Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bad news after bad news... When will it all stop???

Up till today, we're still having guests calling to inform that they would not be able to make it. Most of the guests belong to kh's side. However of late, guests on my side are also doing the same thing.

The biggest blow came just now. We were typing out our AD schedule and all of a sudden one of kh's friend-colleague called. Kh looked at the ID and said, "Oh shit!"

He picked up the phone and begged his friend not to deliver another bad news to him.

Alas, we've lost another pair of swordbearers.

We're down to our bare minimum. Any more swordbearers calling to tell us they won't be able to make it, we would not be able to hold a swordbearers march in at all.

I was so upset that I could not help crying.

Why is it that whatever I wish for my wedding would turn out the direct opposite? I really don't understand why.

I was upset that Jase and Charmaine could not be my ringbearers. It's always been my dream to have my godkids walking with me down the aisle.

I was upset that at least 3 good friends are unable to attend my wedding.

I was upset when a good friend had her leave cancelled because she had to be sent overseas for a job assignment. She was supposed to be my jie mei. Latest news is that, she can't even make it for the 9th July flight and so I won't even be able to see her at the banquet. I know she's equally upset as she was looking forward to my wedding ever since she knew of the proposal. But... what can we do?

I was so upset that we're losing guests by the tables and from a tightly-packed guest list, we have since hit below the mininum requirement to hold the banquet at the grand ballroom.

It's fortunate that our hotel coordinator is such a nice lady and is willing to help us with anything within her means.

If I could turn back the time, I would not opt to hold a banquet.

I know people would say "Take it easy", "Look on the bright side", "It's only a wedding, what matters is the marriage" etc but I can't help feeling upset.

My dreams and expectations weren't even too lofty to begin with. They're simple wants, and yet I can't have them.

The feeling sux. It really does.

And I know kh is feeling like shit too. Poor boy still has to hand in a report at 9am later, have lessons from 1-4pm with presentation, settle so many wedding stuff all on the day before our big day.

I really dunno why we are so unlucky.


I need something to cheer me up!

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