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Monday, April 04, 2005

Youngest Aunt Wedding on 3rd April

Photo blogging probably.. juz gotta wait for cousins to send me the pics coz my cam's batt diedED on me halfway. Silly me didn't charge it for a long time.

A drawing to make up for the absence of photos. I know the colour sux, the glass is not proportionate.. I'm no artist and I'm making use of whatever I have on my table to do it. Posted by Hello

Now for some photos from my camera.

This is the nicest photo I have of the bride and the 2 cute little angels. Gotta wait for the ones in cousins’ cameras. Posted by Hello

Me and Junie jie jie
Posted by Hello

Posted by Hello

Everyone in the entire family think I look like my cousin who is 7 years older than me. My sisters think we look like photocopies of each other. Even my aunts could address us wrongly at times. The groom’s side relatives also thought we looked alike. I don’t think we look that similar… probably more of resemblance la. As what she says… she sees herself in me and she feels that I’m just like a younger sister whom she never had.

Allan and me
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This is one cousin who was soooooooooooooooo naughty when he was young that I quite avoided him… but he would always come and fan2 me so I had no choice but to play with him. Haha now at 22 (we are still 22 coz our birthdays haven’t passed), he’s so much less irritating. In fact I think I’m the irritating one now. I dunno if you read my blog but can you please send me the photos from yours and your bro’s cam soon??? Thanx!!


  1. hello jo, why did u remove the tune on ur blog? i actually quite like it.
    haha.. muz compliment u first. it's a gd attempt at drawing ur own portrait. but i muz agree it looks unproportional. thot u like slender arms? why do u still draw in fat arms for urself? haha.

  2. Hi wy,

    Hehe.. The piano-midi tune was nice right? Tt's my ringtone. Title is Kimiwo Sagashiteta by Chemistry from the heartwarming Jap serial The Wedding Planner... starring of coz my fave Naoko Iijima... Ü

    Decided to take it out as I thought it may be annoying to some people (the music can't be stopped) and I don't want people to hate the song. ;P

    Eh... aiyah wat to do? My arms are fat mah. Did you notice how big the champagne glass is? Haha.. Shows where my priority lies..

  3. hey nice drawing! ur arms so slim...u draw so fat....u r so deluded! something wrong wif ur eyes, either dat or something wrong wif ur long nv log in to leave comments on ur website, now i forget my password and they dun let me leave comment in y own name. sigh! all the trouble of creating blog account for nothing!

  4. Hey nadine,
    Thanx for dropping by… I had wanted to give my two cents worth on ur age gap with mum and marrying young entry but I think it’ll be too long and I may juz sound like a nag..

    Ooi xtina!!! How can forget password one? So benz…. Heh.. still waiting for u to write something on ur transient blog leh… And u r damn cute… sign up for a blooger account juz to leave comment on blogs..

    I’m so sorry I’ve no idea… I’m no drinker… only occasionally.. ;P (To my frenz who know me well enough… don’t roll your eyes... You know it's true.)


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