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Friday, July 30, 2004

Four and a Half Year and Still Without a License to Drive

A few incidents happened last evening which made me desire to learn driving and to avoid amateur cab drivers.

With a car,

--> I would not have to wait a whole 37 minutes for 852 (and still not appearing) along Bukit Timah Road and be half an hour late for my tuition. 

--> I would not have to hop onto a non-direct bus 74 just to inch nearer to my destination.

--> I would not have to alight at Ang Mo Kio to flag a cab to Yishun, only to witness two 852s arriving simultaneously. 

--> I would not have to be frantically trying to flag for a cab only to be greeted by bright red “HIRED” blaring cabs.

--> I would not have to look frenzied under the slight drizzle by the road.

--> I would not have to get onto a cab driven by an amateur Indian,
driving at 60km/hr… 
on the congested middle lane…
with at least a 10-metre distance to the car in front… 
with the right lane virtually empty…
attempting only to switch to the right lane when vehicles are whizzing past…
getting overtaken and cut in by at least 5 whizzing vehicles…
after which the faithful 10-metre distance continued.

--> I would not have to be rude and say, “Can you please keep to the right? There isn’t any cars whizzing past now, that lane is much faster and I’m late! Thank you very much!”

--> I would not have to curse silently when after keeping to the right lane, the speed of 60km/hr was religiously maintained.

All these were enough to convince me to learn driving or to at least have someone to chauffeur me around.

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