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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Told My Kid I Ate All Their Halloween Candy Again

My friend from the States shared this Jimmy Kimmel video on his Facebook and I just have to share it with all of you who haven't seen this video yet.

Jimmy Kimmel issued a Halloween prank challenge for parents last year by telling them to pretend to eat all their kids' Halloween candy and filming their reactions.

This year, he decided to do the same, asking parents to upload videos of their children reacting to the horrifying news. Like how most kids would react, many threw wild tantrums, crying fests, screaming and GASP even beating!

While most of the kids responded the same way as last year, there were others (from 4:16 onwards) who simply melt my heart over and over again that I just had to find the original uploads from their parents. Good parenting is exceptionally important! I would definitely be a proud parent of these kids.

I love this sibling pair a lot. Presenting Carter (5 years old) and Ciara (3 years old). Ciara was absolutely adorable when she jumped up and down like a little kangaroo as she answered with a smile, "That's otay." On the other hand, Carter demonstrated understanding beyond a kid's level when he revealed that he was mad at his mum for eating all the sugar in a day and that it was really bad for her health. He was mad coz he loves his mum! How precious is that? I love the way he pointed at his mum so coolly as he said, "I love you too!"

Another adorable little guy who melted my heart with his response is Ryan. After knowing that he mum had eaten all his halloween candies, he replied, "It's alright. I just want you to feel happy." I loved the way he put his mom before himself and if my son were to tell me this, I would simply tear.

Meanwhile, another precious little 3-year-old girl insisted she wasn't mad at her mom but just a little bit sore. She continued saying with a huge smile, "When it's next Halloween, we can share my candy." She was not only sore about her mom eating all her candies, she was willing to share them with her mom next Halloween.



Last Christmas, Jimmy Kimmel pulled the same prank on kids too, telling parents to give their kids terrible Christmas presents while they filmed their reactions. It is really hilarious, especially when one little guy was shouting for Jimmy Kimmel to suck his b***s. Yes I know, there is a little Schadenfreude in all of us. Once more, I cringed at the brats and also swooned at some understanding kids.

My favourite sibling pair. So well-mannered and respectful to their mom even when they weren't really happy with their presents. You could tell their love for their mom in the original video here:

Have you seen this videos before? What are your views? Do you agree that these videos reflect very well on parents in our society?


  1. I have mixed reactions. Kids throwing tantrums is annoying, being willing to throw one in front of their parents shows a total lack of respect. But it's reassuring to know there are still sweet, well behaved kids out there.

    I'm not in favor of parents playing this type of cruel joke on their children, especially the little ones. There's a whole world of people out there waiting to be cruel to the need for parents to do it too. Although, teasing kids can be an important part of helping them learn how to deal with the world. I just hate to see what should be moments of childhood joy ruined that way.

  2. So sad these faces, I couldn't do that to my children...seeing them un-happy isn't so nice and to do it on purpose would feel cruel to me!! xx

  3. children are so cute and can get away with nearly anything XD

  4. Kimmel is hilarious! Omg'd at these kids. HAHAHAHA Kids are definitely more vocal about their opinions nowadays. Thanks for sharing these Jo!

  5. I think parenting is one of the most difficult jobs.

  6. I dont like putting kids on the spot like this. It is not fair for them. You are playing with their feelings.

  7. oh my gosh, the 3rd video is just so sweet! I have seen some of those videos before... It's a little unfair that we laugh on their expenses but it does reflect the kind of society we're in today... kids have it pretty easy these days!

  8. Thank you all for your response. I enjoy reading them. I personally would not play such a trick on my child in future but then again, I'm quite playful at times and I think the hubby most likely would play such pranks. Oh well...


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