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Sunday, August 24, 2008

星光大道... NOT!

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was in a singing competition organised by the company.

I haven't mentioned how this singing competition came about right?

Well to cut a long story short, big boss watched 星光大道. Big boss loved 星光大道. Big boss wanna incorporate 星光大道 into the company. Big boss called for mini 星光大道 singing competition.

Please tell me it's so LAMB!

Also mentioned earlier was how I was involved in it.

Well to cut the next long story short, 2 representatives had to be nominated from each group. My group has people more power than me. These people more power than me were past years' reigning champions. Past years' reigning champions were not qualified to join. Joining as this year's candidates from my group were the next best alternatives or rather, people who can somewhat sing and don't mind losing face for the glory of their group.

I also said I had this sneaking suspicion that I would be booted out at the very first round.

My prediction came true.


It was a PK competition. Yeah, tell me about it... I really hate PK.

Before the first round, I was just telling everybody that I hope I would not choose colleague S or colleague P. If I suay suay choose them, I would just say, "Ok. That's it. It's a walkover. You win."

They're really that good.

On that night, I forgot which stupid judge chose the envelope with my name in it, declaring me as the 1st contestant.

[Aside: viv, who is the stupid judge huh? Not you right?]

On that night, I knew this stupid Jolene chose the envelope with colleague P's name in it, declaring mentally that I was already the loser.

Well, it was all for fun. I was glad I "lost under colleague P's hands". She was a worthy opponent.

My other group member was also very suay. Colleague S picked her envelop. It was a tough fight but she lost anyway. Damn wasted.

That's why I hate PK.

'nuff said. Let's look at photos for now.

Big boss was so crazy over this 星光大道 idea that he decided on a photoshoot for all the contestants.

On the day of the photoshoot, I had only a few hour's sleep before that. I was sleepy and grouchy with loads of work to do and totally not in the mood to pose.

I didn't like how my individual shots turn out. I really wish I could be more siao onz like during "simon says" impromptu shots. However, I simply wasn't in the mood at all.

My individual poster

We get to keep our individual posters at the end of it all. But what for?

These are lying uselessly on my non-functioning tv now.

As for the group shots, they were more fun.

The colleagues in charge of the photoshoot wanted to achieve this feel from the original 星光大道.

For a moment there, I hope you didn't get a shock thinking those were us.

After so many takes...

Don't you think we pale in comparison?

When they took the last shot, I almost suffered from butt-ache and left-calf-muscle-cramp coz I was sitting with 1/3 of my butt on the seat and only my left leg to support the rest of my body weight.

The final posters

Me and my group S counterpart trying to form an S-shape

I LURVE this sinister-looking Oscar to bits

The Oscar belonged to this super young colleague who is into lots of quirky stuff.

When she put the paper bag mask over Oscar, everybody thought Oscar "mei lian jian ren".

Next, came the disturbing Hannibal Lector mask. Everybody deemed it strange and ugly.

Soon, blood came dripping from its mouth. Everyone screamed at her for being a psycho.

Then, the lizard in its mouth was the last straw. Everyone hated Oscar.

I was the only one who went, "Oh man! I love Oscar's new look."

Oscar, Oscar, please share your lizard with me ...

or I'll snatch it from you.

While the rest of the demure colleagues were posing cutesy poses with other soft toys, I was busy uglifying myself by chomping lizard.

The colleague in charge of the photoshoot told me that photo ought to be made into my individual poster.

Hahaha... I wished it was.

It would look something like this:


  1. Sui Generis?

    Anyway, nice work with your own poster. You really look like you are going to eat the lizard but it looks a better poster than the original.

    Did you choose the pictures yourself to put in the poster? As i can see that there are nicer indiviual shots of you. The group poster is nice. You look just like a star there.

    I always like how you match your clothes and I remember that boots as I asked you before. You really stand out in the group photo!

    I'm just wondering who is the one who you pk with?


  2. Hi there, I just wanna ask you if your lashes are real? They don't look long enough to be fake lashes but they look too long to be mascara. If you do choose to reply and if you are using mascara, can you also let loose on what mascara you using? Thanks.

  3. To Yen,

    I didn’t choose the photos myself to put in the poster. It was done by the marketingg dept. I thought that the photos chosen were quite ugly. But then again, I didn’t look too good in all my individual shots either. =P

    Oh the one that I PK with is the 2nd top left lady. She’s a really humourous person in real life.

    To anon,

    Are you referring to my lashes as seen on this post only? They are not fake. They’re merely coated with good mascara. I’m using a brand called Lelan Vital Extreme Lash from Cosway (if you ever heard of it before)


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