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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Flowers in Glass Cube from Little Flower Hut

The beautiful flowers in a glass cube from Little Flower Hut last Saturday really cheered me up when the household was sick for the longest time. We were into the 3rd to 4th cycle of upper respiratory infection and viral gastroenteritis. Daddy, Mummy and Baby Ash seemed to be passing virus to one another week after week, feeling either sick or bummed about being sick again.

Hence, the flowers in glass vase really made my day. I absolutely adore fresh flowers in glass vase and the one from Little Flower Hut is so unique as it came in what looks like a glass cube. There is something about flowers that makes me really happy. I love looking at and admiring them. I love the burst of floral fragrance when I sniff at them. And I really love receiving them even if they are temporal things. We tend to appreciate the beauty of temporal things a lot more, right?

Little Flower Hut is the leading Online Florist Singapore-- just the perfect place for all your gifting needs for every occasion. They have over 1000 selections from Hand Bouquet, Baby Hamper, Condolence Wreath, Get Well Soon Hamper and many more. You know your flowers would be in good hands from the good reviews and real testimonials you could find online. 

With same day, 24/7, island-wide flower delivery, you would never worry about missing out any special occasion for your love ones. They are also one of those few online florist that provides free same day standard flower delivery. Check out their delivery policies for more details. 

My flowers in glass vase is a special arrangement curated by the florist at Little Flower Hut. Hence, there isn't a direct link but it is close to this which you could find under the category "Flower Arrangements" > "Table Arrangement". Their products are categorized such that you could choose to shop by flower arrangement, big bouquets, hampers, plants or you could also shop by the type of flowers if you already know what type of flowers you want. 

I love how there is a mix of classic roses with what looks like wilder plants to me. Yes, I am a flower-idiot. I love flowers but not the names of them. I love how the greens in the arrangement remind me of a meadow field and they smell really refreshing.

The flowers lasted quite a long time. This was taken 2 days after delivery.

Still going strong!

I don't know about you but the cube part with the green leaves remind me of some nonya kueh which makes me really hungry. :)

My house has been in a perpetual mess ever since Baby Ash came along. The best place for the flowers is on the outdoor balcony table when it isn't raining.

It matches the romantic floral theme of my balcony furniture very well.

Flowers in my home also reminds me a lot of my sweet cat Miyo who passed away a few months back. She really loves flowers a lot just like her human mummy and her pink little nose would never fail to go up and down smelling the air whenever we have flowers in the house. Right now, the flowers are placed nicely in her shelf compartment that was dedicated for her use when she was around and which now houses her little urn. Spot "Miyo" in the picture below!

It really looks beautiful there too. Thank you to the good people at Little Flower Hut!

Little Flower Hut is currently having some Christmas flowers and gifts special. Since December is the season of gifting, unwrap smiles of your love ones with Christmas themed flower arrangements, Christmas wreaths and gourmet baskets. You will definitely be able to find something to make these holiday season unforgettable for the people you love!

Use coupon code "jolene10" for 10% off till 31 Jan 19.

Visit Little Flower Hut at:

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