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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Halloween 2009 -- East VS West

I know it is a little late to post Halloween pictures here when all the hullabaloo and strings of hilarious remarks have already gone stale on Facebook but...

On my blog, everything is always late right?


Halloween 2009 was a blast coz it was the 1st time ever that my hubby participated and willingly let me do his make up.

It was also great fun to have his friends and my friends partying together. I reckon that after the wedding, we all sorta knew one another better and got along quite well.

My bro-in-law went to rent costumes for kh and himself w/o even telling kh what he was getting for him. It was almost like a make-do-with-whatever-I-get-you-I-dun-give-an-eff gesture.

His friends were so ONZ that a bunch of them went to rent costumes with similar theme. After kh and I knew what they were dressing up as, we mentally declared Halloween 2009 theme as:

East vs West


"We'll go to your family house ok? Coz your parents are so used to us and we dun wanna scare your parents-in-law by going to your current house." -- you know who you are

It seems like a tradition to gather at my place to make up and dress up before heading to paint the town red.

This year, there were addition of members and my little room almost became a sardine can.

Kh was the first to be transformed to... gee we dunno what he was. DEATH?

We were all rather confuse this year.

The only person sure of her character was gera who came dressed as fallen cupid.

I think evan was a deranged life sized puppet who was raped and killed.

Tif was a Chinese ghost.

JQ was... well... kinda confused.

Fabio was a Westerner trying to be an Easterner with ethinic motif on one eye and jester patch on the other eye. In short, confused.

As for me, I am Goth __________. I dunno what to fill in the blank with. Goth Jo?

Zanne arrived much later and I think she was Goth whatever too.

Ooh... we're almost ready.

My da jie likes to take parting shots of us every year.

Those on my Facebook friend list can view the shaky video taken by my er jie on her hp here:

No, we didn't scare the taxi uncle. It was quite exciting looking into other cabs and seeing ghosts and ghouls in them as well.

Kh's frenz were all there at Zouk waiting to tekan him.

They dubbed themselves Tang Dynasty but of coz, after everything, we realised that pigtails are quite modern and should be Qing Dynasty instead... I think.

They looked like jiang shi but they kept insisting they were "Tang Dynasty". -_- |||

The jiang shi-s were hot property coz so many clubbers kept dragging the whole lot of them to snap pictures. That's what would happen when you dress as a theme. Poor Eug (the very very nice and sweet wife-to-be of one of kh's buddies) was always left out when the jiang shi-s were dragged away.

The West got sick of being West and so started going East by wearing part of the Eastern costume. Actually it was more of the Eastern ghosts being sick of their costumes and dumping their sweaty caps on our heads.

When kh went off to the loo, he had to go without his cape coz DUH... he didn't want to soak up all the puke and what-nots in the loo by dragging his cape across the filthy floor. This leaves me with a chance to assume a different identity.

Snow White's stepmum incognito

Ghost and ghouls do get hungry... so off we went to eat bak kut teh.

There were some unpleasant happenings at the bak kut teh stall but fortunately the ghostly entourage managed to "fight back".

Edited to add:
The people there practise price discrimination. Fancy charging 12 of us $170+ for normal bak kut teh with drinks. They thought we were drunk and they could carrot chop us. For those who frequent the nearest bak kut teh stall near Zouk, please take note when paying the bill. Ask them for the break down of prices if you think that the final sum they quote you is too much.

That was what the guys did. The guys counted out aloud the break down from the soup, to the rice to the extra dishes and finally at the drinks, they sacarstically exclaimed that our drinks cost $100++. The stallholders were dumbfounded.


Sweet Eug lent me a beautiful mask which she got from Europe and I almost swayed from my goth idea to dress in masquerade theme.

Ghosts retiring when dawn broke.

Time to get a good eye shut.

Kh and I slept from sunrise till sunset. That was the 1st time I slept the whole day away.

Glad that everyone enjoyed themselves. As what everyone had said after the party over sms...

"We should do this more often!"

Edited to add photos from eug's camera


  1. Hihi, what did your friend use for the blood? Is it fake blood or red paint? Whole of Singapore don't sell. Anyway, looking cool and look you all had lots of fun. By the way which part of zouk you all at? I think I saw your Chinese vampire friends but not the rest.

  2. Hi anon,

    I agree that it's quite difficult to find fake blood; not even in costume shops. One of my friends got it from Cold Storage.

    Thanx and yup we sure had lots of fun. Where were you? We were not on the dance floor where most people are so I guess you didn't spot us.

  3. Hi Jolene
    I read that you are considering writing up on some of the wedding recommendations like Dr Phua Tan Tee and so on. Are you really going to write and will it be soon? I want to ask a lot of questions about Dr Phua and also about some of your wedding things. I'm afraid I would be too much. From what I read, you will always reply comments very helpfully and I thank you in advance first.

  4. Hi Amanda,

    Yes I did say that but I'm not so sure about when I'm gonna do that. In the meantime, you can ask me over here. No worries at all. =)

  5. babe, I love your make-up! You did a great job for KH too. ;)

    Ugh, I didn't make it for Halloween again!!!

  6. Hi Reg,

    Hehe... Thanx! But kh's eyes really quite zhar bor rite? I think I'm too used to drawing cat eyes and tails.

    But you were in Japan rite? So that's helluva good luck. Somethins missed, something gained. =)

  7. Amanda,

    If it helps, my email @ is Maybe you would feel more at ease to ask over email. =D

  8. Hey!

    Haha ya quite zhar bor but I think it's nice! I just got back from Japan that week. Would have been able to make it for Halloween if not for the fact that I was dead tired and JW couldn't find a costume!

    You must teach me how to make up for guys so that I can force JW to go for halloween party while we are still in our prime :P

  9. Where did you all intend to go actually and what did you intend to dress up as? Halloween is the only time we can dress up here in sg so definitely must not miss next year liao. Very soon, we'll hit the BIG Three! ARGHHHHH!

    Oh haha... It's quite easy. I basically did the same make up process as I would a gal. Just that he wanted cracks on his face so I painted them on.

  10. I wanted to go as a french maid with garters and the full works lah. My costume is still hiding somewhere in my wardrobe :(. If not, I could've gone as a vampiress.

    Ya I must certainly drag JW and myself out of the house next year!!

  11. Wheet! French maid with garters! JW can go as the butler!

  12. Copied & pasted from tagbox for remembrance:

    9 Nov 09, 00:26
    pipi: Wa! Veri nice make up for halloween. Care listing down the steps?

    10 Nov 09, 02:12
    Jo to pipi: Do you mean my make up or my friends' make up?

    11 Nov 09, 23:20
    pipi: I mean ur eyes.a. What eyeshadow, how u draw the smudgey lines n its there colour contacts I see?
    11 Nov 09, 23:25
    pipi: Your friend with the black tear drops and blood. What did she use as blood? Did she use face paint for the make up?

    12 Nov 09, 01:31
    Jo to pipi: What is "eyes.a"? I didn't use eyeshadow. It was pencil eyeliner. Used the "sponge smudger" at the end to blur the lines a little. I'm using green contacts fr FreshKon that look grey from afar.
    12 Nov 09, 01:35
    Jo to pipi: Not face paint. Blood was fr a fren who got it fr Cold Storage. It came in a tube. However, it's not exactly v gd as my frien was itching all e way and e blood peels off in guey pieces aft a while.

    14 Nov 09, 10:14
    pipi: Its a typo. Thanks for your reply. I found out that there are 2 types of green frm that brand. Is it the darker one? Thanks.

    15 Nov 09, 01:35
    Jo to pipi: Hi, on the box it states "groovy green" but it's nothing groovy at all. This is supposed to be the more natural one while e other green is brighter & more funky.


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