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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Diary-like Entry (I)

My whole weekend was burnt making materials. I have JUST finished making them. What kind of weekends do I have?! For the first time, I need not make till the next morning and I still have some time to blog. It is tentatively the next morning right now, but you know what I mean. I couldn’t have finished so early without my da jies’s help. Thank you so much jie jie!!! I really owe you a treat. I meant it when I said that just now. Don’t scoff at my kind gesture.

Poor Simba has been going without food for 2 days. She has finished off the last bit of her dry food. And we do not have any emergency canned food at home. (We do have previously, but since Simba doesn’t really like canned food, we figured it would be better not to waste cabinet space and to give those to Nike. Nike is Joel’s gay cat by the way.) She kept meowing at us with her big eyes whenever she’s awake and would do her Flinestones run each time someone walks to the kitchen.

Why Flinestones run? Ever watched the cartoon? When the characters run, they would make those tinkling toes sound. With a little bell around her beck, Simba makes such tinkling sounds too.

Ok back to the pathetic Simba story. While all of us took pity on her by merely exclaiming “Poor Baba. Poor Baba”, my dad actually foraged the freezer for any frozen food suitable for her. He found some fish fillet and micro waved it. My dad is so sweet to Baba! He’s always the one scolding and beating her whenever she does something naughty. So I thought my dad was rather sweet and cute to micro wave a fish fillet for her.

And now, she’s all curled up and half asleep under my table.

My cheeks are really itchy now thanks to Regina. She claims that OXY works wonders for pimples and taught me a secret method of applying: Do not blend into your skin. Leave it as white dots for it to be effective. Hence, I stole er jie’s tube of OXY and did exactly what Regina told me. OXY is probably too drying. After 2 days, my cheeks are really itchy and red. Er jie however thinks they are rosy and cute. Actually, I added the 2nd adjective myself. So since I’m rosy and cute now I’m not so much in a hurry to collect my blusher from you, Regina. Thanx for the OXY advice!. =P

I simply have to be a bimbo and announce to all that I’m one of the lucky 20 HER WORLD readers who have won a free Bio Dermabrasion Session worth $300!

[Please read the above with shrieks and squeals and the below with Oohs and Ahs.]

Bio Dermabrasion is a medical technique for removing the topmost layer of skin leaving it supple and vibrant. Bio Dermabrasion removes this layer of skin by gently abrading the skin with natural diamond chips while at the same time vacuuming the dead skin cells away in a sterile and controlled manner. Removing this outer layer of skin leaves a softer, smoother texture and promises growth.

Doesn’t that sound like an amazing breakthrough? Diamond chips to polish the skin surface wor! No wonder 1 session costs $300.

I called to ask if this offer is transferable and it is. So I’m gonna let Mummy have it. I’m a good kid. I am.

I’ve been grooving to the beat of Eminem’s Just Lose It for the past 1 hour. Thanks to Yihuang who greeted me with that song on MSN even before a “Hello”. Our tastes in music are almost similar. Send me more songs!!


  1. oi! how many times did u apply each day? you're supposed to use it once a day first. If no skin irritation occurs, then use it twice a day! :P

  2. Once only... Haha.. nvm I've stopped using it. Probably my skin too sensitive.


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