Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ephemeral happiness, lingering sadness

We went to Love & Co. just now to decide on a pair from our shortlisted few. We tried on all the pairs but somehow they looked and felt different from the other time.

We continued browsing and kh spotted a pair which was not on our list.

I was quite surprised that kh would like it as I thought it doesn’t fit into his “simple bands” criteria.

It is in glossy white gold with two lines of yellow gold rope design around and a small diamond encrusted. Kh thinks it resembles those exquite British tea set while I thought it looked a little Celtic with the twirls of gold. You seldom could find such rings in Singapore even though these are quite popular in the West. I often lust after such antique-like designs on overseas wedding band websites.

It looks a little similar to this…

It was the only pair which was able to catch both our eyes for once. So far, there isn’t a single pair which we both have immense affinity for. Whatever unique or bling design I like, he doesn’t like and whatever simple design he likes, I find it much too ordinary.

We immediately requested to try on that pair and wondered why we missed it the other time. It turned out that it just arrived in the shop not long ago. The sales assistant explained that it went for a “holiday” overseas.

We didn’t know what she meant but it looked fabulous on both of us. It stood out in a non bling bling way on his finger and it looked quite outstanding on my small ugly finger as well. We both loved the solid feel of it without being overly heavy.

We then decided between this pair and his original favourite pair (a two tone vertical matt rose gold with glossy white gold edges and a small diamond embedded). Finally, we determined that the yellow gold rope design one was the one for us.

We were really ecstatic at the prospect of owning that pair. The sales assistant started to measure our finger size. After she measured mine (I’m a 6), she hurriedly took out a file to refer to and told us that the design could only be resized to 8 at the minimum. We pleaded with her to check again.

She called the factory (I dunno if it is termed as a “factory”) and broke the unfortunate news to us that they could not accept a 6 for that design. It is due to the arduous workmanship of twisting the yellow gold that makes it impossible to resize it to a much smaller size.

The next bad news was that our 2nd choice band could only be resized to a minimum of 7.

Kh was dejected. He said in a laughing manner, “Oh my god, I’m going to cry liao.”

I really could not describe how I upset I felt as well. It’s all coz of my stupid small finger!

We started looking back at our next shortlisted pair. For the next half an hour we searched and tried more pairs but somehow these unique handcasted designs which I liked so much in the past don’t seem to appeal to me anymore. We simply could not get that rope design off our heads.

It is the rope that makes the ring so unique. Without it, a white gold ring with two lines of yellow gold makes it look as simple as this…

I was unable to make a decision and told kh what I felt. We spent about two hours at Love & Co. and left feeling very dejected. I really felt like crying.

His parents consoled us by saying there would probably be nicer designs next time. My mum also told me not to be so upset as she also faced the same problem in the past.

Deep down inside, I knew there would never be another pair that we would both like since our taste for wedding bands are so different.

Stupid small finger!

I don’t think I’ll be able to shop for wedding bands any time soon.


  1. Hey Jolene, don't be upset lah! Hugz... I'm sure you will find something nice & suitable =)

    Be patient yah. Hee! "Jia You"!!

  2. Thanx babe! I really hope nicer ones would come along the way.

  3. dear Jo, I believed there will always be a nicer (& similar) one that both you & kh will set eyes on again. Dont be so upset k!! =)


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