Thursday, November 20, 2008

A dash of pre-wedding blues

There was one of the many nights when I simply could not sleep and I started looking at Whitelink’s website.

Kh and I signed a wedding package with Whitelink (WL) a few years back as we thought the package offered was quite good.

At that time, we had not done any bridal studio (BS) research at all as getting married wasn’t in our near-future agenda. We were approached by this friendly uncle from Whitelink and instead of giving the usual talk-to-the-hand-cos-the-face-ain’t-listening look, kh decided we should take a seat and listen to their sales pitch.

The lady who served us was very pleasant and not pushy at all. Most reps from BS give me the impression that they are very pushy and aggressive. I’m sure many couples who walk past BS roadshows can attest to that fact.

Initially, she was slightly surprised when we told her that we haven’t heard of WL before. In fact, we did not even know of how reputable WL was until we got home and found out that even his parents had heard of its good reputation. As we talked to more people, we realised that it is branded as the so-called mediacorp BS and many people thought we made a good choice.

So far, I have been happy to have settled my BS w/o even trawling through magazines and internet and making arduous walk-in enquiries.

I have been happy till that “one of the many nights” which I mentioned in my first paragraph.

After viewing Whitelink’s homepage, I became a little unsettled as the photos featured in the gallery were of mediocre standard. I felt that I could easily have taken such photos myself. I thought that they were really very typical and nothing at all like what I have in mind for my pre-wed shots.

I clicked on those photography links I saved under my wedding favourites folder and got so upset that WL photography was not even 5% of their standard.

Next, I went to do some research and was upset when I saw negative reviews of Whitelink. I then went to the forum I usually frequent and saw that one of the members who had done her research had summarised and gathered all the BS with positive and negative reviews and WL was listed under negative!

I trawled through pages and pages and there was no rave about WL at all. Majority of the forum members are from the same few BS and these had countless raves.

I got a little blue, depressed in fact. I looked at those photography websites once more and got more and more depressed when I knew I could never achieve the same effect I want for my photos with WL. I even considered hiring a separate photographer but continue using their gowns and suits or forfeiting our close to 2k deposit to change BS.

There were some sweet people who told me not to worry and that they knew of people who had pleasant experience with WL. That was pretty comforting.

When my head got the better of my heart, I told myself that I would never know if WL is negative unless I go down and experience it for myself. Making an appointment with them would be the very first step to cure my blues and calm my unnerving mind.

Practical me has been ruling idealistic me quite well for now.

I met up with Sushi just now and she told me good things about WL from her friends’ experience as well. It was good that I met up with her.

Anyway, we had fun chatting, gossiping a little and flipping through her mountain of wedding magazines over shared banana split. We like so many different styles of gowns that it would be quite tough for us to make a decision. Certainly, it got us more excited to go down and try some gowns soon.

Sushi, we should meet up again soon. You can call me along if you wanna go BS shopping. =)


  1. hey babe, don't worry, I think WL is not bad. If you like, you can always hire one of the more renowned photographers for your actual day. :) Have you gone down to try the gowns yet? By the way, how's your ring shopping coming along?

  2. You're so spot on! About the ring shopping, read the entry which I've just posted. =..( *dejected*

    You have anyone you know with WL? I haven't tried the gowns yet but I've made an appointment for this coming Sunday. I really can't wait to try on the gowns... So exciting! =) I also wanna look at more of their photography works to see if I should really hire a separate photographer.

  3. I just read your post...don't worry la you still have about 8 months more to decide on the perfect ring!!

    JW has a colleague who used WL and I think the photos are not bad. I haven't taken a look at WL's website, but JW told me that they put up very horrid photos, quite unlike the photos that his colleague took. Wow you should take more photos this Sunday and post them up!!

    By the way, we should meet up one of these days..been eons since we last met. :P

  4. I was hoping to have the bands ready for the pre wed shots. As you know, resizing takes some time and my stupid fingers are small so definitely need to resize.

    Wow... thanx for informing me about jw's colleague who use WL. =)That's 1 more reassurance from more 1st and 2n party people. A lot of my frenz were q curious and went to view WL website too. Most agreed that the photos are really not of very high standard. Hahaha... I'm very sureyou would know what I mean if you view their site.

    I hope to take some pix too. But dunno if they have such designer integrity rules that I can't take pic of the gowns if I'm not choosing those. We'll see how it goes then!

    Yup, we should. When are your convenient days? =)

  5. Hi Jolene,

    So how was the trip down to the bridal shop? I hope it is good. Can't wait to see pictures of you in the pretty gowns.

  6. Oopsy... no photos of pretty gowns. I dunno if they would allow snapping pics of gowns which I haven chosen due to some designer integrity rule. =)


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