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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Window shopping

“"Window shopping" is an American/English phrase meaning to look into glass windows of a shop for entertainment and imagine purchasing items without actually purchasing, possibly just to pass the time between other activities, or planning a purchase.” - Wikipedia

This whole month, I did a lot of window shopping. I went e-window shopping that is. It was “looking into glass [browser] windows” of my monitor. It was “for entertainment” but it was anything but “imagin[ing] purchasing items without actually purchasing”.

My e-loot…

Florida Whisper White

After rounds of no stock, no size, refunds, lost shipment, this pair of birkies/papi is like treasure to me. I love the cute undies prints.

Maple syrup heart charm necklace

I’m so suaku not to know what Maple Syrup is but this heart charm necklace simply charm the heart out of me.

Coach signature demi pouch

I’m falling in love with Coach and I’m influencing my friends to fall in love with coach too! I got this demi pouch for slightly more than half the price of what they are selling in Singapore boutiques from this very sweet seller who got them from the States. I waited for this for almost a month that the seller felt so bad and sold me at the price she got it for without earning anything from me. So sweet of her! A word of caution, don’t buy Coach in Singapore! Their prices are marked up by around 40%!!!

“Gucci” waist pouch

As seen on SATC belted around Carrie Bradshaw

My 2nd sis claimed my waist pouch as hers (as usual always claiming my stuff as hers) and I have to borrow 1st sis’s waist pouch but was unable to claim it coz she uses it quite frequently, leaving me with no waist pouch. I know 2nd sis won’t claim this coz she can’t stand the GG monogram. She deems it is aunty-ish and is beginning to doubt my taste in fashion. I however think it is fashionable and chic.

Bronze Balenciaga look-alike for mummy coz she likes Balenciaga designs very much and keeps snagging my white one. So after I got this for her I assumed I can keep snagging her bronze one too. She likes bronze bags… very happening mummy.

A&F Navy Pick polo

A&F Weston polo

Got these two striped polos for kh coz striped polos are so cool! I love Abercrombie and so I’m attempting to influence kh into liking Abercrombie too. ;P

My 2nd sis sent this to me via email and said, “Since you like shopping online so much, I’ve gotten you a Puma Tee.”

I’ve seen this before but I thought it was rather cute of her to send me this.


  1. Did you blow a few thousand bucks on your window shopping? I like all the bags exspecially the gucci waist pouch. I liked it ever since I saw it on Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex & the City. But it is too expensive for me. I noticed that you used "Gucci" instead of Gucci so maybe it isn't that expensive after all. 8-]

  2. allo allo,
    guess we have similar taste..
    me like birkenstock too.. may i know how much u paid for the abercrombie polo?? and btw who is this jap singer crooning now..luv

  3. Hi shakara,

    I blew close to a thousand buck on my e-purchases. I LOOOOVE the "Gucci" waistpouch too, they call it a waistbag though. And you are right about the inverted commas for "Gucci". Hahaha... As long as the design is great, why not?

    Hi replayjeans,

    Similar taste with regards to birkies and abercrombie? That was my 1st pair of birkies. The polos were SGD$59 each. And the song is Kimi wo Sagashiteta by CHEMISTRY.. I think it's a group. Not too sure about J pop but I fell in love with this song because of a jap drama serial... Ü

  4. hi coolgal,
    yup.. me talking abt the birkies and abercrombie... tell u something, you can get abercrombie polos in FOS in malaysia,. me paid only RM49 for the 2nd pic you had attached...bought mine in a FOS store in malacca during my biz trip....have a great life..luv

  5. Hi replayjeans,

    Hey thanx for informing me but gotta be careful coz most of FOS abercrombies are fakes. Or at least those I saw in sg are in majority totally fake. The label and the feel is just so wrong. And also I've got the originals of some of the range of clothes there so could tell the difference. ;)

    However, I would need to see the actual clothes and label to determine again. Coz I bought 1 authentic Hollister in sg FOS before. I don't mind buying fakes if they are nice (I'm all for fakes.. heh) but for abercrombie fake, the sizing and feel is just very different so I don't really like it.

  6. allo coolgal,
    thx for sharin..anyway i dunno whether the abercrombies i had been buying are fake or not. but the quality is really good... the tees material is thick but very soft... thot of buying thru ebay but its much more ex..thx anyway..luv

  7. As long as you like them it's fine... Ü

  8. stop!!!!! being a bimbotic spendtift.... im trying v v hard on my side... i even spelt spendtrift wronly <--- (note)sigh... u c wat i mean being a bimbo??

  9. Gera bimbo! It's "spendthrift"! Sorry... can't help correcting... haha.

  10. hi, may i know where u bought ur white/bronze balenciaga bag from? and the price? thanks!

  11. Hi jo,

    Sorry for this really late reply. Feels weird when I see your name as I thought I left a comment for myself. =P

    I got these bags from Yahoo Auction. They are not authentic. Just look-alikes. Hope this helps! =)


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