Sunday, May 06, 2018

Mother's Day Flower Bouquet from Floral Garage

Mothers... They carry us for 9 months close to their hearts, suffer immense pain giving birth to us and take care of us for as long as we are still their children.

I have learnt to appreciate my mum more especially during my Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) period. I am really thankful to my mum for coming all the way to my home to buy food or cook for me during the very difficult initial phase of my HG.

The journey from my family home to mine involves taking the MRT and bus. Despite hurting her back in an accident and should be on bed rest, she would come over to my house every day without fail to make sure I get food into my system.

As I had no appetite for anything, she would sometimes buy too much food in the hope that there would be something I would reach out for. I would often chide her for doing this even though it was a well meaning act from her. Never once did she flare up at me (which she usually would... haha) as her heart broke seeing me suffer. Together with my dad, my mum also helped me do the daily chores like washing the dishes, basic cleaning, feeding and clearing Miyo’s litter box, throwing away my many puke bags etc.

No matter how big and old I am, I would forever be her precious daughter.

This year's Mother's Day is different from other years as I have just become a new mum myself and I am able to put myself in the shoes of my mum.I experienced various challenges during my almost 40 weeks of pregnancy and my daughter would always be my most precious baby girl no matter how old she is. I'm sure that is exactly how my mum feels too!

Besides being filial to our mothers, a little act of love on Mother’s Day is a good way to show our appreciation to them.

Most mothers would adore a bouquet of flowers. My mum and I share the same love for flowers and I know that a bouquet of flowers would certainly light up her day.

Floral Garage Singapore has a variety of attractive and budget-friendly options to gift your mother. Besides the usual floral bouquets, there are quirky bouquets such as Delightful Vegetables and Edgy Veggie which are suitable for those mothers who are into healthy eating and who appreciate humour in their gift.

There are simply so many varieties of flower gifts on Floral Garage Singapore that I found myself scrolling through pages and pages of beautiful arrangements. If you don’t know which bouquet to decide on, you could choose the Freestyle Bouquet version. Talented florists will create a unique bouquet for you to suit the style you prefer, occasion, and recipient of the gift. Certainly a very personalised gift I would say!

I chose the Drusilla bouquet for my mum. I really love pastel, romantic, vintagey flower theme. The Drusilla bouquet arrived with a sweet combination of pink and cream coloured roses with sprinkles of dew on them, presented in a vintagey wrapper and ribbons, and bursting with fresh plant fragrance. I love how the greens in the bouquet remind me of a meadow field and they smell really refreshing. My mum usually likes everything I like and indeed she likes the Drusilla bouquet that I chose for her.

As usual my kitty cat Miyo who loves sniffing at flowers, stepped into the doorway of the room, lifted her head and sniffed the air with a cute little pink nose going up and down before jumping onto the table to have a closer sniff at the flowers. Haha... The picture obviously shows a chair but the bouquet was first on the table when she did that.

Floral Garage had an on-going early bird Mother’s Day promotion that ended on 3 May. However, specially for my readers, you can continue using the code JOMDFGSG for a 10% discount until Mother's Day (13 May).

Besides that, they have recently launched a subscription plan called Flowrendipity. This was created to make the experience of purchasing flowers a lot easier. You can plan ahead to get your flowers delivered, so that you won’t miss any special occasion! Plus, you would be able to save money by getting extra cash credits as well as getting free delivery for the first few orders.

Floral Garage is having a Mother’s Day promotion for Flowrendipity. You can get 10% reduction of the plans’ prices by using the code MDFlow10, valid until 13 May, Mother’s Day.

More importantly, let’s make our mothers happy. Do browse through their full range of Mother’s Day 2018 products at

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  1. you choose a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your mother! It's so sweet the way she took care of you while you weren't well.

    1. My mum and I have a love-hate relationship sometimes and I reckon my relationship with my mum was the best during that time! I'm amazed how she did not even flare up at me. =D

  2. Congrats to you and your hubby Jolene! I'm so happy you have a daughter and all the things you've been through is so worth it once you stare in her eyes. She's so precious!

    xo Jo

    1. Thank you, Jo! She is indeed our little precious babe! xoxo

  3. So beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your 1st Mother's day xx

    1. We had a celebration with both sides of the family just now and it was great! Hope you had a great Mother's Day too!


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