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Saturday, September 17, 2005

It's the mooncake festival

Mid-autumn festival to be exact.

Lanterns everywhere…

Both the traditional and fanciful lighted ding-dong-bell electronic kind.


Candles lining the walkway.

Happy children’s screams and laughter.

Grandparents eating mooncakes at the stone tables, occasionally shouting out to the kids to be careful of fire.

Some people are enjoying themselves at the Chinese Garden right now admiring all the lanterns and floats.

Some people are sitting in front of the computer trying to type progress reports but ended up not doing so.

And I’ve not eaten a single mooncake this year!

I wouldn’t have known the mid autumn festival is tomorrow if my ex student’s mum hadn’t told me so earlier today and if I was blind enough not to see all the happy children and lanterns dotting the neighbourhood.

Mid autumn festival used to be one of my favourite occasions. The best one was the one in jc. Do you people remember how we celebrated it in school? We left school quite late and had to climb over the gate. We proudly took photo with the sign that says something like “No climbing over gate. Offenders will be prosecuted.”

Quick go dig out those old photos.

And when I was old enough to think about boys, I used to dream of carrying lanterns with my boy. Walking closely side by side, ignoring all others around. Just the lanterns and us.


Nah… I felt it was very romantic.

Haven’t done so with kh.

He was forever not in Singapore during this time of the year.

This year he is here.

But like me, he didn’t know it is tomorrow until today.

And it’s not convenient for him to ti2 deng1 long1 with his 8459340327 times sprained ankle.

Most of all, I think he doesn’t know how I feel about this cheesy dream.

Maybe it’s just too cheesy for him.


  1. thOugh i knOw the mid-autumn fest is arOund the cOrner, i didn't knOw it's tOm. like yOu, i have that cheesy dream abOut ti-ing my traditiOnal paper deng1 lOng2 with the candle inside with my beau. i've dOne it b4 thOugh. but with sOmeOne else. dOubt the current blOckhead Of mine wOuld be aware Of all my cheesy dreams :) tsk tsk. sigh. here i am. hOme alOne On a SATURDAY. u knOw hOw much i hate this. such a quiet lOnely night. wahhh.... sigh. miss whining tO u everyday!

  2. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are here?? Haha I was juz scanning tru ur blog... Lotsa food eh. Surprised to hear from you here as I don't see you on MSN.

    Guess when was the last time I "celebrated"? Think in NUS when you went to ti2 with your cousin and asked me to join you all coz I think you pitied me that kh wasn't around to ti2 with me. In the end, I had to leave for I forgot what reason.

    Yes... That was the last time.

  3. Guys are very insensitive. He probably dunnoe how important it is to you. Happy working on your reports.

  4. did i? i dOn't remember ti-ing deng1 lOng2 with my cuz! hmmm... that was yrs agO. tsk tsk.... i still have paper lanterns sOmewhere in my cupbOard leh. with mini candles & matches tOO!

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Yup I think he doesn't know it. I would really need all the best in typing my reports.

    crabby ah,
    Headache ah. How? As in really headache... in every sense of the word.

    Go light up your deng long and walk round your room 10 times.

  6. This reminds me i have some mooncakes in the fridge but nah i'm not in the mood for mooncakes right now...

    Hi Jo,
    How's your report writing coming to? ^_^

  7. I finally got the mood and craving for my 1st mooncake last night. My reports? Finished 5 classes. Still have 9 more to go and I'm lazing around and I have 2 tuitions later and I have to go to the post office and I have to do so many things.... Ahhhh.....

  8. Poor you... so does he noe now? I don't think it's cheesy. I also have those thoughts too.


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