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Saturday, February 26, 2005

BZ BZ BZ... ...

Been very bz the past week...

Nua-ing in front of the computer, chatting with good pal Bei and watching The Simple Life II is like the most heavenly thing I've done this week.

You can tell alot about a girl who feels doing such stuff is heaven.

She simply have no life... not even to mention a simple one.

But wait... Kh is back... I ought to have some life...

But I don't.

Work hasn't been too kind... tuition kids are all having CA1... I have to plan my timetable carefully.

I wish I could clone me.

I'm so nua..........

Maybe I shouldn't clone me. I should genetically modify me coz my cells are all weak and dying and nua.

Am I even making sense?


  1. u sound like u really have no life. don't work too hard ok... & i lurve your honest vdae post. dats 1 of the sweetest thing you haf ever written. @~~

    I'm lookin fwd to readin more entertaining posts like your champions, bb gal, paris hilton etc posts. I got to read this journal cos of jeanette aw fr the champions. But I think you are too bz to write such things now.

  2. Heya.. thanx alot for the kind words. *touched*

    I don't think I will write like a gossip magazine for quite some time... i'll do so when i find the opportunity.

    In the meantime... it'll be more boring diary-like entries.

  3. Heh, poor gal, but i m not doin much better either.. itz me.. zanne... i have transformed fr the chiongster to a no life gal now! Sob. My life consists of work and nite classes. even on my weekends, SAT n SUN i have to attend lessons. 9.30am -530pm man. BOTH DAYS. In my opinion, this is not a life suited for humans. Heh. Juz wanna complain. Oh yar.. sent my regards to KH. How long he stayin in S'pore this time round?

  4. Welcome to the No-Life club!

    Hey so u did quite well for ur examz?

    I dunno how long he wld be staying until too.

  5. Xtina: talk to BEI?!!!! when?!!! is she back??? how cum can talk to her on phone?!!!

  6. Xtina,

    Can u believe it? Now then i see this comment.

    No la I talked to her on msn.

  7. u r quite interesting. i like your personality n u r also pretty.

  8. Thanx anon... how did you stumble here?


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