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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flash in the Pan

During my sabbatical leave from work for a few months, I engaged in a couple of meaningful activities to enrich myself and also to remind myself that life does not solely revolve around work.


A while back, I purchased a Powered Pleasure Craft Driving Licence (PPCDL) course at a great discount from Groupon and promoted this course to many of my friends who eventually signed up too. I can't remember how much the discount was but I know that the offer was so enticing that it really got me interested in learning how to operate a boat.

I managed to persuade the hubby to go with me and bought him a voucher too when none of my friends was able to match the dates I wanted.

The course included a theory and a practical lesson after which, it was up to us to continue pursuing this course with additional top ups, sitting for the tests and eventually attaining the boating license.

The theory was sleep-inducing but I love the practical lesson a lot.

I've got no pictures of us operating the pleasure boat but here are some pictures of humongous fish and the hubz taken at the venue to share with all of you.


This fish about the same "length" as my hubby. It sure didn't look as big and as long due to the angle and refraction of the water. If you were to see it with your own eyes, it is a lot bigger.


Although possessing a PPCDL seems really cool, the hubby and I were not able to find time to carry on pursuing the course together and sitting for all the tests. Eventually, we gave up. It was a flash in the pan but we did have fun operating the boat.


~*Hip Hop*~

I also attended Hip Hop dance lesson with one of my bestie, Gerra, during my sabbatical. I would say she is quite the pro but I did not do too badly for my first 2 lessons considering they were the intermediate and advanced classes. The intermediate class' teacher commented that I was not too bad for a beginner even though I felt I was a total klutz.

Aside: She might just be offering some encouragement though so I might just be the klutz after all.

Anyway, here are pictures of us taking a break.


Gerra quipped that we should adopt a more hip hop pose for the photo and so I did this while she did nothing (or my camera would have fallen)!


Like the boating course, I stopped after a while.

That makes another flash in the pan!

I do not give up on everything I tried my hands at. I prefer to think of it this way: at least I tried and that I am pleased that I did.

Of course, I would continue to pursue my interest in art and I'm still doing lots of artistic stuff during my free time. That is something I would never give up. ;-)


~*Some recent updates*~

I really felt recharged after this sabbatical and was geared up to enter the workforce again. Everyone who insisted that I'm not one who stays at home to be a homemaker and a full-time mum is right after all. I thought I would be able to do it but I was wrong. After some of them knew that I've gotten a new job recently, they reiterated their point once more and maintained that I would always be the workaholic they knew. I'm not so sure if this is a good or a bad impression but I would console myself that it is better to be known as the workaholic than the one who sits at home and in my mum's words, not having a "proper job".

It has been one week into my new job. I can't and won't be talking too much about my current job since there are simply too many local lurkers around. All I can say is that my insomniac physical body and night owl habits would require more time in adjusting to the new office hours.

I would have to wake up between 5 to 6am to prepare for work and to beat the crazily horrendous morning traffic to no avail. Even though I knock off at normal office timing, I KO (knock out) in front of the TV at night. I do not even switch on my lappy to surf the Internet and I do my daily Internet activities on my iPhone after work.

I'm so sleepy every day that I can't do anything constructive (read: involve the brains) but laze in front of the TV and let drowsiness overtake me. I even fell asleep while watching my favourite CSI.

I do not have the time to meet anyone except my family. Some of my good friends were so happy to know that finding a normal office hour job would leave me with more time for friends. Unfortunately, I'm still doing all the stuff that I have been doing during my sabbatical on top of having a full time job. Some say I'm killing myself but I know that all I need is some readjustment.

Expressing myself through my blog and reading blogs of my favourite people have always been something I love and have since become a favourite hobby of mine. I really hope to continue this hobby of blogging as often as I have been doing.

I just need more time for my physical body to adjust to the new routine and I'm very sure I would bounce back again.

I have missed out on many of your blogs but even if I haven't been visiting your blog and commenting, I would always reply to your comments here so do remember to click back to check.

I'm going out to meet my bestie Cyn and my dearest godson, Jase now.

Cya till my next free slot! =D


If you haven't already known, I'm hosting a giveaway. There would be 3 sets of prizes to be given out. Click here to participate in my giveaway.

I may extend the deadline for this giveaway as I'm really too tied up with many issues on hand. If I do so, I hope all of you participants would understand. =)


  1. I love hip hop. ! Watching it anyway. :P I definitely can't dance. ^^

    Drink teaa. :3 That's what I do when I feel sleepy. Don't overwork yourself Jo!! We still need you to blog!! ^^

  2. I hope you find balance soon. Try to avoid going back to working long, long hours.

    I think maybe you're just a natural dancer!

  3. huong,

    I love watching dance moves, dance mvs and dance movies though I can't dance as well too.

    Thank you, dear. I'll try not to neglect my blog and reading blogs too. I haven't been catching up on blogs for 2 weeks.



    My current job hours are normal and not at all like my previous one. It's just the adjustment of my body clock. It hasn't gotten used to waking up at 5+, 6am yet. Hence, I get too tired once I get home and am unable to do anything constructive.

    I'll find my balance soon!

  4. The PPCDL thing seems really cool!
    And try ginseng for when you feel sleepy, or also honey, they say it gives energy..
    Ahh and I'll try to write my next posts in English too, sometimes I do it but sometimes I forget >.< I need to practise it so yeah, I'll translate my future posts ^^

  5. Woah, that fish is really, really big!
    And the hip hop classes looked fun! It's nice to try new things, even if they don't end up holding your interest~

  6. HariRari,

    Really? I never knew Ginseng helps in sleepiness. Honey for energy yes. Thanx so much for the tip.

    It's so nice of you to write in English for your foreign readers. I really appreciate it. I could have used Google Translate but you know how it could appear as nonsensical expression, grammar etc at times right? I think your English is not too bad at all. =)


    Tulip Love,

    It looks a lot larger and longer in real life. It is more than 1.7m long! And I agree about trying out new things. ;P


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