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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thirty days hath September

~*September is a month filled with birthdays*~

Baby Cheyenne's birthday

Let's start with the the tiniest September baby -- Baby Cheyenne.

The celebration was held at L'entrepot Bistrot. That was my 1st ever high class one mth old celebration. Usually one mth old celebrations are held at home with buffet food. Since J jie jie is a hot mummy, naturally birthday celebrations for her kids are hip.

There was another first time for me, that is to have carried a baby of that age. Before that, I only dared to carry toddlers coz babies of that age would squirm uncomfortably in my arms.

I merely carried bb Cheyenne to take a picture and my mum happily asked kh to stand with me. After a shot, she barged in and the next minute, my whole family tropped in as urged by my mum. LoLz... machiam my baby!

The food was good! I'm getting hungry all over again looking at the photos.

How could I resist snapping pictures of cheeky Dylan with his notti boy hairstyle?


Viv's birthday

We had a surprise birthday celebration which wasn't exactly a surprise for viv.

We got her everything that she likes. Strawberry [cheesecake], Precious Moments snow globe, hand-made card. Oh how I wished I were in her shoes.

Over the weekend, we met up with apr who still owes me lotsa delicious food pics.


Dad & da jie's birthday

After's mummy's hearty birthday buffet, daddy requested for a simple ze char dinner coz he wanna (in his words) "faster eat and faster go home watch F1".

We went to 1036 Eating House to have a crab feast.


~*D & D 2009, The Salon @ National Museum*~

I'm a museum buff and hence was quite enthusiastic about our D & D being held at the museum. The last time I set foot in the National museum was definitely more than a decade ago. Sad to say, the museum tour was quite rushed and I could not immerse myself in the tour.

The dinner was fine. I love the laksa. Everything else was pretty normal.

I had fun during the competition coz I was only "participating" as an audience facing no stress at all.

I did not win any prize during the lucky draw segment. I had been lucky the 1st 2 years. The previous year, I only went home with the door gift. This year, my luck picked up a little. I won a small ang pow for the "Don't Forget the Lyrics" and also an edu award and gift vouchers, together with another colleague of mine.

Let the photos do the talking now, shall we?


~*Touched by angels*~

Do you believe in angels?

I do.

There are many occasions when we see glimpses of God's work right here on earth.

I believe that God sends angels on earth in human guise and places certain people in our paths to give us love and hope when we need it the most.

In times when you feel that hope is gone, God would send someone to make everything better.

At times, people may not realise that the little acts they do can touch others; be it something as simple as offering little words of encouragement or going all out to help others in need.

You know how I always say God has given up on me coz I don't go to church and only look for Him when I'm in trouble? Well, Charmaine's plight has certainly changed me a fair bit. I've witnessed the acts of and even rubbed shoulders with so many angels on earth.

I met up with 2 organisations which lent a hand in raising funds for Charmaine's treatment. Funds aside, their kind words and thoughts are things that money can't buy.


~*New Japanese Haunt*~

For authentic Japanese food, Tamako does it the best.

Being in Tamako makes me feel as if I was transported to an old little eatery in Japan.

The food is so good that nowadays whenever I crave for Jap food, I would have Tamako in mind.


~*The best gift you can give a teacher is your effort & if possible, your results*~

That was what I said to all my students just a week before Teacher's Day. I also reminded them to save their money and not to buy me any gifts.

My students are obviously a stubborn lot.

For every kid that came up to me to hand me the gift, I chided them for not listening and they would just go "hee hee hee" in a sheepish manner. The most unique reply so far was:

"I told my mother already but she don't [sic] want to listen."


I was quite touched by 2 boys. One is a tall and big-sized P6 boy who looks like he belongs in a Sec 4 class and the other is also a big sized P3 boy in a P4 class.

Pardon me if I sound rude by emphasising their size. It's just that I thought it was rather sweet of the former to make an angel handphone charm for me in an origami box and the latter for making a miniature shop made of cardboard. Accuse me of generalising but I simply can't imagine big boys engaging in such crafts.

Imagine this stocky P6 boy holding up a hand-made box which looked so tiny in comparision to his huge hand.

"I thought I said not to buy me anything?"

"I didn't buy it. I made it."

When I opened the box and saw the angel handphone charm amidst the bubble protective sheet, I asked him how he made it.

"I learnt it from my friend. This is my learning piece."

As for the P3 boy who is in my P4 class, he's the chubby bookish sort, rather intelligent. I didn't expect him to be able to make such an exquisite little shop.

When I stepped into the class of one of my cute and funny P6 class, a gal announced,

"See Ms Loh, we listen to you. We really didn't get you anything."


And yes, they really didn't get anything, except for a girl who gave me a card. I thought I might receive more cards since that would be the last year I would be seeing them and also since they're such a fun bunch.

Cards for my graduating P6 classes

I wonder how they did for their PSLE.


  1. WoW! You look like a bundle of energy. I enjoy looking at your photos lots. Just wondering which photo software are you using?

    Just curious, what school you teaching in? Lovely children you have there. Do you have problem dealing with boys especially when you're pretty? No offence though as I'm hesitating going into teaching line and dealing with dirty minded boys.

  2. Hi anon,

    Thanx for leaving a friendly note here. It would be great if you leave a nickname as due to some anon spam going on for weeks, I tend to dirent emails from anonymous to the junk.

    I'm using photoscape. I like it as I use it to collage many pictures in one and helps to save space.

    I'm not teaching in a formal school and never will. I've got no problem dealing with my kids except the upper primary Ah Bengs who actually are quite ok once I've earned their respect. They just like to act tough and defiant at times.

    Boys being boys are dirty-minded by nature. Some know how to hide it out of courtesy but some are real brash. Different kids require different ways of handling and there is no one formula.

    Go through all the pros and cons before you sign on that dotted line. All the best. =)


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