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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wish Upon a Star

If only my ugly feet would allow me to be a shoe person, I would definitely fork out the moolah for a pair of limited edition Jimmy Choo Stardust.

These heels are so elegant can? If I get them, they can bejewel my small and ugly feet and transform them into twin beauties. I will tower over the rest and stick my nose up in the air before falling over the 4-inch heels.



12 Oct 07, 23:35
Canny: Jo, be strong too, for urself, for Simba!! Will keep her in my prayers. I have a pet myself, entirely can understand how u feels. its really heartaching..'Shen lao pin si' is unavoidable. We gotta cherish the happy times & create keepsake memories!! Hope Simba is strong to overcome & fight against the illness. *big hugs to u*
20 Oct 07, 10:02
Canny: Big Tight Hugs to u.. I'm sad & sorry to hear abt Simba. *sob* Take great care dear!
Hi babe… this is so super outdated. Thanx! I’m emotionally ok liao. =)

13 Oct 07, 11:24
reg: hey babe sorry to hear about simba..I think you should go get a 2nd opinion if possible..heard that some vets don't do a good job of diagnosing diseases, so maybe there's still hope for simba!
Haha… by the time I reply this, we’ve already met up! Thanx for the concern, babe.

14 Oct 07, 23:27
jus: yoo!! haa, 15mins to read the chinese text, im sure its not too long a process!! =)
31 Oct 07, 00:52
jus: looks like ur having fun n all smiles again! =) tts great!
It’s long!!! Did you see how short your text was? Haha.. Yeah those smiles and fun were all in between. But one cannot be sad about something for every minute of the day. I’ve gotten over Simba’s passing but you know, at times still will miss her and stuff.

16 Oct 07, 01:00
frequent reader: I dun noe how ur link got to my favourites but I cant remain silent anymore. I'm really sorry to hear bout the passing of Simba. My eyes r teary fr the poem. Simba will b happy to noe she's loved by u
Thanx for not remaining silent anymore… the words are so touching. Thanx a lot. Maybe you can give yourself a nickname and use it whenever you drop by ya?

18 Oct 07, 11:01
sherin: jo, please do take care k, simba is blessed to have all of you loving her
30 Oct 07, 12:28
sherin: the pic with your SO, so xinfu. and very happening life you have these days hor. hehe get well soon dear !
Thanx babe! The pic with my SO so xin fu??? Did you read the small words? Hehe… they are meant to be tongue-in-cheek la. I was quite surprised that you said “get well soon” coz I made no mention that I’m sick. You got telepathy! But then again, I think you were referring to my wisdom tooth surgery right? =p

19 Oct 07, 01:22
p.f: Hi sorry bout the loss of your beloved cat. Keep the memories. I was jus wonderin, some of your old photos can't be viewed. Will you be doing somethin to that? I am interested in your halloween 05.
27 Oct 07, 09:41
p.f: Wil u reply by today? R U going for halloween parties diz yr? I was attracted by ur meez devil-angel and wonder what will u and ur friends dress up as 05 and diz yr. Really hope to c your reply. Thks
Hi sorry for this late reply. I’ve been really bz. So did you go clubbing on the Halloween weekend? If so, what did you dress up as? I didn’t go clubbing this year. Yup, I realised that some of my Nov 2005 photos can’t be viewed anymore. Shouldn’t have used putfile back then. As to whether I would be doing something to that… well, maybe when I am freer, I might reupload the photos. 2005 not much dressing up. Just played around with make up, used eyeliner to draw on our faces and pretended to be Dracula’s wives. We are scrooges and unwilling to spend on costumes.

24 Oct 07, 17:46
Missy T: Hope you are fine. Hope to see more updates soon.
Thanx.. I’m fine… Yeap… got updates.

28 Oct 07, 22:18
viv: yo,burying it would be a good idea. I used to buy my hamsters downstairs too. At least u hav an urn, i put mine in colgate box!
Haha… colgate box is cute… You purposely say “colgate” rite? I thought you are darlie pai one? I straight away put my newspaper-wrapped hamsters into the holes I dug. No proper coffin even. I haven’t told you about my er jie’s strong refusal in burying right? Sigh…

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