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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine’s Day

 Posted by Hello

14th February happens to be my anniversary with kh. Happy 4th anniversary to you deardear! *muax* That should make up for me not getting you anything… again.

Valentine’s Day used to be a really special day back then when we were still schooling.

It was a big thing in St Nicks. I suppose it is like that in every girls school. Friends go round screaming with joy and giving big bear hugz. Cute little gifts and notes, hand-made cards, chocolates, soft toys, roses and tulips… The thrill of receiving single stalk of flowers from other school boys on your way home.

I recall being single then and how Zann and I were contemplating selling roses on V-days to earn some petty cash.

Those childlike thoughts….

It was quite a big thing in JC too. V-day at NYJC was fun. V-day at RJ was fun too. Not such a big thing as how girls school celebrate the occasion, but still, it was fun.

Then in NUS, it was nothing at all. Kh is forever overseas and I spent a few V-days with Evan when she was bf-less. She kept up with the girls school tradition… Presenting me with small little gifts and hand written notes. Came across them during spring cleaning that day. *Big bear hugz to you* She is one friend who will always stand by me. This reminds me… I’ve yet to sms you… Shall do so now.

It makes me feel so old now…. How I miss those school days… those warm and fuzzy feelings from friends.

“How does it feel that your bf is forever overseas?”

Many people asked me that question.

For the past few years, V-day was spent at home. It is one occasion which is too commercialized. Nothing special. Then kh would call and we would chat… Very simple but good.

I’m contented with that.

Gifts were one-sided. And you could guess who is at the receiving end.

Like every Valentine’s Day, today feels just like any normal Monday.

Before you get the wrong impression… I’m not complaining that you are perpetually overseas.

My most memorable V-day was the one in 2001, when we got together. I remembered how you planned everything so nicely and how some things backfired. I remember how tense it was for you to pop that question only at the end of the date while I was happily poking fun at you throughout the day.

I remember how silly you were. But it was that silliness that makes you you.

I remember how silly we both were in sec school too. We were always keeping in touch through the phone, often chatting for hours without knowing that we liked each other.

You were the one who made me me.

Without you, I don’t think I would have the confidence to study and do well in my O levels. Whoever heard of a St nicks gal who gets 30+ points for L1R5 every exam?

Without you, I would not have done well enough to get into RJ after 1st 3 months. RJ life was very memorable and I made really great friends there.

You toned me down a lot.

You also taught me how to value certain things in life. I was a rebellious and self centered gal back then. I was against many people, especially my mother.

I know I’m not a good gf at times.

I don’t shower you with gifts.

I’m always asking you to help me financially.

I shoo you off the phone sometimes when I’m busy when you were thoughtful enough to call.

I tell you things like I‘m happy that you are overseas so I can drown myself with work and tuition without having to entertain you.

I’m very unreasonable to you every now and then. But I’m only unreasonable to you and my family, the ones closest to me.

I nearly made you cry once. I've never seen you cry before.

Suddenly I’m at a loss for words. I don’t know how to express myself.

All I wanna say is…

You helped me a lot in my life… You brought much happiness to my life and I’m really thankful for it. Do you know that you are one of the best things that happened to me?


  1. hi im a random blog surfer. i was clicking away at the next blog button when your photos caught my eye. i think u were manning your blog at the same time as your photos looked half uploaded and each time i refresh, they will be gone.

    i think you are not at all a lousy gf with this entry of urs. u r also 1 lucky ger to have someone to add happiness in your life.

    may your life be filled with happiness always and stay pretty.

  2. Tell me abt it... maybe i shld dig a hole and hide.

  3. Hey..there is no need to dig a hole and hide..this is what you felt n really wanted to say and so long as you are will your friends be for you. I am very glad that you have found someone in your life who can make you happy, laugh and smile. And I think this must be the same feeling that resides deep in his heart. I hope he continues to brighten your days and does not make you angry or sad as I know he sometimes stupidly does. Know that in his heart, you walking into his life is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to him and he will cherish you all the way and love you for every day that counts. I think you should know who I am by now. Happy Valentine's Day and Anniversary again..


  4. To cuz,

    Happy V day to u too! Sweet chocs eh?

    To kh,
    Wah... you are actually silly enough to reply. Hmm... this doesn't sound quite like u leh...

  5. I like your blog, I found it through a common interest, Jennifer Aniston, I am a fan of hers from the movie Along Came Polly.

  6. Hi pollyprince,

    Thanx for your comment. I didn't catch that movie though. I prefer Jennifer as ditsy Rachel in FRIENDS...


  7. heyy, i know this is random but im really touched by this entry! haha, ya im jus a random bypasser n happen to be Zann as well n currently studyin in RJC. well i wish u happy always :)

  8. Hi zann,

    Random but certainly pleasant. =) Thanx!

    How are you enjoying your RJ life? I was in there when RJ was still in Mt Sinai.


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