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Monday, August 20, 2012

Without a GPS...

This is how some people drive without a GPS when alone....


Or is it only me?

The maximum I could go is 3 sheets of paper (written on one sided recycled paper)-- One clipped onto the flip opening compartment and two on the passenger seat.

This photo was taken last year. Now that the hubby has changed car, there is no longer anything for me to clip on and I have to squeeze all road directions onto 2 sheets of paper from now on.

Anyway, those were the directions to my friend's house and my friend happens to have 3 very beautiful cats all named after the public holidays in Singapore.


They love to slink everywhere. On the table, on the sofa and even on the bed.


They sometimes join my friend and her hubby and the kids too in bed. How cute is that? Last time when my Simba was still around, I would beat her butt butt whenever she slept on my bed. She would feel so abused should she still be alive and know about how the cats at my friend's house are leading their lives.

I'm sorry for not visiting your blogs and for the late replies. I've been really busy running lots of errands before I embark on a new job this coming week. By then, I would be even busier as I reckon I would finally be sleeping early every night, leaving me with not much time to do anything else.


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  1. Good luck with the new job. I hope you'll blog about it once you get past the hectic tranisition phase. We miss you.

    That's a lot of turns. I've written down directions before, but mine are more abbreviated--since guys don't really need directions. LOL!

  2. haha aww I think it's time for a GPS then! :P and lol your little comic with the cats is so cute. love how they really look like they are whispering secrets to each other in the first row! <3

  3. Ohh, i'm a cat lover, so I adore those pics, so funny the yellow one talking to the other one's ear! xD

  4. I used to drive like that with papers on the passenger seat. Good luck with your job.

  5. hahaha couz i just saw this post. omg leo was so fat! lol! havent seen u in the longest time, catch up soon! xx

  6. congrats and good luck with your new job!

    Wow that's pretty old school, but good for you if that works for you! I am pretty lost without a gps though lol.

  7. Rick,

    I'm touched to know that I've been missed. Hehehe...

    You could see from my lack of activity here and on Facebook that I've been really busy. I have to wake up at 5+ to 6am to prepare for work and beat the morning traffic (to no avail). My mostly insomniac and night owl body hasn't gotten used to the office timing yet and I KO (knock out) every time I reach home these few days. I'm so sleepy after I get home that I can't do anything constructive but laze in front of the TV and fall asleep. Even with that, I do not get enough sleep as I hadn't slept more than 5 hours per night.

    Haha... too much verbosity up there?



    I can't really see the screen should I use my iPhone for GPS. I think I may wind up getting into an accident. lol

    Anyway, thank you for leaving a mark and following. I love seeing newcomers and I would check out your blog real soon when I've got the time.



    Like what I told Isabel above, I can't really see the screen should I use my iPhone for GPS. I think I may wind up getting into an accident.

    Yeah! I love how the ginger cat look like its whispering into the other cat's ear.

    Thank you for following me and keep in touch!



    I'm a cat lover too and I totally agree with you on the "whispering" act.



    I'm so glad to know that there is somebody out there who does it the old fashion way too. Thanx very much for the good wishes!


    Sushi cuz,

    OMG! You are here! Lol... you left this comment on the wrong post. Yes Leo was chubby then. I saw all his recent pictures. Such a big boy already.


    Nic Nic,

    Yes, that's so old school. I'm trying to find more people like me. Haha... Thank you for your good wishes.

  8. hilarious cat comics! It really made me laugh! I've been away from blogging for a while so when I got the chance to open my account, it's your blog I checked first!Wish you all the best always!

  9. Macy,

    I've also been away from blogging too. I haven't been reading blogs for 2 weeks and that is a lot to me as I used to try to catch up with a couple of my favourite blogs every few days.

    I'm so happy to hear that you checked my blog first once you opened your account. It means a lot. Thank you!

  10. Of course you're missed!!! You're not just some anonymous blogger. :)

  11. Rick,

    Thank you! That means a lot. =)


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