Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Drifting in and out of sleep

Hello everyone,

I'm sick again. What's new eh?

Uh-uh... Not URI this time. It's the cold, cough, sore throat, fever kind of illness. I hated my leaking nose before I saw the doc. It was blocked yet leaking. I've to stuff tissue paper up my nose for the first time and I swear it's not a very pleasant sight for a lady to have tissue paper up her nose while she is sleeping.

I've been so lazy. I slept the whole of Monday and today away, waking up only to go to the loo, to eat, to take medicine and to watch TV. I watched more TV today than the entire month combined. Even as I was in front of the tv, I slumped on the sofa like some lazy bum and drifted off to sleep every now and then.

The only good thing about being sick is that whatever I crave for, I would get them.

I asked for home-cooked food with broccoli or dou miao as one of the dishes for dinner today. I asked for rice coz I needed solid food and not porridge all the way (as I was pissing through my ass this afternoon).

I woke up to a delicious dinner of broccoli, "snap pea", baby corn, mushrooms and capsicum, watercress soup and omelette. Since I didn't want porridge, all the porridge in the pot had to be scooped off and replaced with rice.

I felt like a spoilt brat.

After tucking into the hearty dinner, I craved for canned fruits coz I really wanted something ice cold and refreshing. I was not allowed to fulfil this craving as canned longans and lychees were heaty. The next moment, dad was slicing fuji apples for me!

Feeling like a spoilt brat and a useless bum, I decided I had to do some work today. I collected my worksheets from KT branch just now.

Time to do some marking!

I'm aware of all the tags and comments. I would reply them another day ok? =)

Oh yes, I've got loads to update so keep coming in.

On a separate note, receiving sweet sms-es from friends is one of the most delightful feeling in the world.

Jo the useless bum

p/s: Please bear with me if I did not reply to your sms-es or cancelled your calls. Somehow, during these two days I received a lot more sms-es than before. 2 of them came from people I've not met for a long time arranging for a meet up. As I wasn't really thinking coherently in my sick state, I either read and ignored them or reply a nonsensical one after some time. There were 3 incoming unknown numbers too. If it's anything important, do call me again. =)

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