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Monday, April 30, 2012

At 2am this morning...

I bloody stepped on a f***ing cockroach barefoot!!! I was happily eating mamee (noodle snack) and I dropped a bit of it so I picked it up with my fingers.

I thought I dropped some again when my toes brushed against something and I was just about to use my toes to pick up the "bits" when I looked down and saw the huge yellow band cockroach! I was absolutely scared outta my wits and disgusted by it.

I am generally not afraid of cockroach and will not scream when I see one as I'm pretty used to them crawling around my estate. (Please just don't let them fly) However I actually screamed just now as I was really angry yet distressed that I nearly used my toes to pick up that gross thing.

You know what?

My hubby was relishing at the whole episode unfolding in front of him and he could not stop laughing when I was whining about how I stepped on a cockroach. He didn't see the cockroach at that time.

He was laughing the whole time when I was so distressed that the roach had crawled into the side of the bathroom's sliding door and went missing.

He was laughing when I half hopped into the shower to wash and soap and sanitize my foot. I half hopped coz I felt that my foot was unclean and did not want to dirty our room's floor.

I made him find the roach but alas, that little, no big, vermin was gone.

He even had the cheek to chide me for making him miss part of his TV programme!

So for the next few minutes, I sat with my legs up and all of a sudden, I heard him exclaim.

"There it is! Wah so big!"

So the same time when he realised how big the cockroach was, he also killed it.

And with that, he redeemed himself.


  1. LOL this is a funny story haha! Damn thing ruined your mamee lol

  2. LOLL this had made me laugh so much! I understand where he is coming from, I think my bf would give the same reaction.It's gross how you had nearly squeezed it between your toes :/ I don't think cockroaches exists here in houses in the UK, only thing is spiders!


  3. I would be MORTIFIED. I can't even begin to imagine what you went through >_< good thing kh killed it O_O

  4. Aw, poor Jo! I'm sorry you had such a gross encounter and I'm sorry for laughing. =) I'm glad hubby redeemed himself and killed the little (big) bugger.

    I can't remember if you were following me when I posted abot stepping on someething outside, in the dark. Does that sound familiar??? I may repost the story.

  5. Yes totally mortified and it's true my mamee was ruined. Now I think twice about picking up stuff to eat from the floor since I do not know where the cockroach had walked. I'm particular about the areas the cockroach walked and had to clean those areas.


    You do not have roaches in UK? Oh, I'm so gonna move to the UK! I don't mind spiders.


    Were you the one with the pet cat who brought kills to your doorsteps? If so, I think I remember you stepped on some furry or feathery kills?

  6. Haha, yes, it was my cats leaving presents for us. That time it was a dead ground mole. When I stepped on it I felt all of its little bones snap under my bare foot. Hahaha!

  7. aww!i'm so afraid of cockroaches..they're so disgusting..i still find it hard to kill them up to now. aww i can imagine the scene, just reading your story makes me hate them more!haha!


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