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Friday, May 18, 2012

tête-à-tête Volume 4 -- Virtual and Reality, what counts?

It was 9:45pm last night when the hubby and I had yet to have our dinner. I asked the hubby what time we would be eating and this was what he said:

kh: Evil has been unleashed and all you could think about is makan?

jo: -_-|||

Any Diablo 3 widows out there to shake hands with me?


  1. I have no idea what makan is but I'm guessing it's dinner? ;) My hubs isn't a gamer but I do know about Diablo I hope you just ate without him. :P

  2. muhaha this is so funny! i think i'm lucky my husband isn't into video games!!! YAY! hahaha because i know a lot of my girlfriends are so annoyed with diablo coming out right now haha

  3. LOL the guy I'm seeing says he's not going to play it cuz it takes up too much time.. but we'll see about that in a few weeks

  4. No Diablo in our house. But I do usually work long days, so dinner is often late--you and my KH could have dinner together. =)

    9:45 is pretty late!

  5. hi jo!

    i've wanted to change my blogspot url to a .com domain for a long time. i also was worried about problems that might arise (gfc, updates not showing for followers). i took the risk and i believe everything is ok. thank goodness! :) if you decide to buy a domain hope all goes well for you as well!

  6. Hahaha so cute
    My bf's all the way in the UK, so I don't feel anymore lonelier than I already am.
    Hope your hubby returns to you soon (after he's fought all the evil)

    Thanks, Jo! Your words mean a lot to me. It's comments like these that keep me going.

  7. Haha your hubby is so funny Jo. Luckily my bf doesn't play Diablo or WoW or anything like that anymore; it used to drive me insane when he was hooked on the online MMORPGs all the time.

  8. hahaha.. this is funny. my hubby plays diablo too! he was such a fan that he picked it up at 12AM O__O and he got the collector's edition. goshhhh man... what a geek! lol.

    boys will be boys.. i guess.

  9. Shop N' Chomp,
    "Makan" means "eat" in Malay. Haha... No, I waited for him coz I wasn't too hungry but over the years, I've since learnt to eat w/o him whenever I'm hungry and he is deep in his game.


    You are one very lucky girl! And I bet you told your hubby about this.


    Pop Champagne,
    I'll be reading about your updates if he does. =)


    I told my kh about what you said about me having dinner with your kh and he smiled.


    I hope you managed to settle all the issues and it would still be some time if I really decide to get a domain.


    He fights evil every single day and laments that it is not easy being him when he has to save the world and appease the wife. -_-|||

    I hope work is keeping you occupied so as not to feel the terrible missing feeling of your boy too much.


    I like your new profile picture! You are so lucky your boy isn't hooked to these 2 games.


    Robots in Trouble,
    My hubby called me when he was on his way home from work and instructed me on switch on his laptop as he wanted to log in asap once he got home. He did not have to queue to buy as he got his digital download from being a loyal WoW player.

    I hope your hubby isn't vanquishing evil every single day like mine.


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