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Thursday, April 05, 2012

An Eggmazing Easter Idea

The long weekend is approaching with Good Friday and Easter Sunday just round the corner. It isn't a long weekend for me as I've got work on Saturday but it is really fine as I enjoy working on Saturdays.

That aside, I stumbled onto an eggciting Easter idea from poppytalk via anyaadores to brighten up your gal pal's day.

Get your tools ready.

Using a needle, pierce a little hole through the egg shell.

Empty its contents into a bowl. Don't waste the egg. You can cook it or use it as an ingredient in your home facial or hair treatment.

Paint the shell. Polka dots... stripes... pastel colours... bold vibrant rainbow shades... Let your creativity flow.

Cut a narrow strip of paper.

Pen a lovely note. Use some Easter puns if desired.

Roll the strip of paper into a little scroll.

Stuff it into the little opening of the egg.

Nestle the egg in a sturdy box. Pad the box with some paper shreds if desired.

Mail it out as a surprise or simply hand deliver it to your lovely friend.

I'm sure your friend would squeal in eggcitement upon cracking the egg.

Do share with me pictures of your process if you really got down to doing this.

Happy Good Friday and Easter Sunday to all of you lovely people out there!


  1. Oh that is a lovely idea. I am going to do this to my kids.

  2. The pictures are not showing up for me. I can follow written directions, but pictures make it easier (Oh, so that's how you do it!!!)

  3. what a beautiful post. :) I always want to try and be more creative/artistic but quite hard sometimes - maybe its my line of work. :)

  4. PAPS,
    Do try! Take photos if possible. I would love to see them.


    The pictures are showing for me when I checked with both Chrome and Firefox and also my iPhone. Is it still not showing for you? Fortunately I've got words down. Hehe... The original post didn't have words as the picture instructions were crystal clear. But you know me, always verbose. I'm glad my verbosity paid off for you. =D


    OMG! You went missing for a long long time! I can't follow your blog btw. I can't find the follower button. I'm so glad you came back!

  5. Such a nice idea sweetie! would you like to follow each other?:X

  6. wow i love this idea, i'll try it
    you have such a great blog
    love it
    wanna follow each others?

  7. OMGGGOSH that is sooo adorable!!! i dunno i think i wouldn't want to crack the egg haha the egg is too pretty hahah!

  8. That polka-dotted egg is just way too adorable. Happy Easter! :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Dearest Jo,

    It's been quite a long time! Not sure where exactly to start. Im sorry for being an ass and I am aware that I haven't even replied to your previous question in the previous previous post. The answer was took me about 2 months on and off collecting and editing.

    Thank you for your advice on the domain thing. I still have found the energy and motivation to bring it all together yet. Hopefully soon.

    Just thought of saying Happy belated good friday and (just in time) Easter Sunday to you.

  10. Aww this is such a cute idea! I've never decorated Easter eggs before, even as a child. This looks like it would be a lot of fun to make and I'm sure the recipient would love receiving it :D

  11. Ioana-Carmen,
    Thanx for stumbling by. I'll be checking out your blog soon!


    Noressa Henness,
    Thanx for stumbling by. I'll be checking out your blog soon!


    I would only crack the egg if I've taken photos of it!


    I hope you enjoyed your Easter break!


    Peh Sun,
    Aww... No worries at all. You are not an ass. I understand how busy you are. What you are doing is so significant and noble and for you to squeeze time out to write something on your blog for readers it's such an effort and we appreciate it.

    I hope you enjoyed your Easter break (if you had any) and that you would be blessed with time and the prudence in handling all the nasties in your life right now.


    I've painted some empty egg shells before when I was very young with oil pastel colours. They look nothing as sweet as Easter eggs. I feel like doing this for next year but Singapore doesn't have the Easter egg culture and I don't even know where to begin finding such sweet pastel colour dyes/paints.

  12. this is so so so so incredibly cute!!!!! i wish i saw this earlier :( i'm so doing this for Easter next year!

  13. Ally,
    Me too! And welcome back! I haven't seen you around for a long time.


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