Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Russell Peters Rocked The Rock Auditorium

Backdated: 4th November 2008

Despite the hefty price tag, I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on a pair or Russell Peters tickets. Afterall, it’s not every day that Russell comes to Singapore.

The audience was a fun and spontaneous bunch. They clapped and cheered and screamed. They hooted and cat called and wolf whistled. What do you expect from fans of Russell Peters? It was a cosmopolitan crowd with people from all different races all over the world. As what Russell said once "It's like looking at the ad for United Colours of Benetton".

The show opened with Angelo Tsarouchas. This jolly fat Greek had lots of fat jokes and Greek gags hidden beneath his belly. He was one funny guy.

Russell was side-splittingly funny. He mocked every single race, punctuated his lines with swear words, poked fun at the “asshole who is governing America… but not for long”, Sarah Palin, how the Indians are really bad at DDR, the unthinkable act of two straight Indian men holding hands etc. There were uproars at some points of time but never could anyone get offended by him.

He promised not to recycle any old materials. He avoided the familiar crowd pleasers and jokes. However, I was secretly yearning for his familiar old jokes. All these came out during encore. Heck, does “encore” even happen in a stand up comedy?

I always love his advice on beating your kids and his hilarious “Hongkie” accent. Imagine my delight when he said he was going to do "something old". The instant he uttered that, the crowd exploded into delirious cheers.

And for those who have not heard of Russell Peters before. Here are some clips taken from You Tube:

Beating your kids.

Mocking the different races
(Mocking the Indians and Chinese + Hongkie accent in the first part of the clip)

Cultural mix in the world

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