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Friday, July 23, 2004

Being Bimbotic

Two nights ago when I was sitting in front of this screen, miserably blowing my nose off and minding my own business, Regina popped by to say hello on MSN. We half chatted, half surfed and half watched Fiona Xie bubbling around with her big boobs in the 9pm show. Ok, I was doing all that. I don’t know what the other girl was multi-tasking. She probably, half chatted, half surfed, half watched Fiona Xie bubbling around with her big boobs and did a whole lot more like listening to sensual dance music, gyrating her body in accordance to the tune, slapping on moisturizer on her body, slathering her face with mask, painting her nails bubblegum pink and doing all other bimbotic acts she always claims she does and of course, nagging at me.

We were chatting happily until she nagged at me to take care, to off the computer, to go to sleep. I happily ignored her. I happily ignore all advice to get well from everybody, responding with “orh…” to statements like “Drink more water”, “Drink honey” “Go and see a doctor for goodness sake”, “You should rest more”, “You should sleep”… … the list goes on.

And then she let out her most bimbotic cry, “You are ignoring me!” and her next sentence was “I’m writing about how sick and stubborn you are.” For a moment, I was astonished. Write about me on where? It turned out she wrote about me on her blog! Now, my stubbornness has been published, imprinted, sealed and congealed on her blog. I cursed and swear at her (without her knowledge of course, though after she reads this, it will be with her knowledge). I finally managed to read that entry today. 

And all of a sudden, I morphed into a Regina (read: bimbo) and beamed at her compliments paid to my hair.

Still assuming the role of a bimbo, I squeal for her to hear: “Oh thank you sweetie! Being the politically correct you [Aside: for once], after writing about my stubbornness, you had the good sense to butter me up in the next paragraph. Henceforth, I shall forgive you for defaming me on your blog.

By the way,aren't you honoured that this entire post is more or less about you? =P

Ok, i'm still under the guise of a bimbo. It's fun to be a bimbo at times. You can wave and go "Yoo hoo" and blow kisses without feeling dotterel.

Oopsy Daisy!!! I'm running late for my tuition. I have better rush to apply my lancome foundation, my M.A.C pink eyeshadow, my YSL mascara, my i nuovi blusher and my Stila lip glaze, to slip on my pink Christian Dior top themed with my This Fashion white capri. I utter all these with my palms cupping both sides of my face.

1 comment:

  1. stupid gal!!!! hey but you got most of my bimbotic acts right, except for the part about me painting my nails bubblegum pink, coz I hate bubblegum pink! Anyway, I'm not all that bimbotic okay..I'm on dean's list!(although there are so many people on dean's list in smu :( sobz)

    Oh and I wasn't trying to be politically correct! You should know I was never a diplomatic person (unlike jw :P) so whatever I say comes from the bottom of my heart. Very touched right? It's okay, you don't have to thank me again, SWEETIE TWEETY! damn i'm so good at rhyme.


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