Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sleepless in Singapore

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Hi all,

I'm back in Singapore. Tot I would be jetlagged but hell no, I'm still an insomniac through and through. There would be times when I spaced out and felt tired but I just can't get to sleep.

I've got dear Joyce's wedding to attend tmr, I mean later today and I hope I don't stone... coz I'm just so excited for her.



  1. omg... i am okie leh! haha i slpt at 12+am and awake at 8am!

  2. Welcome back!!!!

    This is your fren whom you had a great christmas dinner with at Jack's place! haha

    U r being missed! missed! missed! missed! SMUAKZ! its good to have you back..somebody sing something!

    I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Catch up. Meet up. Chat up soon.

    Oh the detest level for certain things have risen over the last 2 weeks. Update...woot!

    the one who finally found you

  3. Welcome home! Please blog about your trip with many photos!

    Oh do you happen to frequent Northpoint a lot?

  4. Pixie,

    You're so not screwed! Argh.. I'm screwed. Meet up meet up... for photos that is. As if I'm not sian of you 24/7 for 2 weeks. Hahaha... Actually.. I'm not!


    the one who finally found me,

    Wheet! So sweet! Is that really you? LoLz

    Ssh... Now everone knows we went to the place of our friend by the name of Jack. Wahahaha...

    Hey! Dun leave as "anonymous". Leave as whatever nickname, just not "anonymous". Been getting at least 3 spam anon comments everyday on various websites and I'm totally sick of these nonsense that I direct them to the junk.

    Waiting for your updates!!! I think it'll be endless.



    I will if I've got the time. I've still got bits and pieces of 2009 happenings yet to be updated. Maintaining a blog is like being in a relationship.

    I frequent Northpoint every now and then if I need to get stuff.


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