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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

For the past week…

I cut my hair…

SHORT like this…

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Not cool ah? Never mind, I didn’t cut it like this.

I cut it like this… not much difference as before la.

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My hair was really getting really thick and heavy. Whereas Jennifer Aniston looks like a babe with her long shaggy tress, I look like a shaggy dog in a mess. Hence I decided to revert to layering all over again. My stylist did such a great job at thinning my hair and keeping the length at the same time that nobody except my mum noticed I cut the back of my hair. She thinks I look fresher and all ready to face the world without my mane covering more than half my face.

A fresher me Posted by Hello

Backview. Typical ah lian back view Posted by Hello

Also, I’ve decided to cut my fringe after so many years (with the last one being a horrible disaster when I look like a total toot). My stylist (whom till now, I have no idea if it’s a he or a she) didn’t want to cut. He/she kept asking me if I was really sure and thought it was such a waste to have to grow back the fringe next time if I should hate it. So each time he/she went snip snip snip till the mouth, till the nose, till the cheekbone, he/she would stop and ask if the length is ok. Each time I would say there wasn’t any obvious change. This is the first time I come across such a thoughtful stylist. Most of the time, hairdressers take delight in hacking people’s hair off after which the victims flee home to cry.

Ok I digress. Anyway I love my new hair now… $7.90… what a steal! It feels really light and I love the smoothness and straightness as my stylist crimped it straight. Mum loves it… Kh loves it but deemed it as typical female artiste wannabe kinda hair. Dad as usual can’t see the difference. Men will be men. The last time I cut my very long hair to shoulder length, he could not see the difference even after I pointed out.

Sadly, not many people noticed I cut my hair. Only a few colleagues commented on the new fringe. Somebody insisted I rebond my hair no matter how many times I maintained I didn’t. Hate people who do that. No one saw how light and beautiful the back of my hair is now… *flicks and waves hair, frantically trying to catch someone’s attention*

I’m ignored.

I became a bimbo cum vain pot cum pseudo tai tai

I kept on yahoo-shopping online… searching for pink and white stuff. Pink cap, pink top, pink pants, pink pouch, pink bag, pink Panasonic Lumix FX7!!! [BIMBO]

I searched for mirrors too…(those sleek pocket ones which I can whip out from my bag anytime to check my hair and make up if I do have any on) and I fell in love with the Louis Vuitton Murakami Mirror. [VAIN POT]

$400+ for such a small mirror is pure craziness!

Pretending to be rich and acquiring tai tai taste is pure pleasure. But there is a fine line between pure craziness and pure pleasure.

With my newly acquired taste and spanking new do, I went shopping alone, walking into almost every high end boutique in Ngee Ann City, talking with an ostentatious high class air, requesting for sales assistant to show me this and that and all other things that caught my fancy and pretending to be a rich little bitch. [PSEUDO TAI TAI]

It was fun. My sis however thought I was crazy and boh liao.

I felt cheated that my nowhere near fanciful breakfast on Wednesday (23 March) cost $90+

I thought Thank You notes would be given out to them as tokens of appreciation so I gave it all with names written down. And all I get is a breakfast? I don’t wish for monetary returns but I truly hope some explanation could be given. I shan’t elaborate further for fear of getting into hot soup.

I made my debut at Thumper with so many of my colleagues

The music wasn’t exactly great plus my bones are getting so old that I have to sit down constantly to take a break and cool down. Nonetheless, the company had been great. I’ve always believed in “It’s not the place that matters, it’s the company you are with.” YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!!!

I realized that Rafflesians will forever be Rafflesians

And by Rafflesians, I mean those RJC people, not those secondary school kids.

As the whole horde of them crowded the carriage at Bishan, I was trying very hard to figure out which school they were from. They were clad in some T-shirt other than their PE T-shirt. Then when they started making such a din with their fluent English peppered with a dash of “la leh lor” which thereafter rendered them normal… just like our average Singaporeans. I figured they were from RJC.

Don’t get me wrong. They were nice little chaps. After realizing that they have been very noisy, they tried to shush each other and one cute guy started blurting within earshot that nobody knew they were from RJ.

This reminds me of an incident back then in Year 1 when we were still clad in our secondary school uniforms. We were also creating such a din, but it was on the bus and we were much more scheming than those nice little chaps above. After we realized we were creating such a din, somebody announced very loudly. “Don’t worry, nobody knows we are from TJ!”

Kh finally collected his car

Was feeling the pinch when he bought this Subaru Legacy Turbo. But as soon as I saw the sunroof, I fell in love with it. Now I feel so weird whenever I sit in cars without sunroof. No more playful sliding of the panel.

We tried to take some shots of the car but it was too dark.

Heck.. so we took pictures of ourselves instead.
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Kh’s dad love the car so much that he requested for a photo to be taken of him with the car. Think I better not post it up.

I also made a quick conjecture that all Subaru drivers are hao lian. They don the SUBARU blue-with-yellow-wordings-and-trimming T shirt with much pride. Those are usually the Bengs. Fortunately, the free one kh got was white with pink wordings. How chio!!! However that selfish boy didn’t get any for me!

I feel that Joanne Peh should just stop smiling totally

The Sydney travelogue that comes free with 8 days 2 weeks ago has been on the table everyday. I would flip that mag while eating and gosh... She really should stop smiling. Every shot of her, you will see her big mouth and big teeth and the way she flash those teeth... It just gets on my nerves!!! How can people claim she looks like Fann Wong?? Fann Wong is like so much prettier and her smile is gorgeous. I haven't been watching the 9pm show but from the shots, I seriously think Joanne Peh looks better when she frowns. Also, I've grown to dislike her ever since she sported that short hair and acted in the bye bye ring ring ad. The way she scrunches her face, her actions, her way of talking is simply annoying.

To think we actually own the same Fuji Finepix F450 digital camera. I'm so gonna sell it away. Anyone wanna buy it from me?

It may not be evident on my blog (since I'm always disgruntled and criticizing people), but I do feel bad when I criticize someone without knowledge of his/her character. I mean they might just be nice people with great personality right? Anyone knows Joanne Peh personally? So far from what I heard from those who knows her, comments have been skewed towards the negative side. Hope to hear from some people who likes her.

Now I will get ready to be slammed by her fans.

I don't understand why people want to leave comments that they saw me in public

Only to have received zero reply when I enquired more.


  1. charlene: hey girl! ah! u and reg all tempt me to go for a haircut . have not been doing that for the past 9 mths! busy busy! anyway i will finish my last last paper of my sch life on 3rd may followed is my presentation on 5th May. i will be free from 5-13th May. wanna meetup? book u one mth in advnace. let me know.. SMS me k? BTW i lost my HP in Dec, so only left ur tel for the sms one.

  2. Ur msn still not working?

    *LoL* Book me in advance how can i say no??? I go write a BIG BIG "Charlene" on my organizer on those few dates k? Juz tt i dun have an organizer.. =P

    Aiyo... lost ur hp? Pity pity... but nvm.. u wld have a few other siemens hp to make up for it. =)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. working already ... u can add me. .same nick in Yahoo :) yup..lost the siemens phone as well. heart pain cos of my SIM card instead . wahahhaa..

  5. GO bug KH buy u an organiser k k? Charlene

  6. Wa... u defame rjc people!?! How could you? *HiaKz*

  7. Can ustand how you feel... muz slowly collect all the contacts back..

    I didn't defame rj pple.. heh..

  8. U look super chio now. But u also look gd with the short hair. Mebbe u can consider cutting ur hair short when u get tired of long hair. Im sure u wont flee home to cry cos u wil stil look gd too.

    And u write really well. Definitely not a bimbo as wat u always claim urself 2 b.

  9. your hair looks fab. i love a good haircut! we gotta go out for drinkeroos soon (:

  10. Hi wx,
    Initially I tot you were my fren with the same initials until he said he didn't leave tt comment. Thanx for ur compliments.. Ü

    Tam!!! Thanx.. u've already have a good one the last time I saw u... Drinkeroos?? Only on a sunday or monday for me... How?


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