. If you can't stomach it, SCRAM!

    And don't hide behind that ANONYMOUS.


  6. Hi Rune,

    I’ve not caught the earlier episodes but I teared when he sang “Qi Shi Ni Bu Dong Wo De Xin”. Although there was off keys on some occasions, I think it may be because he was overwhelmed by emotions and it simply touched my heart. I guess most Singaporeans voted not entirely due to sympathy but rather, because of his courage and detremination. He gives hope to all. That is why even though I feel he doesn’t sing as well and doesn’t have the FULL package to be a SUPERSTAR, he deserves our admiration. =)

    Weilian has certainly paved the way for disabled performers. And DISABLED in this case is certainly not UNABLE.


    It was never my intention to “thrash Weilian like some worthless being” and bitching about the “deserving” not getting the deserved. I was merely stating some obvious FACTS (“Something demonstrated to exist or known to have existed” quoted from from what I gathered from the finals.

    MY blog…
    MY views…
    MY comments…
    If you can’t tolerate them, just don’t read.

    If you can’t stomach such comments made on the internet realm, how are you going to survive life’s comments?

    Hi starz,

    Thanx for "ba2 dao1 xiang1 zu4"! =)

  7. Hi Jo,

    I always wonder how you can manage to answer comments in your typical kind of manner. Way to go GAL!

    I think anonymous is pure childish and doesn't understand English. Maybe too cheem for him/ her.

    I support both Weilian and Kelly and it doesn't matter who wins. Friendship is more important, right?

    And you look great in your recent photos. Nice hair!

  8. Happened to hear both of them sing when I was at IMM looking at new bed.

    Weilian has more fans than Kelly, plus the sympathy votes.. already know Weilian should win.

    Took some pics too..

  9. n oh yes, junyang n that lady can't recall, runner up one. They both sing and improve over the competition (better than Kelly n Weilian), but sadly did not get enough votes to be champion.

    Kelly and Weilian build up a base of supporters over the weeks. Junyang is always fighting a losing battle against Weilian.
    If you note, Weilian singing is quite fix, only certain song he can do well.

  10. Hee.. No prob at all! I'm surprise the loser anonymous didn't reply back. Can't wait to see the comments.

  11. Hi pinktulip,
    My exact sentiments!

    Hi bwilly,
    Yes I heard from those who watch the Superstar all along say that Junyang and Sin Huey are both better than Weilian and Kelly. Too bad I only caught their singing on the final showdown itself. They were REALLY good!

    You took those pictures with digi cam right?

    Hi starz,
    You just left a comment? I'm online too... *waves* =)

  12. hi jo,

    I did not really follow the show, just that my wife did. I suppose from a neutral person like me, that's my view.

    Not sure if the previous pic link well. Here is the link with weilian.

    yup, those digital pics were taken by me. :)

  13. I like Kelly too but it does not matter who win.

    Please don't cut your hair like that. Your hairstyle now is so niceeee!


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