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Saturday, July 04, 2009

H1N1 is screwing up our wedding BIG TIME!

1 more week to our big day and I'm upset at how things have become.

I just have to hope and pray that kh's "company" doesn't issue any more tighter measures with regards to H1N1.

All within 2 days, we're losing tables of guests.

Buddies who have long agreed to be kh's xiong di-s can't even gather at social gatherings according to the "decree" being issued by the "company".

We're also short of swordbearers.

Anything that could go wrong for us has gone wrong.

Blame the stupid H1N1!

Or Murphy.

As if my life doesn't already suck, heaven has to send me the best gift ever -- a gigantic vacuum cleaner.

I'm upset about so many things.

People around me keep asking if I'm excited, nervous, can't wait for the big day blablabla... Truth is I don't feel anything but dejection about how plans have been spoilt from the beginning till now.

I think I'm doing too much positive thinking that I'm really very tired whenever things don't go my way over and over again.

Well, at least the major headache of seating the guests is 99% settled.

My mind is tumultuous.

Time to sleep...


  1. i'm from the same "company" as kh, so do feel free to rope me in as swordbearer if you need! yeah, the banquet prep is crazy (couldn't wait to get it over). but just truly enjoy it no matter what happens, coz it's YOUR big day! =)

  2. Don't stress Jolene. Be a pretty bride! Hope things will work out for you and your hubby in the end.


  3. haha I see my hubby's comment here! Pls feel free to enlist his services if required. :) Don't worry, I'm sure everything will work out just fine. Let us know if you need help!

  4. JW,
    It's really very nice of you to offer. Same "company" but stripes on pants different rite?

    The latest bad news a few hours ago was that another pair of swordbearers' leave kenna recalled. We're down to our bare minimum and if anyone else can't make it, that's the end of having a swordbearer march in. =(


    Anon / P,
    Thank you. I will try very hard to put words into practice.


    You and JW are so nice to offer a hand (2 in fact). The biggest help I need now is for someone to help clone myself. Haha...


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