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Sunday, August 22, 2004

I’m Crazy Over Burberry But Not That Crazy

My Da4 jie3 finally claimed her Black spongy Esprit handphone pouch from me after 2 years because she got herself a K700i. She feels that her chichi K700i needs more protection than my unstylish 7250i. She left a note for me saying that she would e getting me a new one. So I lived without a pouch for a day, constantly fearing that my handphone would be scratched with my clumsy nature.

That night, I got home and found a Burberry-look-alike pouch on my table. People who know me know my affinity to those nova plaid checks. Be it the bold and elegant tanned ones or the all-so-sweet pink ones. However, a fake Burberry handphone pouch? It isn’t half as spongy as the Esprit one, doesn’t cushion the phone half as much but cost just as much.

I found it really amusing that my sister should think that I’m so crazy over Burberry. She probably deemed that I could never afford even the smallest $600++ tote bag and thought that I would be contented to settle for the Burberry-inspired pouch.

None of my friends has seen me with that pouch yet but I’m very sure all of them would chortle at my craziness over Burberry to resort to buying a look-alike. I would have a lot of explaining to do when I see them the next time.

I may sound like I’m appalled or ungrateful but in actual fact, I thought my sis was really cute and I can’t complain when she actually made the effort to get something which she thought I might like instead of just buying any peach, pink or purple pouch off the shelf.

She won’t be reading this. But I hope she knows that I’m thankful to her. It’s just a small gesture and a small little ugly pouch. But it has spurred me to write an entry out of it.

Since we are on the topic of Burberry, I shall adorn my entry with Burberry pictures. Feast for my eyes… coz I would never be able to afford any or to spend ridiculous amount on just a small bag.

Bearbear Posted by Hello

Burberry Scarf. Hmm.. goes well with my blog layout. Posted by Hello

Some people think Burberry clothing line is tacky.. I think it's elegant. Was not able to save some of the trenchcoat and shawl pictures. Those are really classy. Posted by Hello

Sweeto...... Posted by Hello

Will add more pictures when i have the time.... Gotta rush to meet Evan now... After going solo for the past few weeks, I'm finally meeting a friend!!

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  1. I fear that we are descending into the murky depths of FP-ness.


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