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Wednesday, August 31, 2011



I've recently reached my 100th followers mark. Welcome to my blog Ling, my 100th follower! Also, thank you every single one of you for making up the numbers too.

100 is really a modest number for someone who has been blogging since 2004. I see many individuals hitting the few hundreds within the span of months.

I'm not too sure how many of you actually read about my journey on the blogosphere. If you haven't, click on "the author's journey" tab above. Most of what I want to say here would be what I've already mentioned in the tab.

My blog wasn't meant to be so public initially. It was only in 2009 that my blog was unearthed by more people after my god daughter's cancer plight became an internet sensation due to the fund raising and was reported in a few local newspapers. Even after it became more public, I did not really leave my blog link on public sites and I usually comment on strangers' blogs using my name but without a link to my blog. Hence, you could say that I truly started "public blogging" and leaving backtrack links only in 2009.

I'm pretty selective about whom I follow and I do not go round leaving cursory comments on people's blogs, asking them to follow, which is a trend I see on many popular blogs. I presume that I would have a lot more followers that way but this is not what I want. I would rather have a handful of blogger friends whom I can identify with leaving me heartfelt words and vice versa, as opposed to a few hundred followers leaving one-liners like "You're so cute!", "Great photos!" etc followed by "Follow me at...".

I'm currently opening myself on the internet realm and enjoying myself on blogophere. Strangers, passers-by, silent readers soon became friends. I've made many blogger friends all over the world, many of whom I have constant two-way communication with. I'm really thankful for having such lovely people around in blogosphere. I feel like dropping some names but I'm afraid that I might miss someone out. In your hearts, I'm very sure you know who you are! *winkz*

It seems to be a tradition to hold giveaways at the 100th mark so I would do the same in due time. Look out for it!

PS: I would also start to do all the blog award and tags that you've tagged me with. Just to make sure I don't miss out any, could you please drop me a comment if I haven't already done your tags yet?


  1. Congrats on reaching 100 followers! Feels great to have readers who actually read your blog and leave lovely long and heartful comments on your blog. ^^

    I have changed my blog url btw to and I tagged everyone in my blogroll to do my tag and you're in it. :]

    The tag link:

  2. aw yay congrats dear! I was like you first I would blog once in awhile but didnt really start blogging blogging until probably 2010 too.

    There's only a handful of blogs that I follow and leave a comment, I dont like to go to random blogs that I dont like and just to leave a comment so that they can follow me back.

    cant wait for your giveaway!

  3. I'm trying to resist the urge to write that comment you shared in a comment to Kym--about being cute. But I already did that to you once, I shouldn't knowingly repeat myself. But I am thinking it and smiling.

    100 is a great number. I'm like you, I only comment if I really like the blog. Part of the fun of blogging is getting to know people, so I appeciate readers who comment and bloggers who respond to comments. The way you feel about your followers, they feel the same way about you. :D

    About my personality test, thank you for your sweet comments. I'm glad you didn't think I was wacko after my past few posts.

  4. Congratulations Jo! That is a big milestone for your blog. I personally adore you and your blog for one obvious reason, you always leave a heartfelt and meaningful comment. I have gotten to know you more and more through every post and comment. Like you, I dislike people who go around trying to gain new followers without even reading what authors is sharing.

    I am glad that you started this blog to support you little god daughter and how it led you to meet others. It is a beautiful story. Friendship is so hard to find in the blogsphere as people come and go, befriend and unfriend with a click of mouse. I am glad I found you.

  5. congratulations sweetie! :D you're becoming a popular lady aha ;D i was touched about what you wrote, you couldn't be more right! the popular people i see around blogosphere like to drop on random blog, comment something basic as "this is cool!" "nice outfit!" and then they advertise their blog. I mean, i advertise my blog too in a way, because every time i comment in a blog which I actually LIKE, i always leave the link to my blog. But i put an effort on my comments, and i actually read the posts. Besides, what's the point of following/being followed by people if you don't even get to read their life stories and posts? what's the point of blogging if it's not for exchanging experiences?
    every time i come to your blog i love to read your funny stories, and the thing i like the most is the effort you put on the pictures collage, with little funny sentences all over the place :3

    i also wish your god daughter's all the best <3 she must be very strong for such a young girl!

    Love * Sofia

  6. Congratulations on reaching the big 100, Jo! I'm really glad you left me that first comment some time ago (maybe I should thank Turtle too, for bringing us together ^^). Every post I've read on your blog has been awesome and interesting, and you put so much effort into each and every single one of them.

    I totally agree with you on your following policy. Why bother following blogs you don't like? Why leaving "follow me" comments on blogs, even if you know that's really annoying? And it's not bad, trying to keep your blog calm. I don't know what I would do if my blog were to reach an awful lot of followers. I'd feel like it'd be really hard to keep up with all of them. So just like you, I prefer a small circle of really nice people, who I feel I have a bond with.

  7. 100, and a meaningful 100! Congratz, Jo! As I was reading this post, I feel like I am one of those you mentioned (no shame wtf). I agree with what you say and hate those comments only with a simpliest sentence but at the same time I am like uh just give them a break maybe my blog is really that boring and isnt worth talking about anything else-_- Anyway congrats again and I am eager to see your tag posts. It's a great way to know about you more *in a non-creepy way haha.
    **please follow me at... Just Kidding!

  8. London's-beauty,

    Thank you for your sweet words. Even though we’re new followers, I love reading your comments.

    Okie, I’ll check out your tag soon. Did you delete your previous blog and switch to a new blog or is it just a url change? Do I have to re-follow again or it would automatically register your new url as the original blog? Let me know k.



    Even though we’re new followers of each other’s blogs, I know we would definitely be one of those with constant 2-way communication. I can feel it! =)

    I’ve to start thinking of stuff to put together in my giveaway. I hope I don’t take too long. Everything on my blog is always late. Lol



    I remember! If you do it one more time, I swear I would do something similar to you too... lol. I wonder of Kym would read this and remember. (I don’t think so though as she’s not a follower.)

    Thank you for your sweet words. I agree with you too on the 2nd part of your comment. And no... you could never be a wacko!



    Aww... you really put a smile to my face. And oops, sometimes I think I might have overshared in the comments section but it’s alright, anything that I dare to type on the internet sphere would be stuff I’m fine with people knowing. I’m relieved you are not put off by my essays. lol

    And lastly, I’m glad I found you too! =) You’ll continue to be my source of inspiration.


    Skinny Love,

    I’m grinning from ear to ear now. Even though we’re new followers of each other’s blogs, I know we would definitely be one of those with constant 2-way communication. I can feel it! =) I appreciate you leaving such heartfelt comments. I really love it when people take the time to read my words instead of scrolling through the pictures. I know I’m quite wordy so kudos to whoever with the patience to pore through my posts. Oh and you read those little words in the collages too!

    Thank you for your lovely words, Sofia. And yes, Charmaine is a very strong girl.



    I think we should ask Turtle/Kevin... no Turtle is still a better name for him (lol) to read this!

    On your phrase “I don't know what I would do if my blog were to reach an awful lot of followers. I'd feel like it'd be really hard to keep up with all of them.”

    This has come across my mind a few times. I would love to continue replying to all my commenters (is there such a word?) and I don’t know if I can continue doing so if there are too many. I see bloggers with 100+ comments and they do not reply them. On the other hand, I do see some bloggers who reply to every single comment (with effort and not cursory at all) on their disqus too and I salute them for that!

    I’m really glad I left that first comment too. It was great to have found you!



    You made me lol while reading your comment! You are DEFINITELY one of them on the list, no doubt about that. I’m so glad we found each other! Actually you’re right too. I was merely using one-liner comments as a comparison so no offence to them. There are some people who leave one-liner comments that actually summarise everything about the post in a sentence. Of course those people also take the time to read and comment.

    Haha know more about me in a on-creepy way... like my age in one of the tags right? I remember that part surprised many and comments on that post was all about my handwriting and my age!

    I realised you have a unique feature in your writing... ending with “wtf” whenever you say something funny. I would really remember you for that!

  9. congratulations1 I'm really surprised you have got more followers! they are seriously missing out :) I like the fact your blog is quite personal and I'm grateful you actually share it!

    Yeah I think I'm like you, would only comment if I actually enjoy the post. I like following "new blog" for some reason - want to show support to bloggers that are new to the blogger world ^^

  10. Congrats on hitting 100 Jolene! I'm surprised that you don't have hundreds and hundreds of followers already though - you are so sweet and always leave such well thought out comments :) I agree that I don't like short comments either - longer comments makes me feel like the person actually took the time to read what I wrote and formulate a response. But congrats again! And I'm looking forward to your giveaway ^^

  11. grats on 100!! It's so true what you say, it's so common for people to just token comment and then ask you to follow haha. But I notice it much more prevalent in the fashion blog community, most beauty bloggers are just like you, genuinely interested in making some good friends :D

    We need more friendly bloggers like you!!

  12. Dearest Jo,

    Many congratulations on your 100th. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am so glad that I have met you in the blogsphere. You are so kind and sincere and simply lovely person. For the record, you are the only blogger that leaves a PhD THESIS comment on my page. not just any psychobabble but really sincere meaningful comments.

    Sorry I havent been visiting or reading or commenting or replying as much (a terrible recurrent theme which is about to get worse in the next few months) but I cant wait to read more little facts about you.

  13. Nic Nic,

    Thanx for your kind words! Oooh, you're really nice to make new bloggers feel welcome.



    Thanx for your sweet words. Haha... Well I guess my blog is too jumbled that it doesn't really focus on fashion per se to attract the fashionistas, not too much into make up tips to attract people who read up and watch videos posted by beauty bloggers and isn't exactly the arty arty style to appeal to the arty people. It's a mish mash of stuff.

    I've to slowly pick and choose items in the giveaway so it will take a while. Been so bz the past few days that I've got no time to visit blogs at all. I think by next week, the dust would be more or less settled and I can start doing blog-related stuff more.



    Welcome here! It's always great to see new readers. Thanx for your sweet comment. Haha... I'm not a beauty blogger. My blog is such a mish mash of stuff, I'm surprised it appeal to people.


    Squeeze the Pug,

    Haha... PHD thesis comment? You really cracked me up on that. I'll take it as an honour. lol... Well, I feel the same way about you too!

    Yes, you seem to be always so bz, I hope your life's pace would slow down a little for you to relax.

  14. Copied & pasted from

    hey JO,

    how are you? sorry it took me this long i saw your comment but i didn't get the chance to log in till recent and i see your on my BLOGGER friends, so don't worry i think i sent you a mail regarding this... and whenever i click your icon it only shows the links you follow and not yours ...

    oh well now i am here and i read your heart felt post on I heart my followers and isn't it amazing finding new friends and having the chance to read different view from people all over the world... and about your god daughter is such a touching feel... i have to CONGRATS on your 100th followers...

    i can identify with many of the things you talk about here... cause i have this one to one relationship with my blogger friends who support me in so many ways i never expected them too...

    but your truly blessed and your words are so open and so real that i cam't help but say you are one of the very real people i know living here in SINGAPORE!!! you know what i mean, you get the idea right?!!!

    ps: i think google is a little GAY!!!!

    Label me ADDICT ♥


    Label me Addict,

    Aww... so sweet... I was grinning from ear to ear when I read your comment. Thank you for your heartfelt words! Yes, I know what you're talking about. Lol at Google is a little gay but didn't quite know what you mean.

  15. YAY! Feel honoured to be your 100th follower :D

  16. Ling,
    I can't believe I saw this only now or have I replied you on your blog post? *shies*


I love reading sincere comments and hearing your voice. While blatant self promotion of blogs and follow for follow requests are not advisable, I would love if you leave a mark here with a trackback link so that I could connect with you. I reply to comments here or on your blog so don't forget to check back on replies! =)


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