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Monday, October 01, 2007

Long overdued post

I've wanted to update... Half written posts saved here and there... Some photos still in camera... some awaiting to be uploaded and shared... I will try to update soon. I see cobwebs on my blog.

This is the 2nd time I've experienced headache since the "gua sha". It's a damn bad one. Should not have slept that evening nap, it only aggravates it. I feel like puking now. *pukes* I feel so tired that I feel like claiming all my time off to sleep at home but there's so much work to be done!!!



23 Sep 07, 09:34
sherin: yup, having my exams next week, after thu's paper, i'm officially a free girl !! yay-ness quick upgrade your msn, i wanna chat chat chat with you !! take care babe
Heya sorry for the slow reply yet again.. =( Really wish to chat with you soon but I’m seldom online recently and so haven’t upgraded my msn yet. *Oops* I do read your blog but haven’t been tagging coz too bz. Coz I'm alwiz v luo suo when I tag… hehe… If I’m not wrong, you’re a free girl liao!!!!!! Yay for you. Time to enjoy yourself!

27 Sep 07, 06:54
Canny: yup, shall chat when ur MSN is up!~ Yes, aber. Polo tee for guys really nice, my SO likes them very much also! But so ex. -_-||| Yup, strongly agree on tis. we will never understand why they never understand. so true!! Ur stoodens are so cute, so many presents for u.. The puppy is so cute too~ Looks so sweet & lovely!! There is no popup when I'm at ur blog No prob at all.Stay happy & healthy =)
Thanx for letting me know about the no pop ups. I’ve been reading your blog when I come online and Wah Wah Wah… I got damn a lot to say about your trip. So envious! K hope to chat with u soon too.

30 Sep 07, 02:52
passer by: wat r u doing at far east all alone on a sat nite?
All alone? Which part of Far East did you see me? Was with my bf at 1st then went for an appointment and shopping thereafter. Next time you can just call out to me and I would have made a new friend. =)

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