Sunday, February 01, 2009

Let’s stop recounting December for a while

I keep telling kh how I can hardly wait for February to arrive.

February would be when we would collect our wedding bands.

February would be when I can try on my wedding gown yet again and to try on my made-to-measure evening gown.

February would be when we would have our bridal photoshoot.

For these reasons, I can’t wait for February to arrive.

Yet February would also be when I get really busy.

Remember how I was freed from tuition for the whole year end school holidays that I had so much time to catch up with lost time?

I enjoyed that period so much that I almost wanted to let status quo be until I itchy finger go and accept a new tutee.

Her mum had been persuading me for a very long time and so I decided to give it a try. Both mum and gal are really very pleasant people and I have a feeling I won’t regret it.

I’ve been teaching little C since the school reopened but stopped for big C.

Initially, I didn’t want to teach him when he got to sec 1. I told his mum that I would continue teaching his P3 sister only as I wasn’t able to commit that much time. However now I’ve decided to continue teaching him as his mum could not stand him lazing at home since the end of the PSLE. Whenever I teach his sister and I see him bua long long away in the background, I feel that I should really do something.

Hence, I decided to teach him just once a week. At least be there to guide him and make sure he studies every now and then.

So, I’ve got 3 tutees now.

Haha… I think my off days are seriously burnt! I can’t even squeeze in the time for my bi-weekly facials and IPLs. I’ve to cancel or postpone tuition just to go settle wedding stuff in situations when I could not fit the rite timing in.

Thinking about my responsibilities at work, I wonder how I am gonna accomplish them all.

However, I will thrive!

I know I will.


Some happy happy stuff…

like ring!

Kh and I are really thrilled at the prospect of collecting our rings from Ling Jewellery.

We decided to pop by with our dream ring design from Love & Co
– the one with the twisted rope design in yellow gold set in glossy platinum with a single diamond – to ask them if they were able to custom make a similar design for us in my size.

As expected, it was physically impossible to twist the rope to my size. I suggested achieving similar look like using milgrain or beading and they informed us that the workmanship would cost about 4k per ring and it was not worth it.

4K???!!! Per ring some more!

I top up some more money can buy my chanel classic flap liao!

Hence, we decided to look at the rings designed by Ling herself and a roman style pair caught our eyes.

There were crosses lined along one side of the band and on the crosses were many blings for both the man and the lady’s (something totally not on kh’s “simple design list”) yet we both liked it a lot.

Imagine my euphoria when he actually agreed that the blings were pretty!

The lady’s ring on display was in rose gold.

There were two guy’s ring of the same design on display. One was black diamonds with black gold which looked totally cool and goth but untotally like a wedding band while the other was normal white diamonds set in black gold.

Kh toyed with the thoughts of having black diamonds set in rose gold to match the lady’s ring. We thought that was unique but we haven’t quite seen anything like that before and so asked Ling for her opinion on that. She agreed that the combi would turn out unique and beautiful.

Hence, mine would be diamonds set in rose gold while his would be custom-made with black diamonds set in rose gold.

I feel so excited just thinking about it.

BTW, Ling is such an affable, pretty and sweet lady. We almost did not know Ling herself was serving us because in real life, she looks so young and pretty which is quite unlike her photos on Style Weddding magazine or in other print media.

I dare say the feeling of liking was mutual. She kept commenting on how cute we were and we were talking like old friends in a matter of minutes.

"You two better don't talk to me so much. The more I talk to you, the more discounts I'm actually throwing in..."

Haha... to which, we talked to her even more.

She gave us quite a bit of discount, threw in complimentary engraving for one ring and a comlimentary box to hold both rings together.

We almost skipped out of the place in joyful spirits.

like wedding gowns!

I can’t wait to put on my wedding gown! I chose one which kh liked a lot and the design grew on me so much that I even dreamt of it. I wish I could hurry them to alter it to my size so that I could don it once again.

Just two weeks ago, I sat down with my nice motherly designer and showed her my drawings of evening gowns (EG). She modified one of them a little and I have confidence that she would do a good job.

I like all the gowns that she designed so far. The blue one which Li Jiawei wore is really gorgeous in real life! Somehow, the photos in the newspapers didn’t do justice to that gown.

It was worn by the mannequin on our 2nd visit to Whitelink (WL) and that gown got us interested in having a blue EG.

My ideal EG was red initially. I love red gowns and I think it would stand out amongst my black table cloth theme.

However, Aunty Doris suggested a shimmery royal blue cloth (different from Li Jiawei’s) for my EG instead. She draped the cloth over me and kh immediately asked me to mtm a blue EG. Hahaha…

That would match the black theme too.

like taking pretty pictures!

Actually I’m really eager to go for my bridal photoshoot after viewing many brides’ pretty photos. However, I’m still indecisive on the locations.

Kh really can’t stand me wanting everything.


I love the natural woody and greenery kinda backdrop. Not those “engineered” greeneries you see all over Singapore.

I love the old dilapidated building kinda backdrop. Mysteriously haunting.

I love the spiral staircase and shophouse kinda backdrop. Kinda exudes a melancholic back-in-time feel.

I love the antique, Victorian kinda backdrop.

I love all the cityscape.

I love the beach and huge rocks too.

I love all the quirky places with quirky landscapes to complement quirky shots that one would least expect to be backdrops for bridal shoots.

How to choose just TWO locations?

Of course, my first love would be the trash the dress kinda enchanted forest feel. However, we would not be able to do it with WL and have to find our own means.

Should we just TRASH the whole idea?

I was so eager that I contacted aprilcherrie (the lady in that photo) and being the ever pleasant blogger, she was so helpful in providing me all the links of waterfalls in Malaysia. She also gave me many useful tips and information.

I’ve got sketchy plans here and there collaborated with my sis and her Mayasian frenz but I hope kh would be agreeable to the idea.

Time is a huge factor too and we aren’t sure if we could work something out.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Hey Jolene =)

    I can really feel the happiness & excitement from you! I'm really happy for you.

    May everything goes smoothly & i'm looking forward to see you featuring your WG! =) Hugz

  2. Hi Jolene,

    I really look forward to see your photos. ^_^

    Have fun!


  3. June & Yen,

    Hehe... Thanx babes!

    Talking about seeing my WG. I'm so upset that Whitelink is so strict about so many stuff. Can't even take photos of confirmed gowns. So you'll have to wait a long time before you can see any photos. Moreover, we've postponed our PS date to end March coz it's simply too rushed for us both.


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