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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Maintaining a blog is like being in a relationship

[Picture credit: Sorry picture file was saved in my folder and I forgot where I got it from]

I’ve read somewhere that maintaining a blog is like being in a relationship.

You know, something along that line.

Most relationships entail love, commitment and attention; a blog too.

I love to blog.

It keeps my friends posted. It keeps my sanity. It keeps my memories.

I could never have remembered so many events if not for my blog. I’m a rather forgetful person, so you see blogging helps to recollect my thoughts.

How could I forget the few internet friends I’ve made from my readers?

When I don’t blog often enough, I feel that I owe my frenz and readers some updates and bite-sized entertainment after a hard day’s work.

When I don’t blog, I feel constipated.

When I don’t blog, I just don’t feel good.

I’ve got the love, the commitment and the attention for my blog.

What else does a relationship need?


Hopefully I’ve got the time to blog more.

And here comes the irony.

I’ve been on this page since 2004.

My stories, my feelings, my memories stashed away in a wonderful cache of reminiscence; in old school wooden drawers archived neatly.

However, the layout is getting stale. I don't know how to fiddle around with the new blogger.

I'm seeking a more obscure url. I'm too easily found ever since Charmaine's plight came into public. I don't quite care who read my blog as whatever I dare type in public are things which are fine to be left that way. Yet I've to exercise some caution too.

I've been getting spam comments on an average of 3 per day. Links to websites, autobot language, unintelligible English that seem to be written from a translator beam. I simply do not publish them but it's really sickening having to do this frequently.

My extreme tracker has stopped recording accurately by 50% ever since I missed the upgrade period. I'm anal and I don't like it when both my trackers do not tally in figures.

My blogger photo storage bandwidth is at its last 20%.

Nitpicking on these, I’m thinking of moving somewhere else.

A fresh leaf from a book.

New title.

Crisp pages.

Modified layout.

Yet, I’m just too sentimental.

Maybe I will move. Maybe I won't.

Don't be surprised either way should you see a long hiatus or continual updates.


  1. I hope to see updates continueing. ^_^ If u eva change site, will u be revealing where?

  2. Hi anon,

    Hmm... I'm not too sure about that. We'll see how it goes.

  3. Hi Jolene,
    No don't close your blog. Im still reading even if I never comment. Don't close ok?


  4. Hi Yen,

    I haven't been seeing you around for a long time. How are you?

    I won't close down this blog as it holds far too much memories. If needed, I'll just move.

    The 1st step is to come up with an elusive name for my new url. If I can't find one, I'll still be here.

    Thanx for ur support.

  5. well hello miss jo jo! thanks for the comment you left on my blog. you're fricking cute. *meh meh* slippers? keke. will you teach me how to say it in a cutsy tone too? =P i agree with this entry of yours. a blog definitely takes a lot of time and focus. i dont even have the time to maintain a steady relationship with someone no wonder its hard for me to post often. a seemingly short post can look like it took 10 mins but in reality it takes hours to put together one. maybe that's just me bcos im a perfectionist but hopefully i'll figure it out. and i hope you do too. long hiatus can prove to be good for the soul. i've changed blogs 3 times already bcos i wanted a fresh start. whatever you decide to do make sure you keep me posted. anyways...this was an extremely long msg =P dont be a stranger babe!

  6. I like the picture of the carton box robot. Do you know if it is a character from anywhere?

  7. Oh no. Don't do that. This is a good blog. Hello Singapore! I'm a Kiwi.

  8. Hi Cindee,

    Haha... I will teach you how to say it in a cutesy tone if we ever do get to see each other. Hehe... I'm sure you can do it the right way.

    Your part on "a seemingly short post can look like it took 10 mins but in reality it takes hours" is true for my side too even though I'm not such a perfectionist as you are. When it comes to photo updates, I would tend to do it over a period of days or even weeks. It seems tedious but I feel happy once it's up and done.

    BTW I've decided to stay on with the same url but I really need to get my template changed. I'm looking for the white main body with large width and minimum side borders. I can't find the right blogger template.

    I love your long long comment and hope to cya around here too. =)

  9. Hi anon,

    It's cute right? I'm fallng in love with this emo box. It's called Danbo and it's a small character from a Japanese manga.

  10. Hi TWC,

    I've decided to stay on here but even if I don't stay on, I won't close this down.

    You're from New Zealand? It's nice to have international readers. I've been to NZ a few years back and it's a cool place!

    Cya around. =)

  11. The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog,keep smiling and take care!

  12. Hi Jordon Sneakers,


  13. if ever you will make another site what could that be? i just stumble to your site and read some of your blogs. I really like to make a blog for my self but if I start working for one, all my ideas fly somewhere else and left me behind with nothing to write... I just laugh reading someone else's blog because some of it are my ideas but never really mine...

  14. Hi Richard Nelson,

    I would very much like to thank you for your thoughtful comment. However, looking at your link, I can't quite decide if it's a spam comment.

  15. Copied & pasted from tagboard for remembrance:

    22 Jan 10, 20:19
    canny: dear jolene! I'm here reading ur blog. =) really love the post on the 'resolution' the story is good! btw, do inform me if you do decided to move to a new blog k! no matter where u go, i will follow.
    22 Jan 10, 20:19
    canny: LOL! sounds like a stalker. hahha!! take care gal! =)

    23 Jan 10, 23:30
    Jo to canny: My xi ke! Glad u like e story. Apply it to ur life too ya? BTW I dunno what's cc. IF I EVER change url, I'll def let u noe! My dear "stalker". Haha... *HugZ*


    23 Jan 10, 16:08
    Zanne: Oh dear. You have not updated for a few days. Are you really changing blog? If you are will you be revealing your new web addie? I am waiting so long to see your New York pictures.

    23 Jan 10, 23:32
    Jo to Zanne: ARe u Zanne as in my bimbo sis Zanne or like another Zanne? I'm not sure but I'm really getting sick of this 6 yr-old blog. Tot of a fresh change. I dunno when will NYC pics be up. LoLz

    25 Jan 10, 14:44
    Zanne: Um. Nope I'm not your bimbo sis. I'm a frequent reader. I hope you won't close down your blog or if you do, please let us readers know. Thanks!

    28 Jan 10, 02:06
    Jo to Zanne: The 1st step is to come up with an elusive name for my new url. If I can't find one, I'll still be here. Thanx for ur support.


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