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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Danger when shopping solo

This week whizzed by with 4 to 6 hours of sleep almost every day. There were so much work to do, so much after work commitments to fulfill and there wouldn't be a stay-indoors-and-chill day for this weekend. However, I don't mind not staying in at home this weekend because what it more important than to attend and celebrate friends' wedding and birthday?

The hubby had also been very busy this whole week too due to some important work commitment that required him to be on standby for 24/7 and hence we are both burnt out in what we call our most exhausting week ever.

In between our friend's wedding and his final call of duty today, we had some time to go shopping. When I was shopping with the hubby for 1 hour plus, we wound up not buying anything. Once he left me alone to run his errands, I bought 1 pair of Tory Burch shoes, 1 pair of Lanvin shoes, 2 Affliction T shirts all at a discount.

When the hubby returned, he sighed, "I regret leaving you there."

I bought the shoes from On Peddar. On Pedder is Asia's foremost source of designer footwear, handbags, fine jewelry and fashion accessories.


I'm someone who do not own many shoes like most girls do. I love to look at shoes and admire them well knowing I could not wear them. I have problematic feet and toe nails and could not wear many types of shoes. Ballerina shoes, pumps, all sorts of covered shoes without straps simply slide off my feet even if they are of the right size. The smaller ones would not slip off but they would bite and leave my toes all painful (due to the nature of my toe nails). Hence when I find shoes that fit me without much problem, I would not hesitate to buy them.


My hunt for ballerina shoes that fit my feet ended today when I discovered how comfortable Tory Burch and Lanvin ballerina flats are. They are definitely worth every single cent I paid for and what's more, the Lanvin were on 50% off while the Tory Burch were on 40% off. Guess which 2 pairs I bought in the end?


I bought the Tory Burch and the Lanvin on the left. While the Tory Burch looks a lot prettier with the flower, I must say the Lanvin is more comfortable. It is like walking on cushion with no biting edges.


On Peddar was having a promotion of an additional 10% off total purchase of 2 items and 15% off total purchase for 3 items. I very nearly bought a Stella McCartney bag as it was on 60% off. Can't really see if it is worth it in percentage? It was selling for SGD$832 when its normal price was SGD$2080! A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her designs. I'm amazed at how the bag looked so much like it was made of leather.

I did not buy it in the end as even though it was a huge discount, $832 could buy me a lot more. I don't need another bag.

I bought 2 biker rock style T shirts from Affliction too. I really ought to be shopping for Chinese New Year clothes instead! These are so not suitable for CNY.

After being chided by the hubby for the 4739303243409th time for spending (MY OWN) money, we had light dinner at CineCafe and caught Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. I really love twisted fairy tales and am glad that I knew the original version as a child in order to appreciate and fall in love with the twisted ones. I cannot imagine any child thinking that Hansel and Gretel went round blasting witches' heads and guts and leaving bloody mess everywhere.


On a separate note, my eldest sis watsapp me the new bottles of Absolut Vodka she has added to my bed's headboard from her few trips recently. Absolut Vodka is indeed trying to squeeze collectors dry of their money with all their new collections. We have to find a new place to house all these vodka soon as my headboard is running out of space.


I never knew Bottega Veneta has champagne till my sis bought them. So atas ah? I wonder how the taste of luxury is like.


The days ahead look set to be even busier with CNY approaching and more tasks at work. I only hope I could at least get my 6 hours of sleep every day.


Thank you all for dropping by and leaving me lovely comments. I would get down to replying them soon


  1. Aw you have really cute flats! Love how you have them in diff. colours so you can match outfits :)

  2. eeek love this post!! my hubs reacts the same way when he leaves me to my own devices at the mall hahahahha!!

    omgosh your new TB and lanvin flats are soooo so cute! and i agree the lanvin flats feel like butter on the feet they are very non descript but they are the most comfortable flats ever!!

    you guys are just the cutest couple ever! your pasta looks so nommy :p

    wow that's a crazy collection of collectors vodka that's amazing.. and that bottle of bottega champagne is GORGEOUS the all gold bottle is so blingy haha

    i'll be in germany for another year or so you should definitely visit heheh :) and yes if i ever come to singapore i will let you know hehehe :p

  3. T thought this was going to be a post about getting your purse stolen or perhaps an overly persistent man stalking/hitting on you. I'm glad the danger was to your bank balance. :)

    PS - My wife is territorial, she doesn't like me ever having a female friend.

  4. Both pairs look gorgeous. I am visiting you after while. Not because I had forgotten your blog but I am so so busy these days.

  5. I always prefer to shop solo...this is prob why I own waaaaaayntoo much stuff. Love the new flats.

  6. hi Jo! thanks for dropping by.. i'm here in Dubai right now. yeah i grew up here but of course Philippines is still my home..and i used to watch sunset by the beach during weekends.. =)

  7. i love ballet flats..i have lots too! =)

  8. can i know how much it cost? i hv trouble finding gd shoes..


  9. The Lanvin flats look really lovely. Great buys!

  10. ah you bought such good flats! it's such a struggle to buy decent ones for prone to blisters :( and mm that champagne looks very delicious and luxurious...send some over here haha! :P

    Metallic Paws

  11. Funny thing, when I spend a lot of my own money shopping the bf just says "it's your money" which makes me feel even more guilty because I know I shouldn't spend that much OMG it's like a complicated mental war zone, in the end not buying anything is better LOL Also if I left my bf alone to shop I would probably be like your hubs and saying " I regret leave you there" too.

    I think you bought great flats! They look great but most important feel great as well, I'm also someone that doesn't mind splurging on comfortable shoes. I know if something hurts I won't wear it = money wasted no matter how cheap it was!

  12. london's beauty,

    Thank you. In the end I bought 2 pairs so that’s not many colours to mix and match. Hehe



    I could tell! But your hubby is lovely to always buy you gifts. Mine makes so much noise even when I use my own money. Haha...

    I actually made a mental note to try as much as possible to avoid buying leather after learning that animals do get mistreated when alive even in the leather industry. I thought it was just the fur industry (which I abstain from owning any fur products). I forgot all about it when I felt so comfortable in the shoes. =(

    I would share the Bottega champagne virtually with you. *cheers!

    Oh yes, please do do do lemme know when you come over coz I’m quite sure we would click instantly talking about all the bimbotic stuff. Hehe



    When I reread, I realized that my title could be misleading like what you assumed. Aww... so sad. I thought I would be able to click with your KH. Hehe



    Thanx for remembering me. Better late than never. I haven’t been visiting lots of blogs on my reading list regularly too. I would drop by yours soon.



    Exactly. I spend so much more when shopping alone coz I’m left to my own device.



    Ooh... Now I get it. I never knew you grew up in Dubai. That’s really interesting. I do not know anyone else who grows up in Dubai.



    Please don’t judge me after knowing the price. I need to have a disclaimer saying this is the first time I spent so much on shoes just coz I was surprised to find comfortable flats that do not slip out on me. Hehe

    The lanvin’s usual price was $910 but it was on half price sale for $455.

    The Tory Burch’s usual price was $480 but it was on sale for $288.



    Thank you, dear. =)



    I totally get what you mean about the blisters. I would share the Bottega champagne virtually with you. *cheers!


    Suki Pooki,

    Haha... so for you, it is the other way round where your bf would spend more money when left to his own device. I believe in saving and also in spending to pamper yourself every now and then.

    Yes I agree with you on shoes that hurt. I was doing spring cleaning and I came across 2 pairs which I’ve never ever worn coz of the pain. They still look as good as new and I’m giving them away.


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