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Friday, October 26, 2012

Two and a Half Vial

Two and a half vial full of edible home-made blood and we are still clueless about Halloween tomorrow.

In the meantime, happy Halloween weekend to all. I got this from Grammarly, one of my favourite pages on Facebook.


  1. Ooh this looks very bloody. Cant wait to see your Halloween this year. Yours always loads with fun stuff/costume and makeup.

  2. what are you up to now Jo??? i bet this is something to do with Halloween. i HOPE! LOL

  3. Hmmmm, vampires think MY blood is edible and homemade. :)

  4. have a great halloween! Looking forward to seeing your costume!!

  5. LOL! Have you seen the movie Hocus Pocus?? I just watched that the other day in the spirits of Halloween XD it's a comedy fantasy movie from 1993... but anyway this comic reminded me of that movie XD there was a scene in the movie where the witches saw this boy use a lighter and they went ohhhhh... he's creating fire with his hands!! LOLOL. I'm not dressing up this Halloween but I'm excited to see what you come up with =D

  6. Dear all,

    I will try to blog about Halloween soon!



    Thanx for sharing. I didn't watch that show and as usual, I wanted to know more so I consulted my good friend Google. Sarah Jessica Parker in 1993?! Gosh! I wonder how she looked like back then.


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