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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Say No to Dog Meat

This little kitty is helping its canine friends and urging all to be aware of the Yulin, Guangxi "Dog Meat Festival".

One protester described what he had seen at previous festivals:
"I've seen the dogs being stabbed, strangled and even beaten into comas and thrown into boiling water. Some dogs woke up in the extremely hot water and they struggled, but the vendors kept pushing them, plucking their fur." [Source]

Let's put an end to this bloody celebration by pressuring the relevant authorities and Chinese Govt to take action. It is possible. In 2011, officials cancelled the annual festival following protests by thousands of animal rights advocates. It was a wonderful move by the Chinese government.

Come 2013, let's hope we can garner enough people to petition against this. This year's event is supposedly to be held on 21 June 2013.

I knew of this cause via @michsymmonsgold and @saynotodogmeat first on Instagram, then on In addition, I just took the pledge here:

I believe in the power of social media. Would you spare a few moments to do something too?



I'm not a vegan. I'm not a saint. I do eat meat and I love certain meat. However, I believe that animals reared for consumption and animals reared for pets are two different issues. Also, I believe that if humans were to kill animals for food, it should be done in a humane and fast manner. As much as I feel a lot for pet animals, I'm not condemning certain countries for eating dog meat, cat meat and exotic meat. I'm condemning the act of eating strays on the street, pets which are robbed from their owners and animals on the verge of endangerment or extinction. I'm also condemning the act of brutality to the animals before their final death.

There are also many countries in the world which ill-treat the farm animals reared for consumption just before slaughtering them for food. Such acts should be condemned too. It is unfortunate that most of the times, we do not know if our meat is cruelty-free.

What do you meat-eaters think about this fine line?


  1. This is a thing? Really? I get that some people might eat dog meat, I'm not judging. In Europe they ate cats when times were rough. Sometimes things happen and the situation justifies the decisions made.

    But to just beat up and cook live animals? That's not something anyone should allow in the 21st century. We've long settled that animals feel pain, so to put them through these procedures is no better than torture.

  2. I just will never understand animal cruelty or while people will do it. I'm glad that most of it is being brought into the open so that people can actually see what's going on, but I wish more could be done.

  3. Yes to meat, no to any form of cruelty and no to eating someone's pet!

  4. omgosh this is horrible. it scares me that people still do this.. i now that back in the olden times in asia dog meat was a delicacy.. but i can't stand for it now.. especially since i have two fur babies.. and i love my dogs like they are my children!! this really sickens me!! ugh!!!

  5.'s sad that people are eating anything they can get their hands on.. or to sell for money. I think meat is meat.. and pets are pets I don't think we should eat Dogs.. but then there are people who eat horse meat... it's such a grey line but yeah I don't think dog should be eaten... I mean.. that means my dog would be someone's dinner for tonight :| scary....

    RYC: thanks for the congrats! Yeah.. there are a lot of people who write one liners.. or just write something extremely generic. I've tried that for a week or so and it's just... kinda of meaningless. They follow you but.. probably wont ever revisit again.

    but anyways! im @hcmgrace on IG :)

  6. I am definitely against cruelty to ALL animals, and do believe in helping in whatever way possible. I'm personally not in favour of *any* meat-eating, because the farming industry is about equally cruel. Any visit to a slaughterhouse or a farm where animals are raised for meat will show the terrible atrocities they are subject to, so every steak or burger one eats supports and contributes to that. There'd probably be the same sort of outrage if lambs or cows were killed publicly rather than behind the scenes, where most people don't give their suffering a second thought. I pretty much have a pescetarian diet, but would love to reach a point where I can give up the fish too!

  7. I eat meat, rarely. But, I cannot understand cruelty to animals in any way to any kind. It's disgusting and it should never happen. But, it happens to humans as well,s o if we still need to fight that off, it will be a long time till we solve the cruelty to animals as well :) xx

  8. I think that is good juddging. People treat animals as they would treat other people.

    + wanna follow each other?

  9. great post dear!
    what about follow each other?
    let me know :)
    have a nice day!

  10. Wow! That is sickening. I don't like abuse of any kind of animal. I'm a meat eater but this kind of abuse is appalling and I was unaware this was still going on. So sad.

  11. Oh man, this is so sickening to read. It breaks my heart to think of what some dogs must've gone through. :(
    Its not as big a problem in the States, but I know they do this in the Philippines and other countries. No to dog meat!

    Trendy Teal

  12. Hihi! sorry it took me so long to reply back to your comment on my blog, for some reason i don't get email notification every time i receive a comment anymore. blogger has been acting up!

    So it was an afternoon ceremony at a church and afterwards i went home to change into more of a night time dress for the evening reception. the ceremony and the reception was about 3-4 hours apart i believe, so we had time, that's why i changed haha =p

    Aww you weren't able to follow me? i wonder what's wrong with blogger...

  13. Huh, you bring up an interesting point. I know they eat dog meat in China sometimes, but I'm pretty sure the dogs aren't pet dogs--it's usually a delicacy in fancy restaurants.
    I agree that cruelty to animals should be eliminated--they need to be killed as humanely as possible. And it's certianly not humane to kill a pet who has created such strong bonds with humans. It's like betraying a best friend.
    Thanks for exposing more on this issue! I learn something new every day haha.

  14. So I totally didn't know that you replied to comments on here! But no worries, now that I do know, I can totally check back, lovely lady! And gosh don't apologize, I looooove long comments! haha they're the best of all. And yours are so thoughtful and sweet <3 you're just amazing! n___n

  15. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, i am really passionate about animals right, thats why i am also vegan. This is just ghastly and appalling, the treatment of the dogs is terrible, there should be a law and fine against it, I hope this can be stopped and soon.

  16. Never would think of eating the meat of a dog or cat for me are pets. But hey I'm not vegetarian but I'll spread the link through twitter because I think by paying animals are to be pets or pets.

    Thank you very much for your sweet comment on my blog I appreciate it.

  17. Oh my god, who eats dog meat??!! Ewwwww! Is that even healthy?!!!
    I'm flabbergasted at this!

  18. that is seriously terrible!! It makes me sick! Poor things :( this shouldn't be allowed at all

  19. I support this advocacy Jo. I'm a dog lover and this is just painful. Gruesome, really! I hope this does stop.

    Keep in touch dear!
    Happy weekend! (^_~)v

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  20. This is sickening to read and sad for those who eat dog meat. I can't believe there are such cruel people out there.

    And come check out my blog

  21. Hey lovelies,

    Thanx for all your comments and sharing of this issue. It's really interesting to hear all your views and I hope some of you managed to sign the petition. Sadly, I found out that the festival went ahead.

    I will not be replying to all of you individually here nut I will get round to your blogs soon!


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