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Thursday, November 11, 2004

I've finally got some social life!

I've finally got some social life! After convulsing and chortling with my (crazy) primary school buddies last night, I giggled and guffawed with 2 other (geela) buddies after work today. Sorry, the above sentence sounds very contrived as I was trying to alliterate.

Anyway, there were supposed to be more of us but the rest decided not to meet up in the end as they were spoil sports, nerds and their likes and have to study for their upcoming exams. You know who you are. *Glares*

But hey, I understand you all have to study. GO! Go and study and get your honours while we BA souls enjoy ourselves. I'm not bitter. I'm not bitter. I'm not bitter.

I was so excited about the meet up that I decided to find all means and ways to get my hands on a digital camera for the day. I need not rack my brains much for this person came into my mind instantaneously.

This photo-blogging would not have been possible if not for Joel. Thank you very much for coming out to meet me during your lunch break and lending me your camera ungrudgingly. I'll treat you next time. =) See, I said it publicly so I would keep to my word.

So today was one of the rare occasions when evan was early. She has the habit of being late for almost everything that someone once commented that she would even be late for her wedding.

We have not met since September if I’m not wrong. It is considered a long time given that we see each other almost everyday back then in NUS. And when we met up, everything seemed like before. Evan is the same old evan, always giggling and making funny remarks; always being so “tei” and act cute; always being so crappy. I would give exasperated looks jokingly whenever you do your evan antics, but nonetheless, I know that evan wouldn’t be evan without all these trademarks. And suddenly, I realized you were missed coz I’ve not heard all these coming from a friend for quite some time.

Tingfang is still the same too, although she keeps insisting that many said she has changed after working. She is still the chatty and candid girl (okay lady) I knew from the start.

Can’t believe I got home close to 4am when I did not even go clubbing. We had so much to talk about. Evan was tired and left early. Tingfang and me did not want to go home so soon, was under-dressed for clubbing and lazy to think of what to do that we just sat on a bench and chatted till 3+am.

And now, time for photos…

Tingfang and me Posted by Hello

Evan and me Posted by Hello

Evan luvs acting cute. Posted by Hello

Fish and Chips. There were actually 3 pieces of fish but greedy evan and greedy me took 1 each before we realised we haven't taken a photo of the dish. Those beautiful fingers belong to Evan. That greedy girl wanna steal Tingfang's share but alas, her fingers were caught on camera. Posted by Hello

There! Without those irritating fingers. I must say the fish is good. It is actually a starter dish. I must also say that I'm lying. Evan was merely trying to arrange the fish to look more photogenic. Well, she failed as the fish couldn't possibly look more photogenic than when it was alive. Posted by Hello

After some rearranging and a change in shooting angle, it finally looks more photogenic. Posted by Hello

This is good. Not too salty, not too creamy. I think it's some Alfredo pasta or something.  Posted by Hello

Pizza!! Posted by Hello

Caught unaware and ugly  Posted by Hello

Me devouring the last slice of pizza. Posted by Hello

And then we proceeded to somewhere which was still opened... Macs, thinking what to do next. Posted by Hello

We thought and thought and finally a brilliant thought came up. We decided to pretend to think while evan snap a picture of us pretending to think so that I can post the picture on my blog saying that we are thinking. But of course, after reading this, all of you would know that we are not thinking, but pretending to be thinking. I think I am very funny but I think you all think I'm not.  Posted by Hello

Here is evan acting cute again. Posted by Hello

And again. Posted by Hello

Having enough of acting cute, she decided to snap me…. Posted by Hello

snapping her... No wait.. I wasn't snapping her. Posted by Hello

And then the place got so hot that we decided to get an ice cream each. Tingfang announced so proudly that ice-cream's on her. Erm... we appreciate your kindness of 25cents. And since Tingfang is seldom so kind, we have to take a picture of her treat. Posted by Hello

Evan and Tingfang's Neoprint shots. They attempted to flash the shot numbers with their fingers but the shutter speed was too fast. Posted by Hello

Evan and me Posted by Hello

Me and Tingfang Posted by Hello

evan's ge ren zhuan ji Posted by Hello

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