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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

On Saturday, I was supposed to catch England vs Portugal…

I ended up at SUBA and Party World instead.

On my way to suba, somebody called out my name. It was one of my secondary school bestie, my first friend in st nicks! I practically screamed, held her hands and danced around with her… like a lunatic. It seems as if for that moment, we were back in girls’ school days. After I recovered from my subconscious state of craziness, I allowed her to speak. The first sentence from her was “I thought I saw an Ah Lian walking alone so I take a closer look and realized it is Jolene.”

lian meh? Posted by Picasa

Short short shorts only mah. And I know geral will holler, “It’s hot pants not shorts!”

That no good girl!!! She has been back in sg for almost a year and she did not even call me. Apparently, she didn’t seem to have received all my sms-es and even my number was missing from her hp. She was with a friend and she introduced me as “the one I told you about”. So I was like “Shit! What about me? Copying homework together? Cheating in tests together? Pirating together?”

hy n me at marina square Posted by Picasa

Meet up real soon ya!

I had a hard time getting to millennia walk from marina square as the interior of ms has changed so much. Also, had a tough time getting to suba coz all the entrance of millennia walk was closed.

Only sista geral from the bimbo club was there, together with 2 other of my primary school mates. And my gosh!!! They looked so different! I think my eyes looked very bare in photos without make up. I looked so UGLY!

4 of us Posted by Picasa

me n geral Posted by Picasa

I like the grainy effect of this photo. The shadow of geral’s cap was casting on her face so I had to brighten this photo a lot resulting in the grainy effect. I SO LOVE HER CAP! It’s übercool!

Next we hopped over to party world for some K-session.

The people there. Posted by Picasa

2 jeremies- jeremie & jeremy Posted by Picasa

We call them “jiak liao bee”.

jeremie crooning a love song for geral… geral looked sooooo touched. Posted by Picasa

jeremie crooning a love song with geral Posted by Picasa

Vincent… when he sang Andy Lau’s song, we thought it was Andy Lau singing! Then when he sang Jacky Cheung’s song, he sounded exactly like Jacky too. He could mimic his voice to sound like every singer. Talented! Posted by Picasa

Oh yes… Vincent has to be my favourite guy in suba. When he realized I did not want to drink coz I had not taken my dinner (at 11+pm), he went to fry some potato wedges, fries and chicken nuggets. To think that before that, he said the kitchen wasn’t opened that night. I felt so pai seh. I worked at a pub before, and I know that when a kitchen isn’t opened, it is very troublesome to prepare food.

geral n me.. she was acting cute Posted by Picasa

Graffati on jeremy’s forearm Posted by Picasa

Jeremy wanted to take a photo of him with his disfigured forearm. We thought this pose was like so poser-cool and hence followed it. Posted by Picasa

The ultimate ah beng, ah lian song: Mei Fei Se Wu
by geral & jo

I really lurve this ktv-happy-song. All the suba guys must be ex-bengs manz. When the beat and rhythm started, they added the famed “Oooooh oh Ooooh oh” accompaniment. Could not catch their monkey sounds in time. Initially, I had wanted to capture ah lian Sammi’s chio hair but Vincent took the cam from me and captured we 2 pseudo lians instead.
Forgive the horrible singing, as we weren’t really singing but making a fool of ourselves.

My camera was too loaded with pictures that it didn’t have enough space for the video. Wasted! I better start deleting photos now.

Just me and geral
 Posted by Picasa

Ooi! Stupid jiak liao bee! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

I had wanted to do a collage of these shots with picasa but didn’t know how to. Too lazy to use photoshop.

We sang till 5+am and by the time I slept, it was close to 7am. I woke up 1 hour later to go to work and was so amazed that I could tahan the whole of Sunday.

Parting shot Posted by Picasa


My comp, I mean my da jie’s comp is down. It totally crashed on Friday. I hope all my photos are still intact. I’m sooooooooooooooooooo depressed. I haven’t backed up all the recent ones. =(

I don’t like using my er jie’s comp as all my files and favourite links are in the other comp. Also, she is very particular. She even complained about my “Jolene Temp” folder which is taking up a yoctopercent of the space in her comp. She made a fuss when I downloaded hello and picasa on her comp (while she was watching High School Musical for the fourth time) and soon disposed them into the bin. I don’t even want to log on to msn for fear of disrupting her “save my e-mail address and password” set-up.

I wish my da jie would repair her comp asap.


  1. hey babe!! looks like u are having fun.. hehe..

    man its been quite some time since i last met u..

    ANYHOO just wanted to say i miss u! and working sucks! i have to reach at 7 everymorning blerrrgh :P - tf

  2. Hey you!

    Long time no hear from you. You started actual work liao? Hope the kids are fun!

    I miss you too! What happened to our double date outing? Haha... gek n kh treally must get to know each other manz! It'll be fun! =)

  3. haha ya the double date that never happened.. anyway he flew off liao.. so that makes us two independents.. haha

    oh having my mini practicum now, only lasts for 5 weeks, and im already into my 2nd week already. then its back to nie whereby i change from an eastlander to a westerner. COOL! haha

    ur hair is really kim mo man. mine's quite kim too. think the auntie at PEACH likes kim sek huh.. hahaha..


  4. OOH! He flew off? So like how is the frequency of returning back to sg? Haha now we can be LDR khakis liao.

    So right now, are you attached to a school?

    N yeah auntie at PEACH likes kim mo. Eh you until now nvr post a pic of your hair!!!

  5. ya im married to a school now, it's like my life. (read: no life) u know the highlights of my week now is like meeting up with friends or training and thats only like on the weekend. i shd find a new hobby..

    gek gets to come back like four times per year.. haha LDR khakis sounds cool.. u damn haps lo. not to mention energetic. i think my age is getting to me.. no energy liao.. :P

    oh yea.. haha ok maybe i shd post some of my kim mo, but it doesnt really show up in photos (UNLIKE YOURS) *blinded* haha..

    - tf

  6. ur mini ktv 'mtv' is quite funnie! lol

  7. jo to tf

    Eh u damn punny lor.. Haha.. Yeah sounds cool my dear LDR khaki. Where got haps? I suffering fr insomnia leh. Everyday late for work coz I'm soooo sleepy but i take a long time to fall aslp.

    jo to jus

    Haha funnie, cute funnie or weird funnie? =)

  8. haa, its the funnie in terms of + spontaneously!

  9. I seriously hope that it was a typo error and u meant to type funny instead of punny. Or are u trying to say I look funny cos im so puny, hence punny? *grits teeth*

    I sleep so early every night I feel like a kid. Boo hoo.. *whines*

    Working life is so mindless and draining sometimes.. lack of things to do man. I even revamped my blog again.

    Ok its 930 pm I should bathe and sleep soon nights! :)

    - tf

    - tf

  10. jo to jus
    Gee... U said the right thing manz. We r fun... cool + spontaneous! Hehe =)

    jo to tf
    I meant "punny" from the word "pun". COz I asked if u were attached to a school yet or still in NIE and you replied by saying you are married to school. I thought that was like damn funny punny.

    You are not puny la. I've alwiz liked ur size n ur sporty wear. K I'm gonna terrorize u on ur blog now. Herherher...

  11. wa lau!! i cant believe e video. was smirking al e way... thank god i didt gesticulate tooo wildly like u did... ummmm hahaha thank god im wearing the cap...

  12. Le cheng cap ma xi bo yong. Your face is like plastered all over this entry. Ha!

  13. e problem is those UGLY geticulations.......

  14. Can't believe I just saw this... What ugly? Wahahaha... pple think it's seh ok?

    Wahahaha... no la i think it's crazy...


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