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Friday, June 25, 2004

Happy Boys and Girls

Yesterday, when I was going to blog on the day’s happening on the 23rd June, my mind was full of wondrous memories and reminiscences of past gaiety. Unfortunately, I woke up with a splitting headache and had a partial-memory-erase.

Two days has since passed but I just have to devote some space to record the day’s happening.

We all love shooting people! Posted by Hello

What emanated from an impromptu little gathering, materialized into a fun and laughter-filled evening, a gathering of some of AO3D-ians who still keep in touch every now and then and who were all surprisingly unhampered to make their way down to Plaza Singapura on an ordinary day, 23rd of June. They were (not in order of preference), Caleb, Julie, Kim Sheng (better known as teoks), Tammy and Weiquan. Oh look at all of us there fiddling with cameras!! I ripped this black and white version off Tammy’s blog without requesting her permission. Tammy, if you are not fine with this, please do not hesitate to tell me off. But since I’m such a bitch, even if you do so, I’ll still leave the picture there. A picture paints a thousand words. Since there are 6 up there, it certainly paints 6000, equivalent to 2 Arts essays and sufficient to convey what I want to type.

As much as I enjoyed being in the company of the above 5 people, I had to leave earlier as I was to meet Zann (She’s actually my good friend Caizhu, who insists I use her sophisticated English name on my blog!) and Geraldine, both of whom were my primary school classmates, to “cheong”. Everything that night was free. The transport there, the drinks, the transport home. I’ve never felt so much like a freeloader in my life. But freeloaders are the ones who benefit most from society and have the most fun. I met up with many of my old St Nicks school mates there and we all had a great time drinking ourselves silly. I slept from like 6am till 8am and headed for tuition the next day (24th June). Now it all falls into place, how my splitting headache throughout the whole of yesterday transpired. I really should quit this unhealthy lifestyle.

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