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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thought of You

Pure work of art -- incorporating fluid dance moves and seemingly simple animation coupled with a great song.

I would be interested to hear anyone's analysis of this short film to compare notes.


  1. I love these kinds of clips. Hand drawn moving pictures always grab my attention. Well at least I think it's hand drawn. Can never be sure these days...

    Wonderfully executed. Fluid, as you said. And the drawings reflect the emotions so perfectly. The ending kind of confused me though. Definitely have to rewatch it :)

    Thanks for introducing us to this song, Jo!

  2. hey~~~lol i just got back from my vavcay. lol and isaw your msg, Im actually from Canada, but spelling colour with an "U" is british way to spelling it, North americans usually spell it like "color" but ya.

    btw i luv your blog so i followed, follow me back, since we both spell colour with an "U" Lol

  3. OOO I saw this. This is pretty cool. I wish I had the talent of drawing well.

  4. Bibi,
    The animation was really hand drawn. Beautiful fluid moves right? I interpreted the ending as when the gal was floating and dancing around, she was just like a dream, being so unattainable. She was also rather playful and kept escaping from the man’s grasp. However, when she finally decided to settle down and become “solid” form, the man had no more interest in her, possibly because he wants her to be just a beautiful dream? Yet, I don’t understand his anguish.


    We use British English over here too and hence the U. =) Did you follow me using another ID? Coz I can’t find you.


    Me too! I wish so too. I’m interested in drawing but I don’t draw like an artist.

  5. The man was incomplete and unhappy without the woman--and yet he was dumb enough to walk away in the end. I didn't understand that part.

    The artwork is wonderful, it amazes me that anyone can draw that way. I can;t even doa decent "happy-face". =)

    I'm glad you were careful on the NYC subway. It seems anyplace where people can get away quickly can be a little more dangerous than other places--at least around here. That day on the train, I was concerned, but it didn't get beyond that.

  6. Thanks for sharing this Jo :) I really enjoyed watching the clip - the animation together with the music was quite captivating to watch. Who knew dance could convey human emotions so well? :)

    As for the ending...that kinda confused me. I think the artist is trying to depict both sides of view maybe? Throughout most of the clip the man is drawn solidly, and it looks like he thinks the girl is always out of his reach, as symbolized by her figure dissipating when he tries to grab for her. At the end the girl is drawn solidly while the man is transparent, so in the woman's POV, it seems she thinks the man gave up on their relationship by walking away. Maybe the guy got tired of trying to chase after someone he could never have? That's the story I seem to get when I watch this :)

  7. Rick & Rinny,

    Thanx for contributing your analysis. I enjoyed reading them a lot. =) I love to read people's interpretation and to compare notes. I too, don't get why the man gave the girl up.

    My hubby says there's a whole carnal innnuendo in the video.

  8. lol i guess i 4got to follow you, but i am now~~~but ya i agree with wt you said, its okay to buy fake stuff cuz not evryone can afford the real thing, but dont pass them as real, cuz thats just stupid. but ya thx for dropping by my blog~~~

  9. This video is lovely! I love how the white figure, seems more translucent than the male figure, though bought are purely linear figures =) Not to mention the fluidity of their movements and corresponding reactions, super cute video because at the end the girl figure because more solid while the male leaves.

  10. I saw courting, but missed the carnal. My wife says I'm naive sometimes and don't see those intentions--but that's only in the rare instances that it's directed towards me. I'm usually good at reading what's gonig on between two other people. LOL!

  11. Jessy & Nicole,

    Thanx for your comments. =)


    suki pooki,

    Thanx for sharing your analysis. I enjoyed reading it.



    Haha it’s ok if you missed it coz I think my hubby is a little bit sick in his mind. LoL... Maybe you should ask your wife to analyse the video too!

  12. I can't stop watching it :o
    amazing's so beautiful♥

  13. jass,

    I love to see newcomers. Thanx for leaving a mark here. =)


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