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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I suspect my busyness has caused the gradual dissolution of sentiments towards certain people. I should do something about it... but I do not have the time.


  1. Yo Jo,

    Take time off n think abt ur priorities in life...think over lunch..on ur train is meant to generate income to make our lives better..not the other way rd. =)


  2. Heya,

    Thanx for ur comment.. I however, feel that work is not meant solely for generating income, work is meant to be enjoyed too. It’s not so much of work per se, but rather, the busyness from it that is making me like this.

    I'm better now. I'm beginning to try and make time for people around me. ;p

  3. halo joleeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee,

    i say heck care la! wahahaha.
    ok i shd tell u i started writing in my blog again, so no more blasting off my rear end.

    from meeeeeeeeeee


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