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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Meet up with the F4

Why is it always Jap with you babes?

Mine… SLURP!

What we shared

You know, I really love to see all of you. I always feel that there isn’t enough time for all the updates.


Replies to tags

30 Jul 08, 06:13
canny: erm, we are actually doing it once again.. blogging and leaving tags at each other blog just a few hrs apart.. =p 2nd time le.. haha!! So qiao! back for a longer comment. =p
30 Jul 08, 06:14
canny: Ciao for now, take care babe! =)
Coz we all got telepathy!!!

4 Aug 08, 23:51
lian: YO JO! You r getting married? Congrats congrats. When's the big day? U seem to be leading a good life now. Still the eateateat as ever huh. God bless! Weee...
Thanx! No exact date yet… looking at next June/July. Yes I know, we had better hurry in booking the date. Good life? So-so la… Disgruntled work-wise lor... Been dying to take leave.


Replies to comments


-- Anonymous said...
Jo, u realised that Aug 1, 2008 is the start of the 7th month.. =P
- Zanne


Let me recall... I had that dream a night before I posted this entry!

Anyway... I really don't mind seeing baba again. =P

-- Anonymous said…
EEEKKKS! Zanne why you say that? I thought it was sad and then funny at the end den when I read your comment I got scared.

Hey are you anybody I know?


“Christian the Lion”

-- Yen said…
Hi Jolene,

That is really very sweet. Very heart warming. It is as if the lion become a kitten when it saw the owners.

I'm quite surprised at the 2nd video that the lion can be rear in the house!

Ya lor... It's just like a little kitten.

Tell me about it. I'm surprised at the lion in the house too.


“Spotted… Gluttons at MELT”

-- Yen said…
Hi Jolene,

You are putting up lesser and lesser photos of yourself recently. Good to see your photos and your deardear too.

Hope you had fun with the machines. What is $70 if you have fun rite? ^_^

Yes I so totally agree with what's $70 if we had fun. =)


“In love with the rings at Love & Co.”

-- Yen said…
I love the song on their website!

Their rings are beautiful. Which one did you all chose?

The 3 pairs we've shorlisted aren't on the website. Too bad they don't have catalogue or I would definitely take pix and post them up. Their rings are really lovely!


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