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Monday, July 10, 2006

My reflections: World Cup 2006

First and foremost would be “Why didn’t I bet this year???!!!”
I made a couple of “predictions” accurately. Well, they can’t exactly be called predictions coz they were based on my ungrounded, silly and bimbotic theories. Even kh deemed my theories silly. Silly theories that turned out accurate. We were like sms-ing each other from Singapore to Brunei throughout the matches which I’ve caught.

Germany 1 (Germany won 4-2 on penalty)
Argentina 1
I supported both teams almost equally. Just that I prefer host Germany to win. So since I could not decide, if I were to buy, it would be a draw. And if I were to buy the number of goals, it would be 1-1. I don’t know what were the odds for these bets. Just hope it isn’t too much to make me feel like it’s such a pity I didn’t bet.

England 0
Portugal 0
(Portugal won 3-1 on penalty)
Although England has got many hunks and I simply love drooling at all the beautiful WAGS, I’ve supported Portugal from 4 years ago and would stick to that. Also, England is well-known to falter during World Cup. So I told kh that Portugal would win. It did. But only on penalty. I “predicted” correctly but if I were to bet, I would have lost since it is considered a draw.

Portugal 0
France 1

My support for Portugal wavered. Outwardly supporting them yet rooting for France coz I feel that they deserved to be in the finals more than Portugal. If I were to bet, it would be 0-1. Since I wanted France to win, I would not have bought a draw and 1-2 is simply too many goals being still amazed at the number of zeros in World Cup 2006. So I would have won on both France winning and the number of goals.

Germany 3
Portugal 1

I was very upset when channel 5 did not screen this match!!!!! I dragged myself up from bed at 3.05am to kh’s wake up call and slumped myself on the sofa. Only to be greeted with GOLF. “Live” some more. So I waited till 3.30am and msged kh if the match had started. It was going on at that time and I was cursing and swearing at Mediacorp coz I had a hard time going back to sleep. (I suffer from insomnia)

I’ve wanted to catch it more than the finals coz Germany was in it. I think the Germans are very manly and they seldom play dirty. I also enjoyed looking at the coach. Jurgen Klinsmann yes? By now I have lost much support for Portugal and would have bought Germany win. However I would not win on the number of goals since I would not expect Germany to score THREE goals!

Italy 1 (Italy won 5-3 on penalty)
France 1
I was soooo exhilarated when the gu niang cheaters Italian bastards won. I gave them this name ever since their match with Germany. I can’t stand them clutching their heads, legs, groins, armpits wherever… whatever… and writhe in pain each time there was or there wasn’t contact. While they were still writhing in agony, the Germans stood up like MEN and started running after the ball.

Despite them being gu niang cheaters Italian bastards, I supported them for the finals. Indeed, they have played very well. Minus all their cheating tactics, they truly deserved to win the cup. With their skills, they could and would have won it without underhand means. I told kh that I would prefer gu niang cheaters to win more than old boring French. I don’t know why, I just like to side baddies. Oh yes, I like that Italian Buffon goalkeeper and their handsome bald captain as well. Fabio Cannavaro yes?

Yet on the other hand, my cool cat ZZ was on the other team. So I thought the old boring French should win and retire in glory, especially ZZ. Since I was indecisive, I would have bought a draw. IT WAS A BLOODY $2.85 (offered by SingPool) FOR DRAW can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine the $$ I could have won.

However, ultimately, I wasn’t happy because Italy won per se but rather, after World Cup 2006, they would have overcome their stigma of doing badly in penalty shoot outs. I was so ecstatic when I saw their 5 shots in. My heart went out for that French guy who missed by a little when the ball hit the top of the post and landed out of the line. Also for the French goalkeeper. But when there are winners, there are definitely losers so just be happy that Italy won. =)

The whole world is talking about Zidane’s head butting incident. I want to be the whole world too.
Zidane should have ended his international career and leave the world stage a hero and shine. Instead, he ended his international career with a splash of red and left the world stage downgraded to zero and grime. I was shocked speechless when I saw the head butting. Why did my cool cat ZZ do that? That Italian mozzarella cheese may have said something really degrading and offensive but ZZ should have kept his cool. It is the WORLD CUP for goodness sake. Not some back alley football.

A few seconds after the incident, kh’s sms came. “Your favourite player just did something very stupid.”

He really deserved to be sent out in shame no matter how I like him. And it was just 10minutes till the whistle blew. Can’t he just hold on a little more? Yeah yeah I know. It’s human nature to flare up when provoked, but he could have done anything to mozzarella cheese after the match. Or else then, since he has already intended to head butt, why the chest? Just aim for the groin la. In this way, his sending off would be more well deserved and even I would have applauded him.

I heard something funny about this incident on Class 95 on Monday morning. The DJ was saying mozzarella cheese might have brought up ZZ’s father and mother to fuel such anger. So in my mind I was thinking in Hokkien all the expletives with father and mother in it. But he went on saying something along this line, “My mother can whip up a better Italian spaghetti than yours!” And Venetta claimed she knew sparked off ZZ’s fury. Mozzarella said, “I’ve got more hair than you.”

Damn funny.

BTW, my MSN nick is “Jo decided to heck care 2nd sis and log in MSN on her comp.”

Remember my fear of disrupting my 2nd sis’s MSN setting since my 1st sis’s comp died?

Then my sis saw me online and “Ooi!” me. Next moment, she changed her nick to “Aleph - Jol's using my comp at home n she's so proud of it tt she announced it on her msn nick!!”

K gotta rush for tuition now. Please don’t scold me for supporting Italy or saying such things about ZZ k? These are just my opinions. =)


  1. Hey...a soccer fan leh..
    Me missing for past month due to this 4years event. Losing much sleep.
    My favourite team Argentina has the most potential since they last win in 1986.
    Unfortunately the coach played his cards badly.
    I bet on France though on paper Italy looks stronger. Usually is my heart over head in this kind of matter.
    As for Zidane head butt story, after the game, there are a few versions from nick calling "Botak" to being molested.
    This world cup is one of the worst in term of goal and does not throw up any outstanding player.

  2. Not really an avid fan. I only watch World Cup and not other leagues.

    Hope you managed to catch up on your sleep by now. Long time no hear from you. =)

  3. Most are. hehe... caught in the world cup fever. Did not have a chance to really recover from the World Cup bug.
    Was really hit by the bug, sleeping in the car after watching at devils bar once before going to the office? Ultimate right?
    Now got more time, will pop in whenever I got time.
    How's the "new" job btw?

  4. Sorry.. now then I see this. New job is fine... Busy but I enjoy being busy. =)


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