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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cheong Cheong Cheong

I will always repeat this warning whenever I have a long post full of photos.

"either open this page, wait for it to load and go do something else before coming back or just click the X button on the top right hand corner of your browser window and don’t come back." =P

On 24 May 2006

Met up with the Fantastic 4 of HH for dinner at Sun with Moon again.

Over the handphone…

“How come Sun with Moon again?”

“Because sd booked an extra table there… miscomm with her friends… so we’ll just go there to make use of the extra table.”

What a good reason!

sd, hs, me

em, sd, wy

We shared all the food…

And desserts…

I thought it was just a dinner meet up session, but when the desserts came, they started singing “Happy Birthday”.

No birthday cake, no candles… so instead of blowing out candles after the birthday song, I had to bite chocolate stick.

None of my frenz was willing to cheong with me that night so the Fantastic 4 decided to accompany me. I was pleasantly surprised coz they are not the cheong type. They even managed to persuade sd and frenz, who are also not the cheong type, to join us. Haha… Thanx for pei-ing me leh! *BiG HuGZ to you dears*

Did the usuals… Went Dblo for drinks (like only em and me drinking lor) and headed for Zouk after that.

Dblo had some kind of event so it wasn’t the usual Wednesday ladies’ night atmosphere. There was some salsa dancing so we couldn’t hit the dance floor, as we can’t salsa to save our butts.

Drank substantially little that night. 2 vodka raspberry, 1 screwdriver, 2 vodka shots later...

sd and frenz decided to call it a day.

Next, the 4 of us scooted off to Zouk. We had a ball of a time! Got 20-year-old boy wanna make frenz and buy drinks for us lor. Ask him buy Flaming Lamborghini but he “liak bo kiu” (catch no ball) and got another strong concoction in the end.

[Click to enlarge]

We tried taking shots of ourselves but somebody will always be out of the picture. From right to left, top to bottom: My cheek is gone, hs’s mouth is gone, em’s forehead is gone, my right eye is gone, my mouth is gone, yes almost perfect, uh-oh now em and wy are gone, em’s forehead is gone, finally somebody to take for us, and all went quite well after that.

Even though I wasn’t high enough, it was quite fun to cheong with them. It was a very refreshing change. Heh… And I'm sure you all enjoyed yourselves! =P

On 25 May 2006 (My Birthday!)

Xtina booked me that day as she was on leave. It was a good thing she did coz I haven’t had anything planned. This year is very impromptu. I guess as we get older, birthdays are merely birthdays, nothing special.

We had lunch at TCC Citilink. Their service was sooooooooooo slow that we almost thought they had forgotten our food.

xtina’s healthy dish… The fish was really yummy.

My creamy smoked salmon linguini. It was quite yummy too. One of the only creamy pasta I could finish without feeling sick of the creamy taste.

2006 really isn’t the year for museum visits. So many museums were closed for renovation! We settled for the Philatelic Museum, one of my last choices but I certainly did not regret it. It was a lot more than just stamps, stamps and more stamps.

Most of the photos with words could be clicked on to enlarge. Do take a read if you have the time. =)

Philately is...

I finally know how to pronounce “philatelic”!

Language of Philately

1st stamp used in Singapore… OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!

World's first postage stamp: The Penny Black… AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Phonograph record stamps

I’m always dealing with online selling and buying so this got me interested.

A variety of cute letter boxes

United Kingdom’s Royal Mail released the world’s first “Design Your Own” stamps in 2003. Fun fruit and Veg stamps.

Year of the Dog stamp for 2006

I particularly like this quote “[p]eople born in the Year of the Dog are supposed to possess the best traits of human nature”. I couldn’t agree more. =)

I like this letter taken from Streats: The joys of ink and paper.

I like the quote by Liz Carpenter.

Pulling out the archive for year 2006

Be a stamp…

Daily Mirror was the newspaper circulated during the war times.

Our very own The Straits Times

Letters retrieved during the WWII and the Japanese Occupation.

Gold plated stamps

Do you remember this scooter?

A replica of a 19th century street in Singapore.

We got crazy in this gallery. There were clothes in the vintage wardrobe for trying on. There were signs stating that we should “return the clothes to the original rack” and that everything could be touched as long as “they are handled with care”. And so the fun began…

Malay girl and her drum

I think I’m a Malay girl too or is it Peranakan?

Scooping sugar from the sugar pot

I’m an immigrant with heavy suitcase stepping foot on the island called Singapura.

Reminds me of those typical old-fashioned matriarch pose.

Girl dreaming at the desk.

Vintage bicycle

We have a fetish for olden mailboxes.

How high can you reach?

Olden postman uniform

These paw prints led to a doggie room.

Spot the xtina

xtina and her new found pup

Stamps featuring dogs…

I was sooooooo gloomy when I read this.

I will always remember this movie show I watched when I was very young, probably when I was in kindergarten or lower primary. It was a show about this extremely loyal dog that would accompany its master to the train station everyday to send him off. This intelligent dog would trot home by itself and around evening time, trot back to the train station to welcome his master’s return. I could remember vividly the smile on the dog’s face each time it saw its owner. Then one unfortunate day, its master died at work. Everybody at the train station heard the news and looked sadly at the dog. The dog seemed to understand that its master was gone but refused to accept the tragic fact. Many people tried to “persuade” the dog to carry on with life but it continued this routine of walking to the train station every morning and evening till its death. In the show, it was winter and the snow was falling lightly and peacefully on the dead dog. The scene slowly zoomed out to the whole station and then the ending credits came on. I cried endlessly. It was the very first animal movie that made me cry. My mother kept hugging me, while I continued bawling my eyes out and wailing, “Poor dog… poor dog… poor dog… poor dog…” I think to shut me up, she assured me it was just a show, just a story and not at all true. Imagine my sorrow when I read this excerpt!

Coin banks in the shape of English looking mailboxes.

Next we met up with zanne and went to look for geral at her shop. I was so tempted to buy a Paris-Hilton-look-alike-big, white sunnies there which looks something like this

but decided against it as I’ve been spending way too much.

Our very HOT dinner at Sakura Cuisine…

Forgot about the pandan chicken. It doesn’t taste very fantastic though.

Let our powers combine! Who has the most bimbotic-looking ring? =P

We went shopping and bought rings for ourselves amidst other stuff. The rings symbolize our bimotic sisterly bond. We all absolutely adore the huge bling bling gem which could open to reveal a tiny clock face. How cool is that?

The Bimbo sistas!

We took a number of failed shots… all these on a crowded mrt with many people staring at us and wondering why didn’t we request for anyone to help us take a picture. Bimbos mah.. what do they expect? We then arranged to check out Ink Club bar at Swissotel the next night.

When I was on my way home at 11+pm, different members of my family kept calling and sms-ing me, asking me what time I would be back. I thought it was rather weird coz usually my mum wouldn’t bother to call me before midnight. By now, she is so used to me coming home in the wee hours of the morning. She sounded so anxious and asphyxiated that I thought she would tick me off once I reached home. Even da jie sounded anxious. I thought something had happened.

When I got home, they surprised me with a mango ice-cream cake from Swenson’s.

“Jiejie rushed home with the cake and you are not even at home.”

“Ice-cream cake refreeze not nice to eat anymore.”

“After 12 o’clock we don’t have to cut cake anymore. No more birthday cake for you then.”

I was so touched… So that was why they were so anxious for me to come back before midnight.

I managed to snap a shot of the cake with dry ice effect before my battery went flat.

From da jie’s camera…

I am 1 year old!

Me and cake with Simba in toll. She looks so hypnotized by the candle light.

Dad and mum

My 2 sisters didn’t want me to post their pictures coz they were already in their home clothes and pj.

“Are you cutting or are you eating?!” da jie wondered aloud behind the camera.

On 26 May 2006

Met up with zanne and her frenz at Café Cartel for dinner.

She informed me that it was family day and so I had to choose some relations to connect myself to them.

“This one is the maid, this one is my lao ba (old dad), this one is my lao ma (old mum) and this is the house dog who likes birds.” I could not bear to rack my bimbotic brains so much that I declared myself as her sister so I needn’t bother to think of my relations to them.

Bimbo zanne and Bimbo jo trying to flash our Bimbo rings

“Bimbo is in. Bimbo is cool.”

The guys could not understand that for they were fools.

Armed with our rings and butterfly hairclip, the guys attempted to act bimbotic too. From L-R: The maid, Lao ba, Lao ma, The family dog

The maid said, “I’m a maid. I must not look at the camera. Very rude.”

Hmm… even the dog is smiling away at the camera lor.

I ordered seafood pasta which I conveniently forgot and when the guys asked me what I’ve ordered, I told them chicken pasta. When my order came, it looked obviously seafood and the guys were like “Wah! Super bimbo!”

Uh-oh, my bimbotic character would be congealed in their minds forever. Never mind, I’m proud to be a bimbo. ;P

When Bimbo geral and Bimbo xtina arrived, the guys left for their own gaming activity as they were satisfied with seeing all 4 bimbos combine power. We then made our way to Ink Club bar.

Us and champagne... my joy juice.

All the ladies… 2 of them are zanne’s frenz.

Then the bimbo sistas decided to go trigger-happy, trying very hard to show off our bimotic rings in each shot.

Uh oh can’t see no ring. This calls for a second shot.

After bubbling champagne and bitter martinis, we trooped over to DXO as geral’s very cool haircutting frenz were there. (BTW geral is a part time hairdresser and optometrist.)

No photos at DXO coz our bags were in the locker and yours truly was quite high on vodka only and sips of rum, bourbon and whiskey. Hehe…

One of geral’s frenz commented that I look like Lai Lijun from Superstar. She was the fifth person who said that. But… where got look like???

Then we went over to Gotham Penthouse. Oh wow… Gotham Penthouse on a Friday is poles apart from a Gotham Penthouse on a Wednesday. Please ignore my not-so-good reviews on it a few posts back.

By then I was feeling quite sick. Not light headed but major headache, not nauseous but actually puked. I didn’t even drink a lot. I think mixed too many different booze in a night. Then all the silly bimbos (read: xtina and geral) kept hitting me with the silly balloon and pulling me up when I was resting on the couch. But I could only sleep my headache and nausea away.

The only photo at Gotham Penthouse was of us zzz…

Ok give geral credit, she only slept for awhile.

Still feeling nauseous with a splitting headache, we advanced to Club Momo coz zanne’s fren could get us to enter free. I was feeling super sick manz and I lost all image by sleeping there. Haha… First time lor TMD! What green tea? KNS ah... you think I dunno got whiskey inside meh? After the nap, I was fully sober and well, no headache, no feeling of nausea and could hang tough. The clubbers at Momo did not seem to care that it’s like 5am.

Totally sober but legs breaking and fully maxed out.

No Bimbo zanne coz she had already left for some hot pants martini party at one of our friend’s place.

We then went for frogs porridge. I didn’t touch any frog meat at all coz I made the mistake of looking at the live ones in the tank before we sat down at the table. Lumbered home when the sun rose and slept at 8am on the 27th.

On 27 May 2006

I was so sleepy. Woke up after 6 hours and could not get back to sleep anymore.

Met up with the nice-to-hang-out-with JC bunch and had buffet dinner at TPY Sakura.

Food Galore!

wq snapping me snapping the food

teoks, wq and tam

wq’s caption for this was “Dancer, Grumpy Man, Ex-Jap Club member”

me n julie

wq’s caption for this was “L-R: Ah-Lian in polo tee, Ah-Lian's lawyer friend (Don't play play)

5 of us

After looking at this shot, I blurted out, “Is Tammy very short or wq very tall?”

When we first arrived, this place was teeming with “human of all ages, shapes and sizes” as quoted from wq. It was practically like a market place. But two hours later, it looked like this…

We were the last customers to leave. We then made our way to Macs for it was the only place which opens till late.

Team NUS.

Team foreign Uni.

All of us at macs

I think the shot from wq's digital SLR looks prettier. I love the lighting. See I told you it looks warmer without flash.

This was how I spent the past 4 days. I have been out every single night, haven’t been getting enough sleep and incurring the wrath of my mum who thinks I party too much and sleep too little. No choice, once I start work in June (that is if I accept the offer) I won’t have the chance to do so anymore.

These 4 days had been fun. Thanx to all you dear lovely buddies, sistas and good pals.


  1. allo coolgal,
    hey i enjoyed seeing the loads of pics in this posting.. and i see that you had really enjoyed yourself in that past few days.. i had to comment that you looked great in many of the pics...hope you always stay this pretty and happy :)luv

  2. Hello Jolene,

    Happy belated birthday to you! I can see that you had a lot of fun. I love to look at photos. Why would anybody click the X on the right corner window? I'm sure alot of people love to look at your photos too.

    You are looking very happy and gorgeous. Stay this way and take care while you are there ya?

  3. hey dear jolene happy belated birthday. sorry this came late but i can see you enjoyed yourself. hope you receive many nice presents. ^_^

  4. Hey replayjeans, shakara and paperleaf... thanx for your sweet words and wishes. I did enjoy myself very much... Thanx! =)

    paperleaf... long time no hear from you.

  5. Hi chris,

    Initially I thought you were another chris online friend of mine (who is a guy btw) but when I clicked on your name, I realised you are not him. Luckily I didn;t rattle away.

    Welcome! And how did you stumble onboard?

  6. it was fun...yea? i soo enjoyed it. 1st time in my life i club so much in a nite....4 clubs and til morning too.

    We r the happening bimbos!! hmm...but bimbos are always happening right? Haha!

    love u gals! muaks!


  7. hey guys n gals dun b fooled by jo, rem the gotham- penthouse- n- u- were- nauseous- n- zzz- al- e- way- n- we- hit- u- w- the- balloon- thingy?? come on i was hitting on her bust al the time!! hilarious 2 tink back coz u know wat guys n gals im jealous (SOB)cos it doesnt make sense cos jo ios def skinnier than me but u-know bustier?!!!!! cant help tt it was my good time to strike!!! heh heh heh!!!!!

  8. Fooled by me?!

    Orh... ok fine... now I know sista gera is jealous of my erm... balloons?

  9. Can I ask how tall are you? You look really tall or are your friends much shorter than you?

  10. jo, you have such great figure. i'm so enviuos of your figure. i would also like to know how tall are you. you look tall and slender but not too stick thin.

    i am the same one as the hong kong post passer-by.. hope to see your reply :)


  11. anon #1,
    Gosh, when was this posted? I think I so totally missed this out. I'm not very tall. 162cm.

    Anon #2 aka passer-by,
    I will reply to your HK questions on that post. =)


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