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Friday, June 25, 2004

Gmail Account Holders Are Cool

I’ve got an invitation to create a gmail account! Now gmail accounts are really cool because they are only offered to the coolest denizens on this planet. And the coolest denizens on this planet are none other than us bloggers.

Gmail accounts are cool because when you possess one, your social status automatically soars and you will then be able to tower over and sneer at your pathetic friends who don’t have any.

Gmail accounts are cool because with 1GB of storage, I will never need to save my sentimental mails in Microsoft Word before deleting them in my exploding hotmail account. I will never need to re-create another online photo album when Snapfish unjustly removed all my albums. I will never need to check my email every single day just to clear some space for incoming mails. And I will never need to hide my porn in some obscure folders with some cryptic titles. You didn’t believe the last one, did you?

Gmail Accounts are cool because it is still in an early stage of development, we are the pioneer holders and we get to choose all the best names like,, and Unfortunately, gmail account holders are all snooty and egoistical and I've known of people who has already used "thegreat" and "thegreatest". Hence i was forced to use a less superior name like "iamjolene".

So how did I get my gmail account? Coz I’m cool, they spotted me and they handed me the invite. Ok I’m lying. I got it from my equally cool friend, Joel. (Notice how I used “equally” now that we are of the same social standing?)Anyway Joel is a damn cool copywriter, you just gotta read his blog! Initially when he got his gmail invite, he snubbed me. And then his conscience got the better of him and he decided to present me with 1 when he got 6 more invites. I was glad he brought me into the cool circle so now we can all look down on our un-cool gmailess friends.

Anyway, I could only brag so much about having an account now before it is opened to everybody. By then, everyone will be looking at this blog and snubbing me for my snobbishness.


  1. hey, hey, just surfing by. i think you should put a picture your gmail account because i've never seen one before.

  2. Hmm u sound like Tammy, are u tammy?


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