Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's a rainy lazy Sunday

I haven't had a lazy Sunday for a long time to come.

Sunday is dedicated for tuition for almost half the day, marking, lesson prep and impromptu meet ups every now and then.

I'll be free from tuition for now as my tutees' mum has decided to give them a long break. Tuition would resume once she buys their textbooks.

I mentally draft my great Sunday plans out:

1) Go prawning with my da jie and friends (she has been bugging me for months to join them)

2) Go fishing with kh and his angler friend (which I think would be so fun)

3) Go to any fish spa (to let the little fishies nibble my thick layer of dead skin on the balls of my soles)

4) Go to the beach (to tan away the ugly tank top lines from the flea market last December)

5) Arrange meet ups with friends

6) Spend a whole day out with cyn and my godchildren

7) Spend lots of Sunday time with kh

I'm spending lotsa time with him alright.

He's snoozing like a dead pig behind me while I'm half doing my marking and replying to tags and comments.

After typing, I realised I don't have 7 free Sundays to do all these and would probably have to tailor fit them suitably into my schedule.

I've got lots to blog about and loads of pictures to update after I finish my work.

Public enemy #1 or God damn idiot?

I thought that I would be a lot less busy at work after the end of October. I've got so many friends' meet ups pending (new friends, old friends, long lost friends refound on Facebook) and I promised them that I would be a lot free-er in November.

Guess what?

A whole excel file of SOWs which I've painstakingly typed over a few days was gone all of a sudden. Even the IT department could not locate it anywhere and sent their deepest "condolences" as they knew how important SOWs doc are.

I know I should not have put them in the public folder but all my stuff there had always been untouched by others.

My EL dept people were the ones who jokingly suggested that I had an enemy at work. They even deduced that this enemy must be newly made or is a newer staff as my other SOWs from 06, 07 and 08 were untouched and these have always been on the public folder as well.

We had a good laugh over it but I began to suspect it might just be true. I suspected somebody who hates me had deleted the file coz nobody, I repeat, NOBODY would be SO DARN STUPID to delete that important file.

I've been trying to retype the SOWs as and when I could squeeze some time out at work. Progress has been slow.



  1. Hey babe, you do know that SOWs can be downloaded from publishers of school textbooks right? You just need to find someone who teaches that level that you do and happen to have access to the publisher's resources. That should give you access to SOWs which you can just use and adapt. Saves time :)

  2. Hey babe back! Oh you got a blogger a/c? You forgot we have different SOWs. We have our own curriculum to follow.

    Nice to hear from you! Make 10th July 2009 free ok? =)


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