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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's raining Sonys

It has been 6 months since the unfortunate demise of my pink panasonic lumix. Up till this present moment, I'm still cursing the thief endlessly; wishing and hoping and praying that his or her asshole be infested with a million fleas.

I'm quite surprised that I can manage to survive quite well on my old fuji. The digital camera market saw an influx of models since last November when I was researching that I could hardly keep track of how many canon ixus-es, lumix fx-es, olympus mju-s and sony-s have since hit our shores. I simply cannot understand why these companies come up with so many different models within a mere period of 6 months. I'm so tired of researching that I decided that I should just stick to lumix.

Then, this pretty little thing appeared...

Sony claims it is an improvement of its T10 series.

In terms of physical beauty, this pink T20 has metallic body casing which is just so chio, unlike the plasticky-Barbie-toy-looking pink T10.

Tested the T20 at the Sony Gallery. All the glitches in T10 were fortunately absent in this model. While T10 captured pictures totally untrue to their natural colours with unflattering blueish and greenish tinge, the T20 snapped warm coloured pictures almost true to what you see. T20 had the ability to capture shots with adequate brightness without flash too, which was a major concern for me. However, the lighting at the Sony Gallery may have lent a hand.

So far T20 has been performing quite well.

It's raining Sonys in my heart now...

evan would recommend her lumix fx01 which enabled her to capture great shots of grand pyramids and massive blocks of stones unachievable by any other point and shoot till the ixus dunno number what came up.

"The photos turn out quite dim though. But give and take..."


Why can't we have a take and take camera? Why must we compromise on some functions?

My favourite Naoko Iijima is also recommending the lumix.

Now, what should I do?


  1. Haha u camera enthusiast will always recommend fuji. Maybe I should really go check it out. The newest one rite? But main thing would be very good night shots huh? The chio Sony T20 surprisingly took very good night shots. I tested it against lumix and ixus.

  2. duno leh. tis the cam that shows me not only DSLR can shoot nice nice nite shot.


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