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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Emotionally Empty. Physically Sick. Mentally Well-informed

He flew off for Australia… yet again. Last night felt like any normal night. I was smiling and bidding him good-bye, just like how I did the last time he flew off because at that time I was so overwhelmed with school work and tuition that his absence would enable me to devote more time to my studies. This time, I don’t feel a sense of loss or cheerlessness. There is this feeling of emptiness of course, but I’ve since grown accustomed to his perpetual absence that I don’t cry at airports anymore. The next time I see him would be next February or March, although I pray that he can come back this December.
I’m sick. Not lovesick but sick-sick. I’m blowing basketful of tissue paper, coughing my lungs out and cringing each time I swallow due to my bad throat. I don’t sound sexy or raspy. In fact, I sound like I’ve been crying the whole day. Talking is a strenuous task for me, as I have to juggle between breathing and coughing. I know many of you will thank God for shutting my mouth, but alas, u can’t escape my constant chattering on MSN.
I hate having the flu as I will not be able to chatter like usual. I hate having the flu as I have to constantly blow my nose and end up like Rudolph. I hate having the flu as my nose feels very stuffy and dirty that I have to “wash” it leading to peels around the skin at times. Most of all, I hate having the flu as I will not be able to savour my food. The best part of my flu was that I could stay home the whole day.
The past few days I felt very stupid. I was too busy to read the newspapers and I absolutely hate that feeling of not knowing what’s happening around me. Dr Tony Tan once said that we would miss a lot in life if we do not read. I totally agree with him.
And so, I stayed at home the whole day and felt very intellectual as I managed to scan through the past 7 days pile of The Straits Times.
I learnt that the term “hoe” means “whore” and “ho-wop” is a new kind of music.
The Dreamers, which was rated R21, has two scenes reduced in the version screened in Singapore. What’s the use of the R21 then? I wonder if there would be a fiery debate on film censorship and rating yet again after the fiery lashing of DPM Lee Hsien Loong’s visit to Taiwan. 

I learnt that a storm was brewing in China as regions accused each other of stealing clouds and also learnt from Bucky in Get Fuzzy that you can rewrite history by not trusting liberal media and by resorting to figuring stuff out yourself such that I can declare that the manufacturers of FEB (the cold tablet) have been sued by a magnate on 21 July 2004 for not delivering any results.
I also discovered that Sex and the City has finally hit our local screens on Friday 16 July. It is the clean version though, so clean that even breast-feeding scenes have been cut. Hasn’t there been a debate regarding public breast-feeding in Singapore recently?
I stumbled across this small article which states that Australia is attracting more Asian foreign students than ever in history. I longed to be one of those students.
The latest celebrity accessory to carry is not a poodle in the bag but a bump on the tummy with ever-elegant celebrities strutting the red carpet and proudly showing off their hump, I meant, bump in beautiful maternity gowns. I long to be a beautiful mother in future too. But alas I do not look like Heidi Klum, Gwyneth Paltrow or Kate Hudson.
The United Nations human development index ranks Singapore as 25th in the list of world’s best places to live. I don’t know what is the yardstick of measurement and hence cannot comment on it.
I learnt that 12 August 2004 is the date for DPM Lee to take over as PM. I can’t miss this information as it was on the headlines on Sunday.
There was an article on babies and pets. It wrote about couples getting rid of their pets when their babies arrive. Experts assert that such a move is not necessary and may be unwise even. I henceforth declare myself an expert. On Saturday, I visited this very beautiful resort looking home of this very beautiful couple with two very beautiful babies. They have three very beautiful cats and one of the guests brought her dog. All of us stroke cats, ruffled dog’s fur and caress babies without washing our hands at all. We did not think it mattered and even the parents said it was perfectly alright.
Finally there was this rumour that William Hung is dead. It was clarified the next day that he is still very much alive and banging.
I would have missed so much within that span of time if I had not read the newspapers. 


  1. i luv animals n esp cats...but gotta take note tat some pple, esp babies, has respiratory problem (asthma etc) n it wld b unwise to hv those furs flyg ard n in the process 'em inhaling..

  2. Hi Rodolfo,

    Thanx for viewing my blog... Ü

    I don't know how you stumbled upon it... probably coz of the new layout of blogger which allows people to view random blogs.

    Yup.. issues on animals and babies.. different people have different views on them. That was actually the first time I encounter parents who do ot make a big fuss of kids and pets mixing together. Everybody in the house even held chicken wings right after stroking those furry friends. ;P

  3. Oh yes.. and i forgot to add, I luv animals too.. and i have a pet cat.


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